Tiffany's Desire

Tiffany's Desire

By:  Favfavy  Completed
Language: English
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⚠Taboo! Violence! Smut!⚠ It's a taboo, she knows it. She is a bad girl, she loves it. What she doesn't love and know is when she would be kidnapped from her step father's house over a crime she has no idea about. She must stay with her stepbroth her; hidden. Well, That's not the problem, the problem is ... Can she hold her desire?

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182 Chapters
1: Lock the door next time
TIFFANY'S POV I bit my lower lips to restrict myself from screaming but who am I trying to deceive pleasure? 'Oh, yeah!'. With my grip tight on its handle, I make the dildo vibrate as I explore myself. I can say I am selfish but I have never been satisfied, not when I am just coming back from Joe, my boyfriend's house about an hour ago and I still find myself doing this. You can keep calling me a bad girl but I like it, I like the fact that I had to sneak in after my stepfather had told me to come back before 11 O'clock or stay home. Bet you can't tell a horny girl to stay in one place, can you try? Slowly, I caress my clit with the sex toy, dammmmmn. I have always wanted this, from a capable person and not from someone who is just hot, has a good size of dick, and still does not know how to use it. I spread my legs wide open as I lick the four long fingers of my left palm and rubbed them on the opening of my body. At this point, it's not really necessary
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2: It's time to move on
This is so humiliating! I can't stand seating in the same room with Luciano, not when my Stepdad has decided to 'deal with stuff in his private room. I still don't know why Enzo, My stepfather (popularly known as Hades) had insisted that we must always have meals together except we are not home. I still also can't tell why he always emphasizes 'Family'. 'Such bag of shit!' I cussed in my mind. I am not scared to say it up to his face or tell him how I hate him and want him dead, but, it will only make him let out his eyes on me again. The last time he told me that, he had made sure I was grounded for three months and Luciano had to bring me back from school each day. Imagine! That black-haired son of a mean-looking man even didn't let me talk to my boyfriend all those while. One time, he threw me over his shoulder while he raced to the car only to make me puke in front of so many people. I don't need you to imagine the evil smirk on his face, it's the same smir
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3: I can be your favorite di-ck
Getting ready in a black blouse and a pink short flare skirt, I walked into the car to wait for Luciano. I still can't believe Enzo had paid for all this shit for me. Even if he doesn't trust me about having lots of sex and getting pregnant, he should have remembered that I am not a child anymore. "Damn, I hate him so much!". I hate him so much that I want to do something stupid. I want to steal all his money, find what he is hiding in his private room and run away. It's been over thirty minutes and Luciano is still in his father's private room, the room he will never let me enter. A year ago, I tried to sneak into the room but before I could get to the door I received a call from Enzo. That creepy man was watching all my moves just like his son...wait a minute. "Better not". I shook my head as strap the seat belt around my waist in the front seat. Better not be that my stepbrother saw what I was doing this morning. "oh shit" I slapped my forehead "Th
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4: I can be your levy collector
This can't be happening but I know it's happening. Who the heck am I trying to fool? I am going to leave Florida and live with Luciano. "Perfect!" I muttered as I began to go through the contacts on my phone. Not even someone I can call. Call me a loner but I hate friends, I don't see anything they do other than getting people involved in things they don't want to do. Looking out my window reminds me of what I want but don't need to do. I need to call my boyfriend, even if it's to tell him that it's over I just want to get that shit off my neck. Walking back to my bed I picked up my phone name walked out of my room. I made sure to tip-toe past Luciano's room, you won't imagine how embarrassed I was leaving the car yesterday. That was dirty I know but Luciana started it. The fact that he was watching me for a while as I do those naughty things calling his name freaks me out. Worst still, I will have to be stuck with him for a while. Turning back, I head to my stepfather's
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5: Take off your clothes
My heart skipped a beat and almost exploded, this can't be real, not when this dude in front of me is pointing a gun at me. I know I need to do something but my blank head is still blank. 'I am done!'. I know I will die, I know that for sure. My social media live has refused to load, no network bar at all and that freaks me out the more. "My Dad has money" I sniffed "Just tell me he is fine and I will take you to where he has his money" I raised both hands in the air "Please I don't want to die. Not yet". Each step the man take brings me more to my doom, taking days of life off me. In fact, I could no longer feel my heart in my chest again but somewhere around my stomach. The closer he comes, the more I see things I couldn't see from far, a familiar tattoo. Damn this man look so young, maybe in his mid-twenties. My mind refused to pay attention to the tattoo because anyone might want to draw an ace on the left side of his neck. "Just like the pictures," The man said, "Damn! Mas
