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Blurb. Our passion burned hot and bright, at least that is what I thought until I realized I was his second option. The one he really wanted was my sister and since she couldn’t have children I was used as the sacrificial lamb to bear him an heir. So when it became painfully clear, I was just a surrogate, I made myself disappear. But now he is haunting me down after he realized I left with his child in my womb..

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Do NOT waste your time. Don’t know why the app doesn’t allow us to change stars … don’t bother
2024-05-23 21:39:39
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Olajumoke Ogunmodede
Interesting but u have to ignore d spellings errors
2024-05-12 16:08:22
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Chellise Rogers
I like it ... takes you a journey
2024-02-25 09:47:33
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Tes Abraham
The chapters are all over the place. Makes no sense
2024-02-16 00:17:32
default avatar
This book is really good - you just have to look past all the spelling errors . So far there are a few but I’m pushing thru - as they say I’m invested .
2024-01-02 04:48:38
user avatar
It was interesting at the beginning
2024-05-15 19:57:29
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Ria Makatuki
what a waste of my money. DON'T read!!!
2024-03-20 19:46:04
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So many chapters repeating the same thing going in circles a lot of this book made no since like who is Esti and she was a virgin in this book so many time like how it made no since.
2024-04-24 09:56:45
user avatar
Mercy Rodon
this book is all over the place. the story keeps on changing from one character to an other.
2024-03-18 02:26:04
user avatar
Susana Reginaldo
this book is good at first but everything's messed up the chapters had scrumble , story had become toxic.
2024-01-16 21:39:16
135 Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter one. Six months ago. Nala. I woke up from my sleep from the loud noises in my room. I slowly opened my eyes and I saw my father storm into my room angrily and he started throwing my clothes on the bed. Completely in shock, I immediately sat up wondering what was going on when he grabbed my arm roughly pulling me off the bed. He dislocated my arm in the process and I shrieked in pain as tears started running down my eyes. I looked up at him in pain trying to see if his face gave away anything about what was happening but his face was expressionless and a little irritated. "You are leaving today Nala." he finally said tossing my already in pain body on the ground as he pulled out my suit case. "Pack up all your stuff and come to the dining room in the next twenty minutes. And you better hurry up." he said before he stormed out of the room. He is usually grumpy and always uses any opportunity to mishandle me but this was different. It was a lot more than his usual disgust
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two. Nala. Present. It was amazing how fast a pregnant woman could run with the right motivation, and I was very motivated to get away from Salvatore. I bolted into the kitchen, barely avoiding one of the runners and i winced when the Chef roared his displeasure.'Pregnant women do not belong in my kitchen. Go, go! Get out!' Of course, that same ornery chef slipped me a meal at the end of my shifts eachnight. Not one from the menu, but a dish he prepared just for me. The baby needed good food to grow big and strong, he always said. Chef was a true Italian through and through.I dipped past busy waiters and a sous chef or two as i rushed towardw the back door. When i slipped past Chef, hoping that his gruff demeanor coated a good heart, i patted his back with a low apology and a few desperate words.“Stall him. Please.” I said breathlessly. The swinging door to the kitchen slammed against the wall, the boom overriding the sounds in the busy kitchen.“Nala!” Salvatore's a
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three. Nala. Olive skin, midnight hair, strong features and heavily muscled body… all so familiar. Even the gray fur that peppered his flesh and the yellowed eyes that overtook the normal chocolate hues were familiar. I knew his body almost as well as i knew my own. We had touched, tasted, and loved each other for three montjss before it all came crashing down. And now he was back. Would he destroy me all over again?Probably.Fury coated his features, and i knew it was only a matter of time before his roars echoed off the walls. Rather than causing the spectacle in the middle of the hallway, i brushed past him and carefully made my way into my home.“Salvatore,” i murmured as i passed by him. I didn’t miss his growl.I would brave this out. I would explain my position, tell him exactly what would happen, and then he would leave. I thought to myself, giving myself the strength I so desperately needed. “Nala,” he snarled my name.I ignored the violence in his tone and looked
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four. Nala. I wasn't sure what to expect when I woke up, but it sure as hell wasn't to find myself flying across the ocean in Salvatore’s private jet. The interior was well known to me, with its slick surfaces and plush leather seating. The soft carpet always gave way beneath my bare feet, and i had more than one good memory of flying the skies with Salvatore at my side. He had introduced me to so much in so little a time, and It had only taken a few choicesand deadly words to end thefairytale. Well, it was gone but he seemed intent on dragging me back into hisworld.I carefully glanced around the room, closing my eyes when dizziness overtook me again. I didn’t need to see him in order to know Salvatore was nearby. His scent permeated everything around me, and it was clear he had been at my side very recently. Gathering what little strength i had, I forced my lids to part once again and i blinked against the brightness that invaded my eyes.The low murmur of voices reached
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Chapter Five
