The other one

The other one

By:  Samuelade  Completed
Language: English
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Her twin gets missing on her eighteenth birthday. The Fae court seems to be hiding something about her sister disappearance and her recluse father acts like he doesn't care. Left with no option, A powerless Fae journeys to find her sister. Discovering secrets and even secrets admirers on the way.

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40 Chapters
Never do that again." My father warned.His sword had a residue of oily black liquid, the blood of a vampire he just slew.My mother wasn't around. She had joined the other important faes for the alignment.My father faced me again. His eyes burning red with fury. It wouldn't be long before he gave me a piece of the hot coal I deserve."And you took your sister with you, Do you want her dead?!"His voice was wickedly domineering and I cowered a little."I'm sorry Father.""I don't think you are Valerie."I could tell he was not done scolding me."If your sister die
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Like a magic trick
7:00 AM, Swanson Residence The alarm's scream got me up in a jiffy. I hit the snooze button cursing the stupid Devi for waking me up this early on a Saturday.My eyes cleared and I looked up the ceiling when my eyes caught a strange object.Purple and dust."Geez! My eyes."Krista burst into a laugh and descended to the floor.Her scaly light blue wings pedaling her all the way to the ground, disappearing when her feet reached the ground. A death I could not match, one of the reasons I left the court of Radiance. "It looks beautiful each time you do that." "The wings.?" Krista shrugged brus
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An unlucky guess
 Dad was agitated but he wasn't acting like someone who just heard his daughter is missing and by supernaturals. He was pacing around but that wasn't an action. "What are we going to do?" I asked him, dialing Kristy again.Pick, I prayed."I've called the court, They are working on it.""And we are going to sit and watch? She could be in danger!"My father shot me dirty looks but I was having none of it. I was going to court."If you're going to do nothing, I'm going there myself.""You will do no such thing!" My father warned.
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Like lies
That's not possible." I insisted.The man felt sorry for me so he didn't reply. He got back to eating his burger.I checked my phone for any missed calls. My father hadn't called but I'd received two texts from Nicole asking where I was.That was not important. I had to tell Father what I just discovered."Hello."I curtseyed when the line finally went through."So what did you find out?" Father demanded, straight to the point and not even beating around the bush."Kristy might have teleported."He paused and cut the line.What the hell was wrong with him? Was he not taking this seriously?
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Who cried wolf?
 Demons had been arch enemies of the fae kind since the Victorian age. It wouldn't be surprising if they took Kristy.Somehow, it all made sense. Kristy and I were attacked by a reanimated corpse inhabited by a demon. My mother was murdered that same night by the demon king."Are you still there?" Frank waved at me."I have to go." I rushed and took my phone to leave.Frank held my hands, stopping me from leaving."Kristy if you need my help, I'm always here."I thanked him not taking his words wholeheartedly and left.I went back to Kristy's apartment. The feeling of emptiness hung like a cloud over my head.
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Meeting Tinders
Are you crazy?" Frank yelled over the line.Truth is I felt the same way but there was no way I was going to know more if I did not track my sister."Will you help me, Frank?" "I will but I'm following you."The more, the safer, I thought.
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Beating around
 I had to admit. It was a fairly good idea. All I needed was a load of cash to stuff into their faces and a trigger.Seers were the only beings who could be bought easily with money no.matrer what destruction their revelation could cause."That's a very bad idea. You know how it works." Frank warned.I knew it was. There was always a catch to look into the past or even the future.
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Snow white wasn't naive
Do you believe him?" I asked Frank on the way out.I refused to believe Kristy would just give out what mother left her as heirloom a day after. "Well, I don't think he lied. Lucia Amore is also a prized student of the Radiant court."That was a clue. Kristy was also a prized student and perhaps there was a connection.
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Disappearing acts
 My head hurt when I opened them. I was face down and covered in dried blood. My blurred eyesight cleared and I got the stamina to rise up.The room was in a mess. All the glassware left as smithereens. Dad was on the floor. A huge shard of glass embedded in his chest. I forgot the state the room was in and rushed to his side."Father!"I put a finger to his nostrils and felt them turn moist. 
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A little help
"Is this how the court that's supposed to be helping acts! Nonchalant!" I ranted.The one in the middle got to her feet and approached me."Watch your tongue child!" She sternly warned.Frank was also making eye signals in hopes to get me to stop talking but there was something about my tongue when it was let loose.
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