Chapter 10: Savoured by the Alpha King!

"Astrid," he calls out her name, a hint of seduction in his voice.

"Such a fitting name for someone as stunning as you. You truly are divinely beautiful, as your name suggests," he says.

"May I also know your name, Alpha?" She inquires, "I assume you don't go by just Alpha!"

Blaze lets out a light laugh and replies, "My subjects address me as Alpha, they wouldn't dare use my real name. Only my closest acquaintances are permitted to use my given name. However, you may refer to me as Blaze."

"Okay, Blaze. But let's stop talking and get to the action. Fuck me, Blaze. Fuck me with your tongue and then your cock!"

"What did I tell you about patience? I have mentioned this before, Astrid. You need to work on your patience. Impatience would only get you severely punished." With a voice filled with desire, he speaks with a sultry tone, expressing his longing to be immersed in her moist embrace.

She receives a firm spank on her inner thigh as a reminder. The sensation of pain mixed with pleasu

Seems like Astrid is really serious. Guys, please tell me what you think of this book?

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