Chapter 2: Saving the Dragon Prince 2

The commanding tone of Dexter and the bone-chilling howl of Blaze's wolf caused the men to tremble in their stand.

Phoenix's eyes, hazel brown, shone with appreciation and thankfulness. It was bewildering to him that individuals he had never met before were willing to battle to preserve his existence.

Cade erupts in fury, bellowing, "Take them down! Whoever brings me their heads will be generously compensated!"

In a blur, Dexter speeds past Cade's men, tearing out their hearts before they could even transform into their Dragon forms.

The entire feat was accomplished in a mere three seconds, his movements so rapid that they were nearly imperceptible to the naked eye. The only evidence of his passing is the gust of wind he leaves in his wake.

"That's a lot of blood. It's a shame I don't indulge in Dragon blood," he jests while giving Blaze a wink.

"Show off!" Blaze sneers. He reverts to his human appearance and begins donning his attire. He was the only one who could witness Dexter's lightning-fast sprint, akin to a bullet being fired from a gun.

Blaze possessed the extraordinary ability of super speed, which was unattainable for werewolves. Despite their strength and agility, werewolves were outpaced by vampires, who were three times faster.

Blaze and Dexter had similar running speed, but Dexter had a slight edge in speed. Although Vampires were known for their quickness, Dexter was five times faster than even the swiftest Vampire. It was impossible for anyone to outrun him!

Cade lets out a scream of mortification, and prepared to flee, only to be confronted by Dexter, who suddenly materializes in front of him.

"Ever heard of the saying no one can outpace a vampire, especially this vampire?"

"Your father chose not to name you as his successor due to your shortcomings. A true king never flees from a battle; rather, they fight to protect their subjects. Your cowardly behavior reveals that you do not possess the traits of a king. Your brother is a more suitable contender for the throne."

"How dare you lambast my actions? I was meant to be king before he arrived with his slutty black mother to deprive me of my birthright. I will not hesitate to eliminate all three of you, if necessary!"

Dexter frowned and remarked, "Oh, wow. You're racist. Of course, I didn't expect more from you."

Cade erupts in laughter. "Who cares if I am? Do you honestly believe the council would sanction a black man as king, especially an illegitimate one? Your subjects would rebel and attempt to assassinate you. It would be better for me to do it now! I advise you to retreat!"

Blazes lips contorts into a scowl, expressing his disdain for the entire concept, "Why discriminate based on skin color? Our actions define us, not our physical appearance. After all, we were all created uniquely."

"Very well, do as you please! I shall proceed to eliminate our adversaries."

As he underwent a powerful metamorphosis, every bone in his frame shattered and contorted, ultimately reshaping him into the formidable figure of a dragon. With a fierce bellow, he unleashed a scorching blast of air in Dexter's direction.

"Oh, I'm scared. Please spare my life!" Dexter feigns fear and trembling.

Dexter undergoes a monstrous transmogrification, assuming the form of a gargantuan bat that rivals the size of Cade's dragon. Vampires can reap advantages from imbibing wolf blood, such as heightened physical prowess.

In response to Cade's dragon unleashing a fiery inferno, Dexter's bat spirals in a dizzying frenzy, generating a tumultuous vortex that snuffs out the flames.

In amazement, Phoenix's mouth falls open as he gazes upon him. "He possesses the energy of the wind!"

Blaze hums in response, indicating a reluctance to converse with him.

"I have got no time for this!" Blaze mutters with an expression of boredom.

The surroundings encompassing them swiftly became cold as the moisture in the atmosphere solidified into an icy bow and arrow. Blaze briskly seized the frozen weapons and directed his aim towards the sky.

With precision, he shot the arrow straight into the eye of Cade's dragon, causing it to let out a deafening roar of pain before plummeting to the ground.

"It's incredible that you possess the energy of frost! I, on the other hand, possess the energy of fire. Together, we make an unbeatable trio—"

"Shut up! Our act of saving you doesn't imply that we are friends. I still have animosity towards you!"

With a crestfallen look on his face, he murmurs, "Ohh." He had been optimistic about forging a friendship with them.

"What did I do exactly?" Blaze remains silent, disregarding his inquiry. He yearned for a swift resolution to the situation. Being in the company of this Casanova was not something he wished for.

Cade, now transformed into a human, grimaces in harrowing agony as blood spurts from his eye, the arrow still lodged inside. Dexter approaches him intending to finish him off, but Phoenix intervenes and stops him.

"I don't want you to kill him. I want to be the one to do it." Gripping his fist tightly, Phoenix staggers towards him with his feeble body.

"I once regarded you as family, but I realize now that I was nothing but garbage to you, something you could easily toss aside. In my opinion, you deserve nothing less than death!"

