Chapter 4: Meeting the Alpha King!

"Why did you bring her here, Leo! When I plainly told you I didn't want her here?" Charlotte thunders with umbrage.

She bites down on her lips until she tastes the metallic flavor of her blood in her mouth. She abhors Astrid and her mother exceedingly.

Astrid was the painstaking remainder of something that could never truly be hers—All of him. A fragment of him belonged to Alice, and she despised it. Charlotte endlessly had to battle for his love, although Alice ceased to be by his side anymore.

"As my daughter, she has every right to reside here. Moreover, considering the recent loss of her mother, it would be highly appreciated if you could show her some compassion."

"Do you know how worthless it made me feel knowing my husband could never wholly belong to me? I could never supersede the love you felt for her, howbeit we are destined mates. And now, you bring the child of the woman I detest? I would never consent to it!"

"I strived to love you with the same intensity as I love her. However, I am filled with regret as I did not search for her diligently enough. Perchance, if I had, she would still be alive. Please do not direct your anger towards an innocent child. Any resentment you hold should be directed towards me, not her."

Charlotte embraces her husband, bursting into tears. "I'm sorry. I know it's not your fault that you love her more. And I would endeavor to be nice to Astrid. However, it's gonna be hard because she's the splitting image of Alice."

"Lastly, I'm sorry for your loss. I, too, wished things could have different. Maybe I shouldn't have come in between your love."

"You are an outstanding woman, and thank you for being so understanding. I honestly don't deserve you." Leo seals her lips with a hot kiss.

"How could I resent you, Leo? I am well aware of whom my resentment should be directed at—Astrid. Sparing her life as a baby was the gravest mistake I had made. I would never make that mistake again!" She thought, her lips curling into a villainous smile.


Smiling with satisfaction, Astrid looks at her reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

She had on a ruched mini dress with spaghetti straps that crossed at the back. The dress was red and hugged her curves tightly, revealing a portion of her ample and perfectly round breasts, which were a 32DD size.

The dress accentuated her shapely hips and voluptuous buttocks, which were perfectly proportioned and sizable enough to arouse any man's desire.

She was wearing red diamond stilettos that elevated her petite height of 5'5 (165.1 cm) by 5 inches (12.7 cm). Her strawberry-blonde hair, which reached her waist, was styled in a cascade of curls.

Elena had applied a subtle layer of makeup to her face. She had personally chosen her attire, and styled her hair into curls. She was truly a sweetheart.

"You have an incredibly alluring appearance and an irresistible figure. You possess the complete package, and it's impossible to resist your charm. I am confident that you will have no trouble finding a sexual partner tonight." Chortling, Elena mumbles from behind.

Elena, however, was dressed in a stunning black body-con dress with a deep V-neckline, ruched detailing, spaghetti straps, and a backless design. The dress accentuated her ample 30C breast size, voluptuous hips, and shapely round buttocks, giving her a seductive and alluring appearance.

"You also look sexy." Her compliments were genuine. Elena embodied every man's fantasy— with her kindness, beauty, and seductiveness. She was certain that men were eagerly vying for her affection.

"You are stunning, whereas I don't quite measure to your sexiness. Your figure is incredible, with your buttocks being twice the size of mine, not to mention your ample bosom."

As though on fire, her face becomes hot and a shade of crimson spreads across her cheeks. "Stop with the flattering!"

"I'm serious. You don't think of yourself as beautiful?"

"I do, but you are exaggerating it!" Her lips form a pout.

"That's because your beauty is enchanting. If I didn't like cocks so much, I would be delighted to embrace my lesbian side for you!"

"Gosh, you are so smooth with words." Astrid clicks her tongue, casting her a light-hearted glare.

"Moreover, apart from physical appearance, sensory stimuli also attract our species. This alluring fragrance will undoubtedly drive all un-mated males into a state of excitement."

Elena's eyes twinkled with amusement as she spoke, her lips making a moue. She sprayed a dash of jasmine and rose perfume onto Astrid, grinning mischievously.

"Your species? Unmated males? What's that?" Astrid scrunches her brows, bamboozled.

"I cannot speak about it. Dad will disclose everything to you shortly."

Three loud knocks came at the door and after procuring authorization from the duo, Leo, saunters into the room.

Leo peers at his daughters, his lips curling into a gleeful and melancholic grin. His attention was focused on Astrid, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her late mother.

As he gazed upon her captivating form, memories of his first date with Alice came flooding back. On that day, Alice was truly stunning, captivating the attention of all the surrounding men with her radiant beauty.

He recollected having the impulse to defend her from unwanted advances, despite acknowledging within himself that he would have been equally enticed to request her contact information if he were in their position.

The thought of those bittersweet memories brought a smile to his face, but also a pang of heartache.

"You both look stunning."

"Thanks dad!" Elena giggles, dotting his cheeks with kisses.

"Thanks." Astrid responded rigidly, uncertain of how to behave or speak in his presence. This was an incredibly grueling experience.

"Astrid, I would like to discuss something with you. Do your best to come home early."

"Okay." She mumbles.

The ambiance inside the vehicle was brimmed with an overwhelming sense of stillness and silence. The quietude was irksome, but thankfully, Elena was there to mitigate her restlessness.

