The moonlight

The moonlight

By:  Aimen Mohsin  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dara goes back to her homeland after 7 years. Many things have changed. She tries to find her best friend and love Wade but couldn't. Soon she falls in love with a boy named William who then turns out to be a werewolf. Strange things start to happen with her.

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26 Chapters
Chapter#01: The good news
Dara’s eyes opened due to the bangs of the alarm. The brightest rays of the sun entered the room and the cool breeze coming from the half opened window lifted the curtains made of fine cloth up in the air.“Uh another boring day!” sighed Dara as she got up from the bed. She moved towards the calendar on her wall and crossed 14th May on the calendar with a marker, “Just four more days to go.”She ran downstairs to the kitchen to have her breakfast, “Morning Mom! Morning Dad!” she grabbed up an apple.“Morning Honey!” her mother Ellen greeted her.“Can I skip school today?” Dara asked her father while taking a bite from her apple.“You skipped the last whole week of school. What are you up to young lady?” Greg, Dara’s father replied to what Dara asked.“Who told you that? I never skip school and besides I’ve got really good company there.” Dara gave a mock smile.“Dara, sweetheart your teacher called us the other day. She told us yo
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Chapter#02: Back to where I belonged
“Dara get up!” Dara heard some voices calling her. Her eyes opened. She had her mirror in her hands. “Come on get ready sweetie. We’ve only one hour left.” Ellen was trying to wake Dara up.It was four in the midnight. Dara quickly got up, brushed her teeth and had her breakfast.“Mom where are my bags?” she asked.“I’ve already sent the luggage. You go get ready. We don’t want to miss the flight.” Greg spoke.Dara went to her room and put her diary, her drawing pad and her mirror in her backpack. She rushed to the front door of the house. She was so excited. She started to wander here and there at the door. After about ten minutes her parents came to the door. “We’re all ready to go now.” Greg uttered.They sat in a taxi and off they went for their flight. In the plane, Dara looked out from the window and wondered how will she meet wade? “Does he still remembers that I exist?” she thought, “How am I going to find him? I never even knew where he lived.”
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Chapter#03: A dream
“Dara!” he whispered in her ear. It was thundering outside in the middle of the night. Dara’s eyes opened. She got up and turned around but found no one. She was about to sleep again when she saw him standing in front of her. She screamed. He put his hand on her face and asked her to be quiet. In an instant, Ellen came to Dara’s room and he just disappeared somewhere.“Is everything okay?” Ellen asked her. Dara told her that she just had a bad dream.“Do you want me to stay with you for a while?” Ellen asked.“No mom I’m okay.” Dara replied. She asked her mother to keep the lights and the door of her room open.As soon as Ellen got out from the room, Dara got up from her bed and checked everywhere in her room but found no one. She came back to her bed and started to think, “Was that a dream? But it didn’t seem like one.” She rolled here and there on the bed and finally went to sleep again.Her eyes opened. The brightest rays of the sun were coming insid
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Chapter#04: First day at Nexorus school
Dara hurriedly got up from her bed and took out her drawing pad from her bag. She tried to remember the face of that boy whom she saw in her dream but couldn’t. “Why can’t I remember his face?” she thought. She remembered everything about her dream except for his face. “Was that actually Wade?” her eyes filled with tears when she thought this.She closed her drawing pad and gasped, “That was just a dream after all.” She got up from her bed and went upstairs for her breakfast. “Good morning everyone.” she entered the dining room.“Good morning sunflower!” Stephen greeted.“Honey, come have some pancakes.” Ellen called Dara.Dara sat on the chair with a pancake in her plate. “Ummmmm…” she expressed, “These are extra delicious.”“How are you feeling today honey?” Ellen asked.“I’m good Mom.” Dara told, “Just had a crazy dream last night.”“Well, I’m glad you’re not imagining things today.” Greg smiled.“Imagining things?” Dara inspected.
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Chapter#05: Finding Ben
Dara came back to her seat. That boy wasn’t there. “Where is he?” time passed but he still wasn’t there. William came and sat beside Dara. He teased her during the lectures and the boring day turned into a pile of fun and laughter.On the last period, that boy showed up. William rolled his eyes and got up from his chair. That boy sat beside Dara. “Where have you been?” she asked. He ignored her and only peeped outside the window. “Why is he like this?” Dara thought.She tried to focus on her lectures but could not. There were many things popping in her head. She wasn’t thinking about Wade. She was thinking about what wrong had happened to that boy. Meanwhile in a period while the teacher was out a boy threw a pencil from behind towards that boy’s head. It hit him on his head. Some of the students started to laugh. “Stop it!” Dara got up from her chair, turned around and yelled. It was silences in the class. Everyone stuck at their place. Dara then sat back on her chair.