"I dare you to end my life, for if you fail to do so, I will seek retribution against you and your immoral mother. Nevertheless, I suspect you lack the bravery to carry out such a deed, given your evident cowardice!"

A mocking laughter escapes from Cade's lips. In a blur, Cade freezes and pulverizes into a multitude of fragments.

"What the hell! I told you I wanted to eliminate him myself!" Blaze is met with a thunderous roar from Phoenix.

"You moron. He was trying to provoke you into taking his life. If you had expended any more of your energy, you would have perished. You should conserve your energy, you fool!"

Blaze was unable to fathom why he acted in such a way. Additionally, he was perplexed as to why he was angry with Phoenix for nearly jeopardizing his life. In retrospect, Blaze believed that he should have allowed Phoenix to perish.

"It's astonishing how much concern you have for me, despite having no desire to be my friend."

The warm chortle emanating from Phoenix fills the air. Phoenix felt loved by Blaze's gestures.

Blaze distorts his brows with displeasure. "I don't have any concern for you whatsoever. Dexter was extremely eager to rescue you. It would be regrettable if we let you die, since all of our efforts would be wasted."

"Despite his contradictory words, he truly cares about you. His unique approach to expressing his affection may be difficult to decipher. Whenever I act impulsively, he becomes upset with me.

"However, I understand that this is his method of demonstrating his love and concern for me, even though he rarely displays it and consistently refutes it," Dexter whispers into Phoenix's ears.

"Are you gonna pretend as though my exceptional hearing ability does not exist?"

"It seems that walking may be difficult for you. Do not fret, Blaze will assist you by carrying you!"

In a frenzied tone, Blaze questions, "Why must it be me? Can't you carry him instead?"

"Because I am drained. I expended a lot of my energy in killing those people." Dexter shams a weary countenance as he ambles down the field, lethargically.

"I used my energy too, Goddammit!" Dexter ducks as a frost ball is hurled at him.

As he casts a glance towards Phoenix, who was lying on the grass, he notices that even he was feigning weakness. Although he was truly sapped and walking seemed like a daunting task, he was exaggerating his condition.

Blaze couldn't help but notice his facial features. His eyes were the softest brown infused with green, reminiscent of the lush greenery of springtime.

They radiated a sense of calmness, akin to the tranquility of a forest floor and the serenity of delicate blossoms, providing a tranquil sanctuary to unwind and inhale.

His brows resembled thick thistles thriving in damp soil. His chiseled, diamond-shaped face accentuated his keen features, and his finely crafted jawline exuded a robust and commanding aura.

He bared a long nose with a wide base, his full lips were strikingly two-toned. The upper lip had a brownish-pink hue like chestnut and his lower lip were a dark shade of pink.

The texture of his skin was akin to velvety chocolate, caressed by the shimmering brilliance of the sun's early glow. His hair was a cascade of spiral curls that flowed down to his underarms in a voluminous Afro, with a hue that evoked memories of cocoa pods.

His chin tapered down to a point and was adorned with prickly stubble. Despite the dry patches of blood dotting his face, he still appeared adorable.

"Done staring?" He smirks at Blaze as he flipped his hair.

"Ewww, no way, I'm not gay! I was curious why Clarissa picked you instead of me. I mean, I'm obviously more attractive."

"I stole your girlfriend, that's why you are upset with me!" His face was filled with remorse. It appeared that befriending him would be an arduous task to establish.

"She was not my girlfriend, just a woman I had feelings for." Blaze's tightens his jaw with dismay, reluctantly hoisting him onto his shoulder as he began sauntering down the field.

"That's really uncomfortable. I understand that you harbor resentment towards me, but it's inappropriate to hold an injured individual in such a manner. Please put me down!"

"Be grateful that I didn't fracture any of your bones!"

Blaze holds Phoenix, cradling him like a bride in his arms. Phoenix smiles and lays his head on Blazes strong chest. Although Blaze is tempted to drop him, he stays motionless and composed.

"I apologize for the situation with your woman. However, it's important to understand that a woman's attraction to a man is not solely based on his appearance. Your approach and demeanor play a crucial role in capturing her heart. Additionally, it's worth noting that I am clearly more attractive!"

With a wide grin on his face, he proudly displayed his glistening, pearly-white teeth.

"Dream on!" Blaze retorts.

"Dexter, who is cuter?"

"I apologize, Phoenix, but Blaze is undeniably the most attractive among us three. Nonetheless, Phoenix is correct in stating that your distant demeanor may be deterring many women from your life. It may be beneficial for you to play it cool.

"Although, you are more captivating, I attract a larger number of women than you do. Clarissa might be one of those white women who are drawn to black men. I don't blame her, though, Phoenix is one hell of an irresistible black man!"

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