Her Savior

Her Savior

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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"You are beautiful Blair, I can't keep my desire down from you. We shouldn't be doing this..." "Ian... please... I want this, I've never..." she didn't get to finish her sentence when Ian started kissing her. ***** She was running away from her crime. She was homeless living on her own. She was in trouble hiding from her past. He was a cop and was on top of his game. He was the golden boy who followed the rules. He was strict and meticulously protecting his past. When their fate collides will they save each other? Will they have their happy ending? This book will be dark. It will be emotional. But it will also be sexy. Enjoy ❤️

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Kimberly Gray Woods
Does not stick on one dilemma longer than needed.
2021-07-03 00:22:22
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Ro Se
Thumbs up!
2021-03-31 21:50:13
user avatar
Great book! I loved it. It was well written. Kept me on the edge of my seat and cried some. Over all it was a great read.
2021-03-28 07:58:17
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Martyna Rainer
Sweet. Romantic. Beautiful. ❤
2021-03-04 04:34:54
user avatar
Lilian Mizsei
Great book
2021-02-16 13:17:53
user avatar
Jacky Myers
I absolutely love Cassandra davy' s books. this cop thriller romance book was great from start to finish. definitely recommend you read the different series but also stand alone books
2021-02-01 08:54:37
user avatar
Jackie Graham
fab got totally hooked
2021-01-11 19:10:59
user avatar
Sonya Scott
Can't wait for more chapters!! Great story line!!
2020-12-30 21:10:38
user avatar
Sonya Scott
Great book love the story can't wait for more chapters!!
2020-12-30 14:02:13
42 Chapters
1. Becoming A Killer
I've shot him.I've killed a man.I'm a murderer. Her mind traveled to her dead husband, and how she had killed him.She was only twenty-three, she had married her abusive husband right out of college.He was a wealthy man who runs a very successful venture. He was ruthless in his business, people feared and admired him at the same time. She knows nobody would believe her if she came forward with her accusations. The worst part was that she had been abused even before the marriage. She was in love with him, as also her husband who would confess to her after every time he ridicules and beats her up.  These instances would happen once and maybe two times every couple of months. But her love for him vanished the day he made her lost their baby. That was the last straw. She was a broken woman, like many other women in an abusive m
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2. The Golden Boy
"Detective Taylor, meet me in my office." His captain called in his golden boy, his best crime-solving detective Ian Taylor to his office. Ian walked with his cup of coffee in one hand and his stacks of unsolved cases in the other. "How's your workload?" "I'm done with one case got two more ongoing, one of the family is hiding something while the other seems to have overlapping alibis. Do you want me to focus on a case?"His captain would do this sometimes. He would need Ian's full attention on a certain case if the heat of the media was too close to their tail. "No, just handle it as is. The mayor wanted me to add more female detectives for our public appearance. I'm thinking we get Garcia on board. What do you think?" What the captain didn't know was that he had been casually sleeping with the female officer. In fact, he had a hot date with her th
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3. A Wanted Life
"I need to get out of the state, I need to find a place to live. I need to...oh God! I fucking killed my husband." She said to herself in frustration while taking another sip of the cheap beer, which she bought earlier from the small store just around the corner.She was pacing back and forth at the sleazy motel that she rented for the night. She had taken her duffle bag, and retrieved her money from the public locker. She took off her oversize denim jacket and boots, and put her cap on the bedside table. Then seconds later groaned in pain, and finally let herself took the pills for the pain.Years of having beaten had made her resistant to the pain, she had managed to carry the bag and put on her disguise while her arm was still in a cast. Her determination was bigger than the pain itself. Earlier she was looking for the nearest convenience store, when she finds herself in a small diner. She ordered h
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4. Homeless
It was day three and she had been staying in the dingiest cheapest room available within the city. She was burning her money fast. It was lunch time when she started counting her money. She had been walking around the city trying to find a job but couldn't find any, and soon it would be dark. She didn't factor in the exact emergency situation, it would be easier for her to get a job in a smaller city where more people would still help a stranger in need. In bigger city no one was willing to hire a homeless person, when so many other qualified person were still in need of a job. She even went to a small diner, where the owner said that they couldn't afford a new waiter with the current economy."And how can you even work with that cast on your arm girl?" the last owner of an old antique shop asked her, to which she just shrugged. Perfectly knowing that it would be impossible for her to find a job. And even mo
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5. Stranger Danger
