The mafia hidden heiress and the son of jury's

The mafia hidden heiress and the son of jury's

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(Complete)She helps me stand up and fuck I really miss her so much, but she still doesn't talk, maybe she was still mad at me. She helps me walk through my room and we fall to my bed together with her. She was on the top. She kisses me again and since I really miss her so much I respond immediately even if I couldn't see clearly. And when our kiss stops, I caressed her face. I call her name but I feel so dizzy, she was about to remove my belt but I stop her and said that “no” But she was so persistent, “Vincent, please just once, please I want you. I want to feel your body through mine” At last, she talked and her voice was so very gentle and I really wanted to hear it all day long. “am I not attracted to you? that's why you keep on refusing to do it with me?” I caress her face and I sigh, she made another conclusion about why I always refuse to do, have sex with her. Does the thought never cross her mind? that I've been respecting her that much that's why I didn't make out with her. However, when she was the one who is controlling my body now I know I couldn't stop myself from doing it. She is was beautiful and smells good to resist aside from that she was so ready to remove my clothes. When she was about to remove my boxer I immediately saw clearly that the liquor that I drink disappeared and I grabbed her two hands and we changed our position now. I'm the one who's on her top and I am pinning her to my bed.

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I sped along at a breakneck pace, all the while keeping an eye on the back seat, where my world was sound asleep. I double-check to see if she has her seat belt properly buckled.The thought of her waking me up makes me sigh. Simply because what I did was a violation of law.As a result of my kidnapping of her. I'm sure her entire family is on the searching for us. The most powerful mafia in the world is a formidable adversary. As long as I have her in my life, I don't give a fuck about her family's peril.The best way for me to get out of this nation is to beg my grandpa and dad to help me run away. A greater likelihood exists that they will not be able to locate us. My efforts to persuade her led to my kidnapping. She would constantly turn me down.I greatly benefit from being a member of the family jury. In spite of the fact that it was one of the reasons we were unable to spend time together, I must say that it has been really beneficial.When I heard a gunshot, I put my hands on t
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O_ before anything
Vincent" That day, I was looking at my mother's casket with my eyes welling up with tears. I have no idea what actually occurred. All I know is that she had a gunshot in her head, which is why she died. My father then taught me how to fight. His reason? He also teaches my sister, but I know she isn't interested, and I need to defend myself from dangerous people. That happened ten years ago. Now I understand why some wicked people have always tormented my family. That's what I used to call them as a kid, but now that I'm old enough to grasp what's going on, I call them something else. I'm assisting my father in tracking them down one by one. The assassins of my mum. 'THE MAFIAS' My mum works as an agent. That day, she was killed while on an assignment." She wants to figure out who the mafia is who is controlling the bar she's spying on. However, she was shot by unknown mafia organizations while she was in the middle of the investigation. My father is still looking into it as of toda
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00_ forgotten meeting
Hanna"I'm scrolling through my phone on a Saturday night, stalking the love of my life, Tyron, when some photos catch my eye. Tyron is kissing a girl inside a pub and has written the hashtag, my new girl, in the description. When I saw the bar's name, I read it again. Why does it feel like my heart has split in two every time I hear Tyron has a new girlfriend? He's not even my ex-boyfriend!My tears fall down my cheeks, but I quickly wipe them away; I try not to go to that pub, but I can't help myself; my heart has its own set of legs, and I couldn't stop myself.*********Vincent"I left my sister's room when I discovered she was already sleeping. I kissed her on the cheek and said good night. Then bid farewell. I sigh...Starting next Monday, I've decided to attend Henry Stewart's school. I finally found them after months of searching for that jerk.My sister is adamant about not cooperating with me. Until I spoke with her friend, she hadn't told me the name of the guy who had shatt
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000_ before we meet
Hanna" Today is Sunday. My eyes are puffy and swollen. All night, I've been crying nonstop. After some scumbag intruded into my life, I was enraged. I don't care if he's attractive or not. For Pete's sake, he said he'd take me home. Do I have a slutish appearance? She slapped him as a result of this. I return to the bar. However, after assuring Tyron was no longer there anymore. After a minute, I exited. I take a long breath in and out... I need to divert my attention away from the pain I'm feeling inside today. As a result, I decided to annoy my brother. I smiled when I saw him sitting in the middle of his bed, clutching a few ture frames. My brows waggle. Hmm, who is the lucky girl in the photograph that he is putting effort into framing? She must be important because my player brother has never done something like that before. It sparked my curiosity. In reality, I never heard from her in the last two months that she had a new girlfriend. He spends the majority of his time in h
