Together, Forever

Together, Forever

By:  Belle Cassy  Ongoing
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
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I promised to protect you until my very last breath. A love that went to overprotective ways. What might transpire? A hatred that dwelled in the heart. And a werewolf protecting a human... After the death of their parents, Grey became the mother and father to his younger sister, who was a mortal as their mother, name Clea. After the disappearance of their home, they live in the city of humans, where an identity needed to be kept untold. But then Clea fell in love with a human and Grey would never accept and trust humans- and everything started to crumble. Hope you like it. Thank you and God bless.

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Belle Cassy
Thank you for those who read this 😊 Hope to see you at the last flip. 😊😍
2020-12-02 15:51:10
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Trini CassMin
Five stars! Very interesting!
2020-11-25 19:56:48
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David Ekeledo
Added to library! ?
2020-11-01 22:02:45
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David Ekeledo
How can I rate 50 stars on this book? ?
2020-11-01 22:02:12
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Apratyashita Thakur
Seems interesting. Added to my library❤❤
2020-10-27 12:23:28
20 Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
                           Alright reserved.© 2020 Belle CassyOctober 27, 2020This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in
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Chapter 2: Meet The Pack!
Chapter two: Meet The Pack! "Where exactly are we going?" said Azhea when they kept on walking and they were almost walking for an hour.She looked at him, and she didn't care if the man beside her was naked because, for her, he was nothing but a werewolf after all.Choven didn't respond to her and just kept pulling her. She was scared, especially when she saw how shady the place was, she couldn't memorize their tracks also, and even if she wanted to run away she knew that she would fail. No probability for her, he could chase and munched her any time he wanted. But the more they were going further the more that she couldn't stop feeling uncomfortable and scared. So she decided to speak to the man, she stopped walking and Choven immediately rolled his eyes at her."Why did you pause?" he raised a question and she then cleared her throat.She gulped and took the courage to
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Chapter 3: Choven and Zhukre
Chapter Three: Choven and Zhukre! "What are you doing, Choven?" One of the oldest respected female werewolves named Khram asked Choven."Yeah, are you crazy? Where did you find that girl?" Menriszz added, she was a female werewolf, and in addition to her, she was also Zhukre's partner.Everyone was panicked, they were asking him what came into his head that he brought a human being in their pack. They were all afraid that Azhea could put them in danger, especially that she was a human and not like them! You knew that some human beings were no mercy, and most of all, some of them were greedy when it comes to money and power. They were positive that, when they found out their spices, they would surely put their lives into a haunting!"I have no choice. I made mistake when I decided to ran after them when I saw Kzhen chasing her. I helped her," Choven answered."You saved he
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Chapter 4: The run!
Chapter Four: The run! Azhea was screaming non-stop, moaning, and begging for her freedom."Please, just let me go!" she said and the other werewolf didn't even dare to listen to hear irritating cries, and just kept ignoring her.No matter how much she struggled not to let them pull her, she has no strength to resist them."Let me go!" she shouted again and when they had finally reached where they wanted to put her, Azhea couldn't believe her eyes, she could see bones of some creatures  that were spread on the ground, flies that were floating everywhere, and some chains that were connected to the dirt.She swallowed, and her voice was stuck in the middle of her lungs, she was breathing heavily and looked at them, "A-are they hu-humans' bones?" she asked and the other werewolf smirked."Yes, they are, so if you don't want to turn just like them, I suggest you t
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Chapter 5: Back to the Pack!
Chapter five: Back to the Pack! "You can't go away. Naughty human!" Choven mumbled and growled when he finally saw Azhea, but she was near the car and he won't let her go away."You would taste great punishment for running away!" he muttered, and he was going to pull her but he stopped when he saw something behind her. When he looked at it clearly, he noticed that it was not their kind; it was not a werewolf but a natural wolf! It was glaring at her. And then it attacked before she could escape.He didn't do anything and just watched her struggling hard enough to protect herself."You saw her?" asked Zhukre when he saw him, but he didn't respond to him."Choven did you s..." he paused when he noticed that Choven was seriously looking at a  distance, then when he followed Choven's eyes direction, he saw what was happening and he wondered why he was letting the wolf at