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Chapter#06: At the party
Dara reached home. Stephen was in the garden with Ellen.“Dara, where have you been?” Ellen looked worried, “And what is all that dirt on your clothes?”“I…I have been playing.” Dara lied.“Have you been to the woods?” Stephen asked.“No…no Grandpa.” Dara lied again, “I got a new friend today. Her name’s Ashley. We were at the park near her house.”“Good. Its better you stay away from the woods.” Stephen spoke.“Ashley told me that the woods are filled with wolves.” Dara uttered.“Those woods are deadly. You really do need to stay away from that part of the island.” Stephen said while gasping a big breath, “Her brother got lost a week ago. I hope she and her mother manage to bare the loss.”“Honey you should go get something to eat.” Ellen spoke.“Sure Mom.” Dara smiled and moved towards the entrance door.“And get yourself cleaned.” Ellen said from behind her.Dara went in the house and directly went to her bedroom.
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Chapter#07: Another missing kid
Dara ran and ran to make her way out from the jungle. She could see nothing but the big trees all around. “Can anyone here me?” she screamed but there was no one who heard her.She suddenly felt something running behind her. She quickly turned around. There was nothing there. She felt it again and soon she could see something running in the woods. It was black and huge. “Stop!” Dara ran towards that thing. It was the same thing she had been seeing in her dreams.That thing stopped and Dara went close to it. She went closer and closer. It was dark, hairy and big. It was huge. She could hear it groan. She went closer. She was scared but at the same time she wanted to see what that thing was. It was huge and sounded fierce. “What are you?” Dara asked in a scared tone from behind. It turned around.“Uh…” Dara’s eyes opened. Her head felt dizzy. She moved her hands towards her head and suddenly saw blood on them. She got up with a scream.“Is everything alright?”
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Chapter#08: I love you too
During the class, Dara couldn’t focus on her lecture. The flash backs appeared before her eyes again and again. She could hear that boy scream for help and beg for life. This was like a thunder on her.The bell rang.“Finally!” Dara exclaimed.“Dara…” Charles held Dara’s hand, “Be brave.”“Come on let’s get you home.” William spoke from behind.Dara turned to William and then turned back to Charles to say him goodbye but he wasn’t there.“Have you lost something?” William asked.“No…” Dara looked puzzled, “Let’s go home.”They both walked outside the school.“Aren’t you coming Will?” Stacy gave William a voice from her car.  Lenny and Sabrina were also in the car.“I’ll catch up with you guys later.” saying this William moved further with Dara. They walked along with the bicycle.“What happened beautiful?” he asked her along the way.“I don’t know. Everything’s strange here…” Dara was about to tell him ever
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Chapter#09: I'm a monster
Dara moved here and there on her bed but couldn’t sleep. Her eyes remained open. She was feeling hungry. She got up and sat on her bed. She started to think about her time with William. Her stomach gave a sound, “Huh I should not be going to the kitchen in the middle of the night.”She got up and gazed outside the window. She stared at the big round shinny moon in the sky. It looked as beautiful as anything could be. She opened the window to let the cool fresh air come inside. She stared at the moon and cared about nothing. She started to feel strange. Her head started getting dizzy. Her nails started to grow. She could feel her bones moving and changing their places. She could feel hair grow on her skin. She didn’t know what to do. She turned to the mirror and saw hair grow all over her body. She saw her clothes tearing off. She was scared. It was painful but ticklish too. She saw herself turning into a wolf.She was big. She was huge. She was all covered with dark hair
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Chapter#10: He knows my secret
“My room’s messed up. I need to clean it up.”Dara went upstairs to ask the maid help her clean her room, “I was wondering if you could help me clean my room.”“Sure Dara. Just let me finishes the dishes and I’m there.” the maid replied.Dara came back to her room and lay down on her bed. She pulled the pillow towards her to cuddle it and she saw her diary under it. She picked it up, “It’s no use writing this anymore.” She put it in a small plastic bag with the mirror and the cards too which were in her study table.“Your room’s really a mess.” the maid entered.“Well I suppose it is.” Dara smiled while putting the bag in her side drawer.The maid went to the bed and started sorting out the bed sheet.“Let me help you with that.” Dara uttered while sorting out the other side of the bed.“No it’s okay.” the maid uttered, “You should go get ready for the funeral while I clean your room. Your grandfather’s not expecting you to be late.”
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