Chapter 3 - His Order

Peace Ellis POV

“I-is he talking to me?” I ask Krishane.

“I guess? H-he was staring at you earlier when he said that.” She answered. “I think it’s the best if you followed him? they say making Chaos wait is not bad” She added.

“W-where? He left without even saying where I will follow him.” I said.

“Chaos always stays at the old Music room, try there.” She said.

“O-okay.” I said.

I was walking nervously to the hallway finding the old music room that Krishane was talking about. Why would Chaos ask me to follow him? I hate this!

“Why am I following what is said in the first place?!” I said and stop in front of an empty room. “I’m not doing this, I hate trouble, I hate chaos so I’m not doing this anymore!” I said in annoyance.

I was about to walk away when Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me inside the empty room.

“Ahhmmp!!---” I shouted but a hand covered my mouth, I opened my eyes and saw a man staring at me with a dark aura and its Chaos. His face is so close to mine, his eyes staring at my eyes directly.

“Stop shouting, I hate it.” He said and removed his hand that was covering my mouth.

“You...Y-you’re here.” I said stuttering.

“Of course, I’m the one who told you to come here.” He said in a cold tone of voice while sitting on a swivel chair behind the teachers table, I took a deep breath and stared at him.

“What do you want? Why did you---” I ask directly.

“Nothing.” He said plainly.

“What? You made me come here and now you’re saying ‘Nothing’ to me?” I said annoyed.

“I did not force you; you came here by your choice.” He said in a cold tone of voice.

“I—I mean…” I said not knowing what to say because he was right!

“I want you to do something.” He said that made me frown.

“What?” I ask.

“Find that girl and give this to her” He threw a picture of a gift and a small brown envelope.

“What is this? And why me?” I ask him again but he just gives me a sharp look in his eyes. I swallowed and pushed in back at him. “No, I’m not your servant for you to order me around, find someone else not me I don’t want to be associated with you.” I said.

“No one ever disobeys me” he said and stood up and put his hand on the table and leaned near at my face. “Do it.”

“B-but…I d-don’t want to.” I said and stepped back a little.

My eyes started to tear up a little, I hate being scared of someone I hate being weak but can’t do anything. My hands are shaking, my heart is beating so fast in nervousness that I always hate.

“Don’t test me lady, you’ll see what I can do to you.” He said. I looked down and moved forward and pushed him a little to grab the envelope and the picture he gave.

“This is the first and last time that I will f-follow you, I want to be in trouble, I hate it, I hate chaos.” I said and walked away with the envelope on my hands.

My eyesight became blurry because of the tears that started to form in my eyes, I stopped walking and dried my tears with my hands. I took a deep breath to calm myself down, my parents are not right about Chaos. He is the worst, worst that I expected. How can he threaten a girl like that? I was sobbing when a hand holding a handkerchief was offered in front of me.

“Take it, crying can make you ugly.” A man’s voice said. I looked up to see who it was.

A guy with and black dark hair and hazel brown color of eyes unlike Chaos that has Blue color of eyes, he has long eyelashes and thick black eyebrows that make him look manly.

“T-thank you.” I said and took his handkerchief.

“You’re new here aren't you?” He asks me while smiling. “I’ve never seen your face before.”

“Yes.” I answered. “Yesterday was my first day.”

“Calix Devan, you are?” He said and offered his hands for a shake hands.

“Peace Ellis---” I was about to reach his hands when someone walked between us that made him step back.

“Do what I told you I need you to find her until tomorrow, if not, ready yourself.” Chaos said and stopped in front of us then looked at Calix. “Dream on, Devan no one can have what is mine think twice if you really want to go against me.” He said, he looked at me with sharp eyes before walking away.

“Really? I know you Chaos---”

“Yes, you know me so I bet you also know I’m not named Chaos for no reason, right? I'm not bluffing if I say I will kill you right now, I will do it.” Chaos said and walka way.

“Damn, he did really not change even a little, he's still the same just like before.” Calix said, shaking his head while looking at Chaos who is walking away from us.

“Y-you know him?” I ask him.

“Yeah.” He answered. “This will be more chaotic, ready yourself Ms. Ellis you just entered Chaos life and there is no way you can turn back.” He said smiling at me.

“W-what? ----”

“See you around, take care.” He winks at me then walks away leaving me confused for what does he mean my that.

“Wait, what do you mean----”

“Embrace yourself Ms. Ellis this will be a new chapter of your life…with Chaos” He looked back at me, not giving attention to my question.

“What? New chapter of my life with Chaos? No, never I will never choose peace over chaos.” I said watching him walking away.

I will never choose a chaotic life than my peaceful life.

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