Chapter 3: The beginning of a new life!


The massive entrance to the FROST MOON PARK swings open, revealing an expansive expanse of wooded terrain.

The brave sentinels stationed at the entrance courteously bow, to which Leo Pierce reciprocates with a gracious nod. The vehicle proceeds down the vast asphalt path that leads into the woods.

As Astrid gazes out the window, she is awestruck by the breathtaking scenery. The regal verdant trees dance gracefully to the rhythm of the tempest wind, and the melodious chirping of the birds permeate the atmosphere.

The scent of damp earth lingers in her nose, and the sun's radiant beams pierce through the leafy canopy, casting a warm glow. The gentle rush of water cascading over rocks adds to the symphony of nature.

Astrid takes a deep breath, the picturesque panorama in front of her soothing the turmoil in her heart. After losing her mother to cancer a fortnight ago, she resolves to move in with her father— a man she was never acquainted with and who was absent from her life when she was growing up. How could she refuse if it were her mother's final wish?

She realized it wasn't his fault he missed out on her childhood because he was unaware of her existence until two weeks ago.

Despite this, she felt a pang in her chest—a pang of my hurt and resentment. Why hadn't he tried to find her mother all these years? Why hadn't he been there for her?

Astrid craved paternal presence all the time, but she wasn't fortunate enough to have one. Now, her father was beside her, she was oblivious of how to act around him. He was a downright stranger to her.

After about five minutes, Leo arrives at a parking lot in front of an elephantine duplex. They both alighted the car at the same time, and Leo beats her to securing her luggage from the trunk.

"You don't have to do that. I can carry my things, myself." Astrid spoke for the first time since they embarked on their journey. 

"I insist." 

"You don't—" 

Leo disregards her declination and hauls her luggage into the edifice. Man, he was going all out to gratify her.

As they entered the splendidly adorned abode, they encountered a middle-aged woman and two youngsters lodged on the couches.

Astrid reckoned that the woman was his wife, whereas the younger people were her step-siblings—who obviously despised her. The resentment and rage in their eyes were discernible.

"Hi, good afternoon!" Astrid mutters, tentatively. She received no response but revulsive glares. Great! A vindictive step-mom and step-siblings. Her life couldn't be better!

A younger woman enters into the sitting room clutching a platter bearing two cupcakes.

"You must be, Astrid. I'm Elena. Here have some!" Elena offers her a pancake, but Astrid was hesitant to take it. What if she had laced it with poison? She couldn't trust anyone in this family, asides her dad.

Elena's countenance transforms from joyfulness to gloominess, suggesting feelings of disappointment and sorrow. Her once radiant smile was now replaced by a frown. 

"It's not poisoned. If you don't want it, it's alright—"

Astrid felt guilty after witnessing Elena's abrupt change in expression. To alleviate her guilt, she decided to accept the cupcakes, albeit with the hope that they wouldn't cause any harm.

"I do want it!" 

Astrid savors a generous slice of the cake, expressing her enjoyment with a delighted moan. The taste was divine.

"Do you like it?" While biting into her pancake, Elena's face lights up with a smile.

"Yes, it's delicious!" With glee, she responds.

"I'm glad you like it!" Elena lets out a giggle, excitedly.

"Did you make this?"


"I'm terrible at cooking. The last time I attempted to make one, I almost burned down the house. Good thing mom came to my rescue—" 

Astrid nibbles on her lips, sucking back the tears that impended to trickle down her eyes. Her mother was her world, and it stings knowing that she would never see her ever again. 

Astrid missed her profoundly, every single thing about her, her screams, her laughter, her scolding, her guidance, her smiles, her humor.

With her infectious smile and warm personality, she easily won the hearts of those around her. Despite facing various challenges in life, she never let it dim her radiant smile. She remained a beacon of positivity, uplifting those around her.

However, beneath her cheerful facade, she carried the burden of a heartbreak that she had been nursing for years. The pain of losing the love of her life, knowing that he could never choose her over his mate, weighed heavily on her heart.

Astrid looked up to Alice as her inspiration, her unwavering source of strength, and the driving force behind her ambition to be the best version of herself. 

Now, the woman she held closest to her heart had passed away, leaving Astrid feeling lost and alone. The absence of Alice's warm smiles was something Astrid could never grow accustomed to. 

Each passing day felt like an endless cycle of agony, as if she were trapped in a never-ending nightmare that she desperately pined to awaken from.

Leo stood motionless, feeling a lump form in his throat as he let out a sorrowful exhalation. He did love Astrid's mother immensely, and they had planned to get married, although his family didn't accede to his marrying a human. 

He was predisposed to go against the world for her. Eventually, his unwavering commitment convinced his parents to bless their union, and they were on the verge of tying the knot when he met his mate.

Leo remained steadfast in his decision to choose Alice over his mate, causing her to feel intense guilt that plagued her day and night. She couldn't stomach driving a wedge between him and his mate. They were mates for a reason. 

As a result, she made the difficult decision of ditching Leo's life for good, without revealing that she was carrying his child.

As her life drew to a close, Alice's earnest desire was to see Leo one last time and express her remorse for deserting him, for concealing his child and for not being courageous enough to fight against fate, even though he was eager to do that. 

Astrid couldn't be merrier granting her mother's wish, and she departed this world a joyous and gratified woman, in the presence of the two people she cherished the most. 

