The ultimate betrayal

The ultimate betrayal

By:  Lady T  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the is novel you will see how the ultimate betrayal of the ones closest to you can either shape your existence or break your spirit and self resolve.

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6 Chapters
The beginning of a new day
 The night was clear and the only thing you could see was the group of men in a huddle.  As Shaye and her girls got closer they noticed that the men where gambling.   “Gurl, I mean if that was me I would have told him to stick it in the next bitch."  "But he didn't mean it like that Tasha" , said Shaye, "He just acts like an ass and I'm not putting up wit it anymore, I told him that it was over. But I feel like I'm giving up on our relationship but I know it's what I need to do so, we ladies are going out this weekend.""Ladies I think that Shaye is getting back in the game of dating," said Keisha.
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Stepping out
When Shaye got to the shop that morning Keisha had opened it up already and she had two clients waiting on her. She washed and set their hair and put them under the dryer. By then a couple more of her clients had walked in, and Tasha waltzed in late as ever and Shaye decided she would talk to her later about her tardiness, because she was trying to run a business."Hey ladies",  Tasha said. "hey" they said in unison.  Everyone knew from the expression on Shaye's face that she was pissed, but they all just looked the other way because one thing they knew was to let her be.Shaye was finishing up her last client's hair when the chime on the door begin to ring. Everyone looked up and started to stare. 
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Saving my life
 Keisha called the police to report the incident. While they were waiting on the police to come, they came up with their story of what to tell the police.  After the police left Shaye convinced Keisha to go home because she knew she was safe because the robbers were not coming back and she knew the only place that they were going was six feet under. "I'll make sure she get home safe Keisha." "Ok, Shaye call me when u get there please." "Okay I will." Keisha left , and so Shaye finish packing up her tools and supplies. She wanted to start a conversation with K, she just didn't know how to start it and what to say. When she was around him she felt like her mind just went blank. She liked him alot and she knew he liked her but she just didn't think that was e
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Kissing him back
When Shaye woke up she immediately smelled bacon, grits, eggs and sausage. She went into the en suite bathroom and got ready for work. After getting ready, she walked into the kitchen looking to her right seen that Kacey had cooked a big breakfast that looked delicious. "Did you cook this?" " Yeah, I do know how to do a lil cooking." " Well, I guess we will see right now. I hope I don't get sick from this." "Well if you feel like that then don't eat it." " So where is my plate you sitting here eating and didn't even think about fixing me any."He didn't say anything he just got up and walked over to the microwave and pulled out her plate.  She was speechless, Shaye had never had a man cook breakfast for her. She sat down at the table and said a prayer over her food and then ate it. When she go
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Trying to figure it all out
Shaye walked to the door, she knew Kacey was staring at her, cause she could see him out of the mirror on the wall. Her heart begin to race, and her mind played the scene from this morning over and over again. She had to get her head out of the clouds to concentrate on the task at hand. She opened the door and as soon as she looked back Kacey was standing right next to her holding the door also. He locked the door and began to walk ahead of her like he wasn't mentally there, he opened the front door and held it open for her while speaking to the security officer. She did a double take, because she didn't see the security guard standing there just a second ago.   Kacey was so focuse on what he had just heard over the phone that he forgot that Shaye was walking behind him instead of on side or in front of him, he stopped to let her catch up.  As they app
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The car ride
Shaye got out the car and went inside the shop. She greeted everyone, even though she didn't feel cheerful or upbeat, she put on her happy face. "Girl let me find out you and Kacey been creeping on the low."  "Tasha go on with that lil bit."  "I'm glad you listen to what we discussed cuz." "Yeah, Keisha I did take it into consideration but, y'all don't be taking this overboard just because we arrived together don't mean anything, so mind y'all own business. Oh by the way are we still on for tonight?" "Yeah," they all said in unison. Shaye looked over at Tekina to say hi, but she wasn't even paying attention. Shaye thought that was odd because Tekina was always yapping at the mouth about something. She knew she had to talk to her to see what was going on. She didn't even notice that Kacey had eased on to the back.  She took care of her three clients that where waiting for her then, told everyone that she was going into her of
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