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Chapter 6: What we learned from humans!
Chapter Six: What we learned from humans! Everyone was readying and Azhea woke up with the noise of the pack, everyone was excited and hurrying, they were all fixing themselves...Azhea sat up and found herself in a thick brown blanket. Her hands had a bandage and she was on a pallet bed. Wondering why a werewolf has stuff like that."Where am I?" She thought...Choven wrapped her in a blanket while she was sleeping last night, she was trembling in cold and Choven was giggling on the corner as he watched her struggling and slept hardly even if it was cold."Why did you really save her?" Old Khram asked Choven. He then turned around and sighed."I don't know. I felt something about her when I saw her earlier being chased by Kzhen, and it just happened! I saved her without thinking about the aftermath! I'm sorry for making the pack worried and panicked. I was wrong!"
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Chapter 7: Humans in our territory
Chapter Seven: Humans in our territory. "Why do you have to protect yourself from humans? When you could stay in the city and live like normal humans?" Azhea wasn't sure why she came out of that question, but Choven found it pretty interesting, no one had ever asked them nor suggest to live with humans before.He then chuckled, "because we can not change the fact that we are not normal humans," he answered, and as Azhea stared at his chuckling face, she was more aware that he was serious even if he was chuckling."But you can, just don't form into a wolf and think of yourselves as normal as we are," She said.She examined his reactions but the weather became intense. Choven cracked his knuckles and took a deep breath. Azhea could feel the fiery man beside her that made her felt nervous. She couldn't understand why he switched mood so suddenly.He fiercely looked at her, "Who cares about living with humans?!"&
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Chapter 8: Your Father is Dead
Chapter Eight: Your Father is Dead The pack was waiting for the group to come back while the packs from the city didn't know what was happening in the forest of Mizuki.Menriszz hurried toward Zhukre the minute they came."You okay? Your face is bleeding," she said as she hunched down to her wolf boyfriend and noticed Choven's face has the same situation."It's Benj' and Alken' blood," explained Zhukre as Menriszz wrapped him in clothes before he turned into a human."Blood from Benj and Alken? Where is my son Benj? What happened?" cried Benj's mother, Tiquilla. Choven pointed Alken and Benj that were guided by the other pack and Ms. Tiquilla hurried to see her bleeding son. While Choven went inside the other cave and changed his clothes and came back where they're at."What happened?" She asked, worriedly."Long story, mom," Benj answered.Azhea was
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Chapter 9: Awkwardness
Chapter Nine: Awkwardness Azhea was all cleaned, she didn't know how to tell the female werewolves that she was done. The robes were on their hands."Gosh, this is awkward, how could I approached them," she whispered staring at them, she sighed and felt like she needed to get used to it. She almost shouted to get their attention. But then, Old Khram suddenly appeared near her."You're done?" Old Khram smiled and she looked at her."Oh, yes, I am," she answered."Here, wrapped yourself," Old Khram said, she gave her a robe and Azhea immediately get it from her."Thank you, ma'am," she said. Old Khram smiled at the way she called her."Please, drop the mom," she said. "Oh, yes, I will, thank you for this," she answered and stood up."You're finished? You have just called us," said the female werewolves when they passed through them.
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Chapter 10: Werewolf is Smart More than You Imagine
Chapter Ten: Werewolf is smart more than you imagine While Azhea was sitting with old Khram, Choven came and old Khram noticed him even if he was not that near them, they had a quite impressive hearing and eyesight.Old Khram smiled and stood up, she knew that Choven wanted an alone moment with her."You are truly growing, young man," she whispered to him."What do you mean?" he asked."I mean you've grown up too fast," she giggled.He doubted her thoughts and said, "There is another subtext behind your words, Old Khram, am I correct?""Haha! Never mind, just go and talk to her," she winked at him and kept walking forward. He then ignored Old Khram and looked at the mortal, he sighed, stood up straight as a real man, he even fixed his hair, and then slowly went near her with his tickling heart."Hey, I brought you some food," he said and Azhea got sur
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