Six months ago. Nala. It was way past midnight, she hadn’t seen her husband in days. The gala was tommorrow and they were hosting some of the most powerful drug lords in the region. So he had to come home at some point. Nala looked out from her window over the Hamptons view as the sun set. Tears streaming down her eyes like a downfall. She slowly stepped away from the window closing the curtains and lay in her bed in tears. She was drifting off to sleep when she heard her, she could recognize that condensensending laugh anywhere. Nova?! What was she doing in her house? Wasn't she supposed to be in London? Or was she finally losing it. Halucinating her. She heard her again, this time louder. Nala quickly got out of bed rushing downstairs without thinking about putting on a robe or something to cover her skimpy night gown. Sofia had gifted her the sexy black dress, she had said she should wear it for her husband. Men like that. From above the stairs she could see half the livi
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Chapter six
Six months ago. Nala"So I guess she will be coming to the gala too?" Nala found herself saying out loud as Salvatore opened the limo door for her. "Are you jealous?" he asked casually catching her off guard. "Why did you agree to marry me if you didn't want me?" "You ask alot of questions.""Humor me, why marry her sister." Luna said sitting back in the limo as Salvatore joined her. "You must have known I was her sister.""She suggested I marry you. Okay?" "What? What sick games are you people into?" Nala asked shocked. Why wouk her sister want her boyfriend to marry her. "My father is sick Nala, he wants to see his grand kids before his time comes. And your father owed us a lot of money. There was only one solution.""But you could have married her, Nova. Why bring me into it.""Because she can't have children and yoo can.""What?whaat do you mean she can't have kids?" "Nova was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had her womb removed. I wanted to marry her still, but she wan
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Chapter seven
Six months ago. Salvatore. The rest of the ride to the party was spent in silence. I was busy on my phone while Nala just sat there in silence. Today everything had been different, when we had sex it was like I loved her, I couldn't deny the intense connection between us which made me want to pull away from her. This couldn’t happen. I had too much at stake to care about her like that. As soon as we got to the party I ditched her and immediately went to Find Nova, she was the one I loved, the one that I would rather come to such events with it. But my father could not accept a woman who could not have kids as my wife Which is why he set an arranged marriage for me. "There you are, you look flushed are you okay?" Nova asked as soon as she saw me. "Yeah am fine, just missed you thats is all." "i missed you too baby." she said kissinge and in that instant I saw Nala looking at us with tears in her eyes. I quickly looked away. "Shall we dance?" Nova suggested moving to the da
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Chapter Eight
Six months ago. Nala. I cleaned myself up and slowly walked to the already waiting limo. Paul was outside and he immediately opened the door as soon as he saw me. The sexy strange man I had been dancing with had disappeared on me. I never even got his name, I slowly got into the car and we left. After the nigh that we had, I expected my husband to come back home, he had promised. We needed to talk about everything including who he was. I quickly went upstairs to clean up as soon as we got back to the house. I still believes we had a moment earlier in the car. I soaked my tired body In a warm bubble bath, as I tried to imagine what it would be like living as a family. After a thirty minute bath, I got out of the shower and put on a roe seeing how much time had passed. Despite everything, I had a feeling Salvatore was about to open up when he had been rudely interrupted, so I went downstairs and prepared a meal for both of us. Me being the servant of my family growing up
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Chapter Nine
Present. Nala. I slowly opened my eyes, taking iny surrounding coming back to reality. Clearly still in an airplane. “Alpha?” The male’s voice wasn’t hesitant in the least. “What?” A snarl was on Salvatore’s lips. “The bearing one?” The bearing one. The doctor couldn't even say my name. I was basically being referred to as the incubator. Nice. Salvatore returned his attention to me “Have you been seen by a Doctor?” “Of course.” As if i would endanger my child, i was six months pregnant now. “One that specializes in werewolves?” I snapped my jaw shut, refusing to answer the question. “I thought not.” Salvatore gestured towards Dr Martin. “He will attend to you since your examinations have been lacking.” I had no response to that autocratic statement and instead met the doctor’s gaze. “I’m ready whenever you are.” Despite the circumstances, i was looking forward to being examined by a werewolf physician. I knew mixed pregnancies were different than traditional humans, but
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Chapter Ten
Nala. As soon as the plane touched down and we slowly got off the plane I could sense all the stares but most importantly fear leaked everywhere. I cupped the roundness of my pregnant belly as if my hand could protect the child within from the barely suppressed violence surrounding me. I didn’t need a werewolf within me to sense the low growls that trailed me through the Liakos pack house. No, they weren’t audible, but even in the short time i was with Salvatore i could now recognize the subtle vibrations of a werewolf’s chest.They couldn’t hate me more than I hated myself. I had tried to protect my son. Tried and failed. And now i was back where i had started. A lamb thrown to the wolves.I padded past the guard stationed by the front door, ignoring the way his bright yellow eyes followed my every move and the sneer that graced his lips.He didn’t want me there? I didn’t want to be there. We were even. I slipped into one of my favorite rooms in the house, the large and open space
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