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Vincent Colene has pleading eyes for me. I understand she is against it, but I've come this far and couldn't sleep at night thinking about how happy the guy was while my sister was suffering. I've already requested permission from my father to transfer, but I've kept my plan hidden from him. "Vincent, are you sure about this?" My older sister had inquired. My response was met with a smirk. Despite the fact that she is a year older than me, I nonetheless appear to be older than she is. "How many times have you asked me, Colene?" How many times do I have to respond to you? Keep in mind that the girl is only collateral damage. "It's not her fault that she's the dumbass's sister, but she is, and she can't do anything about it." "I said this with my teeth clenched and my jaw clenched." "But Vince..." If you don't hurry, I'll be late for my new school. My darling Hanna, babe, was waiting for me. I chuckle. "Yes, I'm claiming that girl as mine from now on." I'm the only one who can help
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2_ annoying
Vincent" I was making plans for today while holding her hand. She gave me a warm and sympathetic grin. So I return her smile. I must, of course, answer. We're both grinning from ear to ear, as if there's no tomorrow. But, just like in the movie, there's always one who gets in the way, and I almost give him a whack for it. But the worst thing is that he had no idea what he was doing. "Hanna, how's your summer?" Hanna's grasp on me was immediately eased as a result of the vexing inquiry. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, She leapt out to embrace that irritating "Brian" as soon as she let go of my hand. I'm missing you! How are you doing? "How's your beach vacation going?" I'm irritated right now. I realized that this annoying creature with a lighter complexion, blonde hair, a little wide eyed, a hooked nose, and big lips was her best friend as I overheard them chatting. But he continues to irritate me. They didn't stop as time passed, even when our professor entered our room. They're gigg
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3_bullied and rage
Vincent" As the sun goes down our last subject for today's end. I lick my lips a mannerism I always do. I take a glance at Hanna for the last time before I call it a day. "See you, tomorrow love," I said and gave her a wink. She gives me a disgusting look but for me, she's like a cute little girl who is disgusted to eat vegetables. She made me laugh again I saw her face puzzled. Maybe she's curious why I am smiling to think that she's disgusted. I grabbed my bag and walked out with a smile. My plan for today hasn't been used but a lot of things happened today and I think it's useful enough for my big revenge. As I descended the stairway I decided to grab some snacks. I remember I forgot to eat lunch because of that girl. I ordered a sandwich with pineapple juice and ate it faster. So I can get home peacefully. On my way to the parking lot, there's a collision not far away from my motorbike. As I got closer I recognized the girl who invited me for lunch with a bunch of girls lik
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4_Trouble maker
Vincent" I drove my motor ferociously as I remember her worried face towards her brother. Fuck him he didn't deserve that kind of attention. I immediately wanted to turn back my motor to give that shit another punch. As I drove around my anger rose up so I decided not to go back home yet I stopped at the nearest club I saw. I sat on the highest stool in front of the bartender and ordered some tequila to clear my mind because as of now his mind is in the middle of rage and craziness. A minute passed by girl approached him wearing a little black dress. I almost saw her tits, due to the tightness of her dress. "Hello, babe no company?" It's clear as water that she's flirting "Leave!" I say harshly "Gotta attitude there. I love that" Instead of leaving me alone, she annoys me more. tsk... Time went by the girl didn't stop so I decided to ignore her until she surrendered. My one-shot goes to I don't remember anymore but still alive and kicking despite all the tequila I drank. The
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Vincent" After a few minutes of staring contest Hanna gave up "ok fine I'll get you breakfast but after that, I'm off I already skipped our first subject ok." After she said that Hanna walked outside but slammed the door behind. I almost got a heart attack. tsk, that girl... I didn't expect that my plan would go on well. Although I got a stab in the process, something good is not serious. Maybe after three days, I'll be ok. I don't want to stay here for longer days. I have a lot of things to handle and I can do that with this thing in my hand. I hate hospitals and all things inside of it. He remembers his sister and gives her a call. After a few seconds, she answers. "Hello Vince, how's school? Are you ok?" He immediately looked at his body. "Great babe how about you take your medicine, have you eaten your breakfast already?" "Yes of course." "I'm the one who must ask that since I know you very well Vince. You won't eat if you're too tired to do that until you forget about it.
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6_ back to school
Hanna"I met him just a matter of day but a lot of things happened to me. His bad charm really. I was bullied, I got wounds, I was in a clinic and forced to treat my wound. I really hate alcohol!He picks a fight at my brother and the much worse is Brian's new girl called me that he's in the hospital but when I got there it's not my best friend that I need to look out cause there it goes again the trouble maker. Laying on the hospital bed. I shouldn't care about him, right? But shit I'm worried, why? I don't know maybe because he got stubby saving Brian. But my worries were gone when he made me sit for a day. Arrgghh I hate him! He made me angry all of a sudden when I heard him talking to someone! He embarrasses me when he sups my finger when I cut it accidentally cause I feel tense thinking I'm beside him. What is happening to me! ___________Vincent "Being hospitalized is totally freaking out. So as I say only three days in the hospital that's I can do A lot of them contradict my
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