Astrid was the eldest of four siblings, with a younger brother and two sisters. One of her sisters went by the name Tiffany, while her brother was called Tycho. Elena mentioned that they were twins, and it was apparent that they resented Astrid.

Tiffany continuously shot daggers at Astrid the entire ride. Although, Tycho didn't ride with them, what he had revealed to her this afternoon caused chills and tremors to race up her spine.

His eyes revealed his animosity as he vehemently urged her to flee from their lives, stating that she didn't fit in their world and that she would face consequences if she resisted. His words were an outright threat, causing her to question her decision to come here.

Charlotte didn't seem to bear any hostility in her eyes like earlier, but she still didn't utter a word to Astrid. They were all bizarre. Good thing she had Elena!

Tiffany's outfit was quite surreal. She had on a black mini dress with long sleeves, ruched detailing, a plunging neckline, and cutouts that revealed a bounteous amount of cleavage. Despite the thin and delicate fabric, her alluring curves were still visible.

The dress barely covered her ass due to its extreme shortness. She repudiated Leo's requisition to change into something sufficiently modest, despite his entreaties.

"Even in her almost naked dress, you are still hotter than she is!"

As Astrid downed her seventh glass of whiskey, Elena watched her keenly. Astrid let out a soft groan as the fiery sensation in her throat intensified.

"I bet she must be trying to seduce the Alpha into making her his Queen, but this would make him cease to respect her."

"Alpha? Like Alpha rays?" Astrid questions, perplexed. Elena rolls her eyes, realizing how little she knew about their world.

"The leader of this place, known as a pack, is referred to as the Alpha. The second in command is called the Beta, while the Gamma holds the third position in the chain of command. We belong to the family of Betas, and Tycho serves as our Beta. The event we are attending is being hosted by the Gamma."

"Oh, now I get it."

"The Alpha King is not just the leader of our pack, but he also holds the highest position among all Alphas. He is the Alpha of all Alphas and he governs over our species with ultimate authority, earning him the title of Alpha King."

"What's the relationship between Tiffany and the alpha or alpha King or whatever?"

"They are just fucking. Tiffany is the one taking it seriously."

"Another one!" Astrid tells the bar attendant.

"You shouldn't drink too much alcohol. Humans have a very low tolerance for alcohol." She tells her, chugging her twelfth glass of whiskey.

"And what? You are not human?" She chuckles.

"Maybe." She shrugs.

"Like I would believe that. Apparently, I hold my liquor more than the average human. Fuck this isn't working! It's disappointing that I can't get drunk for once. I wish to forget everything."

Tears stream down her face as she succumbs to her bottled up emotions.

"I apologize, but I'm here for you now." Using her handkerchief, Elena wipes Astrid's tears and pats her back.

"As getting intoxicated isn't proving to be effective, maybe engaging in good sex could do the trick. I'm aware it won't alleviate the hurt, but it may aid in momentarily forgetting it. Notice that gentleman over yonder? He's been gazing at you for some time now. He's not the only one, though, but he is attractive."

Glancing towards the couch, she spotted a man staring at her with a lecherous look. She responded by winking at him and gesturing with her index finger for him to approach her. Without hesitation, he rose from his spot and started making his way towards her.

"Hello beautiful!" A deep voice rumbles.

"Hey handsome!" She bites her lips.

"Care for a dance?" His hand reaches out towards hers.

"Sure!" As she grasped his hands, he guided her to the dance floor. Despite sensing an intense stare searing into her flesh, she paid it no heed.

Turning around, she grinds her buttocks against the bulge that was growing in his pants. He groans as he holds on to her waist, pushing her buttocks further into his arousal.

"I want you to fuck me, hard and nice!" Eager to be satisfied, she admits her desire to be ravished. Although unsure if it would bring her any comfort, she remained open to the possibility and willing to give it a chance.

"Shall we find a more secluded location? You have no idea how much I want to be inside of you!"

She glances around, and her eyes unexpectedly fell upon a striking man who was glaring at them with a menacing gaze. His fists were tightly clenched, and his teeth were gritted. He was consumed with the desire to rip apart the man who had laid hands on his mate!

The moment she laid eyes on the man, a shiver ran through her body and she found herself mesmerized by his alluring form. She eventually tore her gaze away from him and followed the stranger to a room, trailing a few steps behind.

The hot stranger plants kisses on her neck, firmly grasping her hands as he presses them against the wall. She giggles as he gives her a playful spank on her buttocks.

"Goodness, you have got a sexy butt. I would love to see how well it bounces when I fuck you!"

"Why don't you find out now?"

"You are a naughty girl!" She titters and blushes as he swats her ass again.

With immense strength, a firm hand seizes his shirt and hurls him across the chamber with such intensity that if he were human, he would have met his demise instantly.

Astrid's mouth snaps shut as a look of terror washes over her. The man's minatory stare sends shivers down her spine. Meanwhile, the male wolf lying on the ground coughs up blood as Blaze strides over towards him. He seizes the man by the collar and hoists him up.

"How dare you touch my woman? My mate! Do you have a death wish?"

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