She was struggling to stay conscious, she needed to stay awake. But the stress and the lack of food finally catches up to her. She could feel herself drifting away when her eyes slowly close as it was becoming too hard for her to stay awake. Not realizing that she had fainted, she was surprised when she woke up in a clean comfy bed. The grey sheets and the fluffy comforter were spoiling her, but she was quickly alert of her surrounding. She tried to get up and abruptly felt the hurt on the left arm from the grip of the cop.Oh..oh...please..please...let this be a nightmare...She rubbed her eyes trying to get rid of her tiredness and failed to know that it was real. As real as her life has been since the last dreadful couple of days, but then sighed when she saw her bag by the end of the bed. The room was empty and quiet, she slowly got up and silently get her bag and put on her jacket. She was
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6. Nosy Detective
He was not letting her out of his house, while she kept on insisting that he should. "Sit, dinner will be served in a moment. Look...Jane, just stay for the night. I have a spare room, you can have a nice peaceful rest before you go out on the streets again tomorrow." He wasn't finish with her issue, he always likes puzzles and she was proven to be a difficult one to solve. "So you're what, making me your good deed of the year?" she asked but sit down, then thanked him when he pulled out the chair for her.He made a mental note that her table manner was as good as expected, confirming his suspicion."Yeah, so Santa can get me what I truly want in life." "And that is?" she asked with her hands pointing to her surrounding, clearly mocking him."Wishes are not meant to be shared, or did you not know this? It wouldn't come true."
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7. Wounded
The next morning he woke up from Jane's loud shriek. She was surprised when she finds Ian in the same bed as hers, causing her to fall to the lush carpet under her with a loud thump."Damn it, Jane, you're going to break more bones. You need to stop falling, the sun isn't even up yet." Ian was quick to aide her, getting her up to her feet. "What are you doing in my room?" she asked looking up at him. "Well, this is my room too.""Okay, then I should get going." She was about to walk when she realized that she had sprained her ankle from the fall."My luck just keeps on getting better and better." She said wincing from the pain. He was checking her ankle immediately. She was used to sprain limbs, the pain was a bit uncomfortable but she did try to walk on it slowly."Jane! just don't move...you probably sprained it." He gently pushed her shoulder making her s
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8. Battered and Bruised
His insides burned with the deepest darkest hatred for her abuser. His knuckles were white from holding down his anger when he saw her legs were full of bruises. Big and small, black, blue, even greenish-purple. They were all, showing off the continuous beatings which she received. He perfectly knew the victims who get this kind of beatings, will end up dead sooner or later. Taking a deep breath, he looked at her as she was looking back at him. "I'll heal, you don't have to give me the pity look." Her face was stoic as if she was used to people giving her the looks. That was when he gathered, that she has had hospital visits before. Meaning that she was once in a much worst condition, and that information made him took another deep breath."Have you documented this?" "The hospital did, but I'm done with him." She shrugged trying to appear non affected by his question, but he had familiarize
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9. Being Cautious
"So... Blair, nice to meet you..." He smiled smugly at her, while she pouted looking annoyed by his tactics. "Could you keep this between us?" "For now, I'm not promising anything. I'm trying to help you out here. Look, Blair, just stay here for a while then let see what I can do for you. I have friends at shelters, you can survive this. Get a new identity, a new life..."He was battling himself as to why he wanted to help her so badly, and why he couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her. And on the other side of the couch, Blair was cursing on the inside, while her common sense kept on telling her to get the hell out of there."Ian, I'm not...this is not good, you can't help me. I just need to get out of here. I was on my own before my car and money got stolen. I'm sure you've felt sorry for me, but I can do this on my own. And...""Blair, I need you to
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10. New Circumstances
She spent her morning by sleeping some more in the guest bedroom, then screamed and almost slapped the maid. Thankfully she couldn't raise her arm high enough, because of her cast."I'm sorry...I...I thought you're..." she managed to stop her words before she revealed herself to the older woman. "No...it's my fault. I'm Rose, the maid. Mr. Taylor had asked me to make sure that you have your lunch and take your pain medication.""Rose, nice to meet you I'm... Jane. I'll...be up...omphh...damn it..." she was struggling to get herself out of the bed until Rose helped her up."Thank you...""You're welcome, Miss Jane.""Oh Rose, please just Jane. I don't care much for titles." She smiled at her, knowing that she had a wanted title in front of her real name. Rose smiled at her and accompanied her to the dining area where she had arranged h
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