Chapter 65: Spencer's recovery!

In the hushed confines of the ICU, Astrid stood vigilantly by Spencer's bedside, her eyes fixed on Spencer lying in a comatose state. The stark white walls seemed to close in as she observed his inert form, his stillness a stark contrast to the bustling medical equipment surrounding him.

Tubes snaked across his body, abstruse lifelines connecting him to an array of machines, each beeping and humming. An oxygen mask cradled his face, gently rising and falling with each controlled breath, a silent dance with the mechanical ventilator providing life-sustaining support.

On Spencer's finger, a pulse oximeter emitted a soft glow, its continuous monitoring echoed the persistent heartbeat beneath the surface.

Astrid was engulfed by an overwhelming wave of sadness. The shock of discovering a sibling she never knew existed now mingled with the poignant sight of him in a comatose state. The ache in her heart deepened as the reality of Spencer's condition sank in.

Astrid, clasping his motionless

Don't forget to drop your comments. So I deleted two chapters from my book cause some readers complained of too much sex. Don't be confused about the numberings, there are all in order. I have edited the chapters number from I think 23 or so, but my editor is yet to effect the change. She would probably do that tomorrow.

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