The girl who tame Chaos

The girl who tame Chaos

By:  AXIS  Completed
Language: English
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Peace Ellis a girl always wants a peaceful life just like her name, she hates too much noise, trouble and chaos. She always likes to be alone, for her being in peace is more important than having social life and friends,and her parents gave that to her…they tried their best.  Until one day, her parents decided to make her study again in a normal school and not to be home schooled anymore, she is always hate this idea of them but she knows her parents is just trying to make her experience the life she is missing for always choosing to be alone and away from the people around her. She thought that entering school again would be at least peaceful not to be chaotic even just a bit, but faith is really silly, playful and unpredictable that made her meet a man named Chaos. Will she still be able to have the peaceful life that she wanted? Will she be able to find peace with Chaos? How can Chaos be her peace in their life that is full of chaos? Will she choose Chaos over the peaceful life that she wanted before she enters the school?   Can Peace tame the man named Chaos?    

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116 Chapters
Chapter 1 - First Day
 Peace Ellis POV  Everything is in Chaos inside our house. Everyone is busy preparing and doing their jobs and it’s annoying me; I don’t like chaos. I don’t like panicking. I hate when people are too loud. I sigh Observing them from the second floor of our house while wearing my new school uniform.
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Chapter 2 - Chaos
 Peace Ellis POV  “So, sweet heart how is your day at school Yesterday?” Dad asks while we’re having our breakfast before I go to school today. 
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Chapter 3 - His Order
 Peace Ellis POV  “I-is he talking to me?” I ask Krishane. &ldqu
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Chapter 4 - Danger
Peace Ellis POV  “Can’t I just be home school again? Just like when I was in the first year of high school?” I said that made my parents stop talking while looking at a magazine. “Sw
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Chapter 5 - Karma
 Peace Ellis POV  I heard the voice of my parents, especially my mom who sound’s crying, I slowly opened my eyes and saw my parents talking to a doctor. I moved my hands and touched what was on my nose and it's oxygen, I tried to remove it but the doctor was so fast to stop me together with the nurse.
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Chapter 6 - Thank you
 Peace Ellis POV  It’s been 3 days since I got hospitalized and I decided to come to school today because unlike being homeschooled I can’t just stay at home and wait until my teacher brings my assignment and does a one on one discussion.
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Chapter 7 - Cupcake?
 Heaven Davis POV  I was surprise for Chaos action when he saw that Daniel Risco is near to the girl who gave him a box of cupcake, I tried to not to react or say anything because I felt like it's not the right time to tease him because I can feel his dark aura again that making everyone scared of him sometime even us his friends
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Chapter 8 - Death threat
 Heaven Davis POV  “Sooo…Chaos don’t you have a tea to spill?” Acry asks, giving Chaos a teasing smile. 
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Chapter 9 - Hell
 Peace Ellis POV  “Are you okay now?” Krishane asked me while we’re here at the cafeteria, told her about what happened yesterday. 
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Chapter 10 - Protect her
 Acry Leivniz POV  “What the f*ck?!” I said when the man introduces himself as ‘Hell’  What the heck Is happening to this world? Yesterdays I meant a girl who name Peace while I have a friend name Chaos and now, I meet a guy name Hell then my girl best friend name Heaven. What the actual f*ck?  “Hell Lazaron” He said and offered his hand to Heaven.  But heaven ignore it and look at Chaos who just smirk and look away from us like, is he not surprise about this? And how did this fucker know us hide out?
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