Chapter 64: Witch Queen?

The air was thick with tension as Tiffany and Astrid faced off in the center of the arena. The two women circled each other, their eyes locked in a fierce gaze.

Tiffany was a seasoned fighter, but despite Astrid's lack of proper training, she held herself with a quiet confidence, there was this fire in her eyes that suggested she was not to be underestimated and that made Tiffany's blood boil. She was not about to let this upstart take her down.

The first blow was a blur, a lightning-fast kick from Tiffany that grazed Astrid's cheek. But Astrid was quick, and she dodged the attack with a graceful spin, her long hair whipping around her face. She retaliated with a series of swift punches, each one landing with a satisfying thud on Tiffany's chest and stomach.

Tiffany gritted her teeth, feeling the pain blossom across her skin. She was not used to being on the receiving end of a fight, and it made her furious.

As they closed in on each other, Tiffany launched a series of punches and ki

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