Traveling the world to find my mate

Traveling the world to find my mate

By:  Roelien  Completed
Language: English
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Grayson Taylor son of the most powerful angel on the planet and grandson of the moon goddess. He was always treated differently by the other children in his school. He travels the world to find his mate, but he might have found more than he has bargained for. Will it be love at first sight or a disaster waiting to happen?Book1: The Alpha's Human Mate. Book2: The werewolf and his princess. Book 3: Traveling the world to find my mate

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Linda Pavlick
Oh I hope there is a second book. Lovely...
2021-05-17 23:36:43
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Dawn Marie Meece
I really loved this book. I hope that there will be another book to this series.
2021-05-03 16:44:12
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Ether Night
i am the 999th viewer😂
2021-04-11 01:51:44
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Engela Buys
Keep it up. 💗 the book
2021-02-24 01:16:57
default avatar
Keep up the good work. I love this author.
2021-02-22 14:34:59
default avatar
this is a 👍up great work
2021-01-30 14:49:15
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Emerald Splash
Good work author! Thumb up!
2020-12-29 11:51:53
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Marilyn Roman
The storyline is good, but the spelling and grammar aren't quite up to scratch h I still enjoyed it
2021-06-12 19:14:48
user avatar
LaQuinta Golliday
nice story line. But I feel that it was a little rushed once Gabe and Mia finally got together. There was sooooo much buildup round him finding her, but when he finally did, then there was only a few chapters of them together. You can expand on them after the wedding.
2021-03-30 17:52:50
118 Chapters
Chapter 1
Grayson POVI am sitting on my bed, wondering once again why I am the most hated hybrid in the world. I don't know everyone is so nasty to me. Sure, I have secret hidden powers that I don't even know about but, I have never used them on anyone.I tried to make friends. It is impossible if no one wants to speak to you. I even sit alone at lunch. They mostly make fun of me for being a freak of nature. The other teenagers cross the road whenever I am on the street. I live a lonely life. If it wasn't for my family, I would have no one.My mother always figured that I will be the most popular guy in school, but I guess mothers don't know everything, but I am not going to tell her that."Gray, are you done yet? You are going to be late for school." My mom peeks in at my door with a smile on her face."I am ready, mom. I have never been late for school, and I am definitely not going to start the last day of school." I have always been the rule follower in
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Chapter 2
Grayson POVThe party has dwindled down. It is mostly the older crowd that is still out there. I am sitting in my dad's office with my family."So, Grayson, what have you decided what you want to do?" My mother asks me with the most serious face I have ever seen on my mother."I decided, I first want to go to Alpha school, and then, travel the world. I will also like to use this opportunity to search for my mate if that is okay with you?" I look between my mom and dad, trying to gauge their reaction but unfortunately, they have become good at keeping their poker face on. The twins are on their phones looking like they want to be anywhere but here."That is a good idea, son. True power comes from the bond you have with your mate, but let's get back to Alpha school. It will be a 1-year program.  You will learn a more advanced fighting technique. You will also learn about problem-solving and the best way to negotiate. This might be the most important cl
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Chapter 3
Grayson POV (a week later)I am on my way to Alpha school. I cannot believe it has been a week since I graduated from high school. It already feels like a lifetime ago. I cannot wait to start my new chapter in life.The flight here was so long. 15 hours in a plane is torture and the fact that I am afraid of heights didn't help either. My wolf was antsy the whole plane ride. I need to let my wolf out as soon as I can.I caught a cab at the airport and it dropped me off in front of the dorm rooms. I had to leave my brand new car at home since it would cost too much to ship it out. As I look around to see where I should check in I see a lot of young Alpha's standing and joking around with each other. I just hope I will finally be able to fit in. I need to be better.I walk up to the table with the welcome banner in front. There is a girl sitting behind the desk. I am glad that we as werewolves has evolved and we are now letting females be Alpha's. To me girl
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Chapter 4
Grayson Pov.We woke up at 3 am to make sure that we get to the field in time. We went to the shower house and was lucky to find it empty.By the time we were ready to leave most of the dorm room got up, so we weren't swept up in all the activity.After we almost got lost twice we made it to the field. The instructors were already there waiting for us. I knew by the look on the instructor's face that it was going to be a long dayWe waited for everyone and once everyone arrived the instructors placed everyone into age groups. That means Anthony and I are in the same group."Settle down everyone. Look around you. This will be your group for the remainder of this course. You will train in this group and also eat in this group. Now I'm going to assign you a senior-only for today. He will run in front of you so you can learn the grounds. You have 30 minutes to complete this course first in human form and then in werewolf form. Now go."We ran after th
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Chapter 5