Even in her last moments, her mother's face was radiant, her eyes glinting with love for her father, her pale fingers entwined in his as she sealed her eyes and breathed her last. 

Astrid was moved by the genuine smile on her mother's face, unburdened by the pain she usually concealed. She vowed to treasure that memory of her mother for eternity.

"Elena, please show Astrid to her room." 

"Yes, daddy."

Astrid proceeds to hoist her suitcase, but Elena grabs her hand and pulls her back.

"Please don't refuse, I'll assist you with that. No is never an acceptable response to me."

Astrid chuckles with mirth. "I figured."

Elena guides her up the gilded stairway and into a grand, stately hallway. The corridor alone was twice as large as her previous home. A blue 3D epoxy flooring coating was used to cover the floor.

Astrid gazes at the various varieties of fishes, dolphins playing in the ocean, sea urchins and sea weeds lounging on the ocean floor, and crustaceans swimming gleefully, among other marine creatures and sea plants.

The floor beneath her feet appeared alive, and it seemed to teem with oceanic life, emitting a palpable buzz of activity. Its captivating design gave the impression that she was treading upon the very surface of the sea.

The serendipity and quietude of the hallway calmed her racking nerves. The pristine white walls aglow with the radiance of the chandelier's kiss.

She was mystified by the enchanting and exquisite decor, making her question if she had stumbled upon a mere dwelling. It resembled more of a regal abode or celestial paradise! Could this be the very place where celestial beings feasted and harmonized in melodious tunes?

Twisting the door knob of the peach-colored door, Elena gently nudges the door open, uncloaking the interior of the room.

Astrid jaw drops upon seeing the inside of her room. The flooring consisted of spotless and glistering golden-white marble tiles. The walls were adorned with a gentle shade of apple green paint. Green was eternally her favorite color, as she ceaselessly admired nature.

The alabaster colored ceilings in the room were adorned with recessed fixtures, providing ample lighting. Adding to the ambiance, a radiant chandelier hung from the ceiling. A king-sized bed settled against the wall facing the entrance.

A massive plasma TV was mounted on the wall near the entrance. To the right of the room, there was no visible wall, but instead, an open sliding door displayed a grandiose balcony. The thought of sunbathing on the balcony was enticing.

Not to mention, the spectacle was captivating. She could see the trees whirling in the wind, the birds flapping their wings in the sky, and surmounting the verdant forest landscape was a territory with a mountainous terrain. 

"Where is that?" She questions, her fascination was piqued.

"It's the Dragon's lair."

"Of course, it's just a moniker; there aren't any actual dragons. Almost 100 million years ago, they became extinct."

"How about we go over there and find out? Who knows? We could find a really sexy dragon." With a cunning grin forming on her mouth, Elena utters.

With cynicism and a look of skepticism, Astrid rolls her eyes. "There is nothing like a sexy dragon, and they are all dead. Did you design all of this?" Deliberately changing the subject, she inquires.

"Yes. Dad wanted you to feel at ease, so he asked me to recreate the design of your old room. Simple but lovely, perhaps a little extravagant."

"You consider this a little extravagant? This freaking opulent!" Astrid furrows her brows at Elena with incredulity. The entire room exuded wealth and extravagance.

"More is due to you. What do you expect, really, being the daughter of a multi-billionaire?"

"Dad is a billionaire?" She clamps her mouth tightly, perplexed that she had addressed him as her father.

"Yes, dummy, now do you like it?" 

"Do I like It? I love it. Thank you." She enswathes her sister in a warm embrace. 

"You could accompany me to a party tonight, you know, to get away from everything," Elena suggests with a smile.

"Whose party is it?" 

"It's our gamma's Felicity party!"

"Gamma? Like gamma rays? You guys celebrate that?" Astrid probes, mystified.

"Oh, I forgot. You know nothing about our world — yet. Dad would enlighten you about that. Now back to the party, they are gonna be countless hot dudes there. You should try to get laid, it's a good stress reliever!" Elena winks, a roguish smile gleaming on her face.

Astrid's face heats with abashment, a red tint staining her cheeks. "Getting laid is not a bad idea. It's been months since I last had sex."

"What? That's a fucking long time. How did you survive that long? I would die within a week if I don't ride a dick!"

Astrid chortles warmly. "Funny!"

"We need to single out a dress, a hot one."

Elena opens one of the two doors on the room's left wing, revealing a massive walk-in closet. Astrid marvels at the room's abundance of expensive clothing and accessories.

There were sessions for shoes, casual wear around the house, dressy attire for outings, and revealing dresses. There was also a selection of designer bags and pricey jewelry. For the love of God, this was lavish enough to establish a boutique!

"Suit collection?" Astrid is bewildered, causing her to crease her brow.

"What? A suit would unquestionably be useful if you were to land a job. Don't you like it? It took a whole week to get everything ready." Elena pouts.

"I adore it, undoubtedly. That you could assist me in this manner without having any prior knowledge of me is perplexing!"

"You are my sister, sweetheart. For you, I would do everything."

"Wow, thanks a lot. And how did you know my size, anyway?" 

"Dad sent a picture of you. I noticed that we have similar builds and heights, however, the only disparity between us is that you possess more curves and exude a sexier vibe than I do." She winks.

"Astrid's face turns from plum blossoms to blood-red. "Shut up!" 

"And by the time I'm done priming you up for the party, you would have men kissing your feet!"

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