Chapter 63: The duel!

Blaze's gaze softened as he surveyed Astrid's form, searching for any visible signs of injury. "Are you okay?" he inquires with concern, his eyes reflecting a blend of worry and relief.

Astrid, in response, embraced him tightly, tears streaming down her face. "I'm fine now," she utters amidst sobs, her voice trembling with the lingering fear, "I really thought I was gonna die, I thought I would never see you again."

Blaze tightened the hug, holding Astrid close. A tide of defenselessness barreled through him as he conceded, "So many thoughts ran through my mind as I ran here. What if I couldn't make it on time, what if you had died before I got here? I have never been so scared of anything in my life before, even death. If I had been here a few seconds late, you probably would have died. Losing you scares me more than dying."

Astrid's wails continued, resonating in Blaze's arms as her tears soaked his suit. He reached for his handkerchief, gently wiping away her tears – a small gesture

Who do you think would win, guys? Drop your comment, please. Alright guys, Astrid would be meeting her second mate in about 2–3 chapters from now. Anticipate! Who do you think she would meet first?

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