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6: Skin to skin
Even as we are standing in the middle of a playground as if we just got pooped out by the earth, I felt my inside summersault a million times before stopping. I didn't get the chance to find out we crawled out of a freaking hole before I began to puke. One thing I remembered was not to puke over the shirt even though I was freezing in it. One hand holding up my hair and the other trying to hold the shirt and my phone down, I bent and began to puke. Gosh! My stomach was empty but I still puked. Soon, I became weak and sat on the floor close to the mess I just made. "We don't have all day or we will be dead" Luciano yanked my upper arm "get the fu... No fucking way!" He yelled. Before I knew what was happening, he let go of my arm leaving me to fall harshly to the ground. I had no time to brace myself before I heard a shattering sound. I looked at my stepbrother in disbelief as if I was trying to find another reason why he just broke my phone. "Thanks to you, they just know
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7: Please Fv-ck me, Luciano
That felt relieving to punch him in the balls with my other hand. Well, we didn't see that coming and at least, he let go of my hand as he bent down as if going to go on one knee but didn't. Seizing that opportunity, I dash off. I had no idea where I was or where I would go but I think it is better than being with someone acting strange as if he wants to sell me out or something. I have heard stories of the Italian mafia and how they sell people especially girls but this one? He can be my stepbrother which I really doubt is the reason I should trust him. No freaking way! The main reason I suddenly became scared of him was after watching him kill those men back at the house, one thing is certain. He would be tempted to just point a gun to my forehead and blow it off so that gave me every reason to run faster. I didn't know why I forgot to look back all this while but I bet looking back became a mistake. No sign of Luciano at all, all that was there was one of the bags he had c
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chapter 8: Do it
This should be a bed, maybe or maybe not. I just feel it's so soft, comfortable, and somehow warm on my left-hand side. With a low groan, I stretched and held my pounding head that felt as if it would come off anytime soon.It wasn't clear but I saw it, very sure.'Luciano?'What the hell does he think he is doing laying on the same bed with me? Slowly getting up to a seating position, I glared at him sleeping peacefully on the same bed with me. My head hurts and I can't think of the right thing to do now.I raised my left hand to touch my head and I found it wrapped! In a panic, I used both hands, trying to know what I had bandaged around my head until I remembered what had happened. This asshole stepbrother of mine hit me real hard and even drugged me."Son of a urggh!"Without thinking, I slapped Luciano hard across his face. Yes, I slapped him really hard and I felt satisfied. Well, not fully satisfied as I watch him stir in his sleep and before he could do anything or open his ey
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9: No time
This can’t be happening! Well, it is because nothing else can explain why I would be in a room for two days only to have my stepbrother bring me different food daily and put me to sleep. I would want to tell him, that I am no longer a child but…that asshole gets his way.The annoying cheers from the men outside kept me awake for who knows long. I can’t tell what time it is but for sure, it’s already late. Late than having a bottle of water and pizza because I asked for a pizza with pineapple.“They can be so silly at the time,” I told myself.Call me silly, but I already started a conversation with myself, planning on how to escape my insane brother. Frankly, I will say he has lots of problems with just coming, watching me eat, taking pictures of me, and walking out. Not anymore, I will let him know that I have other sides of me that he shouldn’t mess with.Watching the dry leftover pizza, I shed a single tear, not because I was sad, but because I love pizza, and giving me a dry one i
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10: Change the names
That’s it! My stepbrother is a perverted killer that took killing people as a normal thing?Even after we had that little argument about not being grateful, I wonder what he meant until he came into the room with a sly smile on his face and two ID cards in his hand. He threw them both at my face and stood with his arms folded across his chest.My jaw dropped, I can’t tell why I am seeing my face on the ID but another name. Damn, I haven’t heard of that name in my entire life and with that pleased look on his face, I can’t trust him one bit.“Who is Amara Ego?” I asked.I noticed an unpleasant glare on Luciano’s face as he shrugged and walked to the window and closed it. He began to dress the bed before looking up at my face and grinning.“It’s Amira Ugo,” he said “But if you love Amara, I can make that for you”.Pointing at the other card, he bit his lower lip as I watch him anticipate what my expression would be like. I didn’t want to act pissed but I did, glaring at him as if I would
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