Chapter 71: Fucked by the Vampire King!

Astrid's body contorted with delight, every inch of her being consumed by the electrifying sensation of Dexter's throbbing manhood stretching her to her limits.

Each movement elicited melodic moans from her lips, serving as a thrilling rhapsody that fueled Dexter's desire to delve deeper and thrust harder into her dripping, eager core.

With each precision-driven thrust, Dexter's cock found its mark, repeatedly stimulating Astrid's sensitive pleasure point. The relentless assault on her a-spot sent shockwaves of orgasmic bliss cascading through her body, causing her to convulse in a whirlwind of euphoria.

Lost in the throes of passion, Astrid surrendered herself completely to the intoxicating sensation of being thoroughly and vigorously ravished.

Beneath her quivering form, the desk bore witness to the evidence of her arousal, her juices flowing freely as a testament to the depth of her salacity.

Dexter watched with rapt fascination as Astrid's body responded to his every touch, his
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