Mia POVToday is my 18th birthday. Not that it makes a difference. I haven't celebrated my birthday for the past 2 years. I guess I have not been in the celebrating mood. "Liam come down for breakfast. You are going to be late for school, again.""Happy birthday Mia. Thank you for everything." Liam hands me a self-drawn card, I opened it up, and inside Liam drew a picture of me and him holding hands."Aww thank you, Liam. Now eat your breakfast. We need to leave."Liam started to wolf down his food as fast as he could. Liam is my younger brother. I have been looking after him for the past 2 years. It hasn't been easy, but we have made it work. As best as we could. I was only a child when I had to take up my brother's responsibility, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I had to drop out of school to find a job to look after him, but it is better than both of us ending up on the system.Liam and I left to pick up my best friend Kai. Ka
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Chapter 6
Grayson POV (1 week later)My first week at school is over. It was hard adjusting to the new routine, but I made it. It is the weekend and I have been invited to my first party. I can't wait.Antony and I are on our way to the party now. The party is at Richard Dunkeld pack. He is one of the guys in our age group. He comes to school each morning since his pack is based in Australia. Not far from the school.We arrived at the party and the party is already in full swing. There are loud music and alcohol everywhere. I just keep thinking that my parents will never allow something like this. The party maybe but not the booze.Richard came towards me and Anthony."Hey boys. So what do you think?""It looks like a fun party Richard," Anthony replies to Richard."Let me guess. You have never been to a party before?" "I have been to lots of parties, but to be honest I have never been drunk in my life," I say feeling a little guil
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Chapter 7
 Mia POVI have been working in the strip club for a week now and I hate every moment of it. The only good thing about this job is the tips I make. I make twice as much in one night than I do for the whole month working at the restaurant.I have learned so much about the clientele in the club. Some come for the dancing other for the stripping, but most of them come just to be social with each other.This week we had a bachelor's party. That was the best customer I had for the whole week. The more they drunk the bigger the tips were. The bachelor wanted a lap dance from me in the back so I went with him, but all he wanted was to talk. He told me that this is not his scene. I was so dumbstruck that I didn't know what to tell him. Cinnamon warned me about bachelor's parties. The groom is usually is the worst of the lot.It's at the end of the night and the girls and I are sitting at one of the tables and counting our tips. Just chatting away.I h
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Chapter 8
Mia POV (1 month later)Things between me and Kai haven't been the same. We have been avoiding each other since the night he told me about his feelings. Ava is starting to suspect something, but we could brush it off saying that we see each other at work all the time.After that night I decided that is was time to jump into the dating pool. The only problem is that the men I attract are plain creepy. As soon as they hear I am a stripper they think that it is an easy way into my bed and don't get me started about when they hear I am responsible for my little brother. Now I am part of a dating app. Tonight is my first date with this guy. Ava is here helping me get ready for my date."So what is its guy's name?" Ava asks me curling my hair."His name is Patrick Phillips. He is 27 and works at a bank. He has a son of his own, so he will understand that I am looking after my brother.""Sounds like a dream guy for you. I hope this goes well.
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Chapter 9
Mia POVI went to sit next to Patrick. He takes my hand in his. He looks at me with amazement in his eyes."That was amazing. I see now why you wanted to be a singer. You should do everything in your power to make that dream a reality. You cannot hide that talent away. Everyone in the world needs to hear your voice." Patrick looks so sincere. I haven't sung for anyone since my parents died. I only ever sang for people close to me."Thank you, Patrick. Like I said I haven't sung in a really long time. I am a little rusty.""If that was you being a little rusty. I wonder what you will sound like when you are in practice." I hear someone cleaning his through and we looked up. I see a man in a suit standing there. He is smiling from ear to ear, almost looking like he has won the lottery."I am sorry to interrupt your evening. My name is Domonic. I am the owner of the Fletcher Pub. I was here on a date with my wife and heard you sing. I am
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Chapter 10
Mia povI woke up with my alarm blaring next to me. I look at the clock and see that it is only 5 am. Why the hell did I set my alarm for that early? I turn around to fall back asleep when I remembered that I have an audition today. I jump up and a small happy dance. My dream might finally become a reality. I walk towards my closet. I look through my clothes but nothing pops out at me. I really need to make a great impression at this audition. I see a summer dress at the back of my closet.  I take it out and realize it was the last dress my mother bought me before the accident. It is a black bohemian style summer dress with pink and red flowers all over it. It is elegant enough to wear to an audition but not overpowering enough to make me look old.It was like it was bought for my audition. I send up a quiet thank you to my mother. she always knew what I needed even before I knew it myself. I go in search of my black gladiator sandals tha
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