Chapter 72: Fucked by the Vampire King 2

In the haze of their carnal fervor, Dexter's primal instincts surged, his movements becoming more fervent, more desperate, as if he sought to devour Astrid whole. He savored the way her body responded to his every touch, her gasps and moans driving him wild with desire.

As he delved deeper into her, each thrust sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through their entwined bodies. Astrid's nails dug into the desk, her hips meeting his with an urgency that matched his own.

Her breathy cries filled the air, spurring him on, urging him to push them both to greater heights of ecstasy. Her buttocks bounced vigorously as he relentlessly pummeled her pussy. He was consumed by a hunger unlike anything he had ever known, a hunger that could only be sated by her.

Dexter became a man possessed, his primal instincts taking over as he rammed his hardened shaft deep into Astrid's quivering core. With each forceful thrust, he felt her slick juices enveloping him, coating his throbbing member in a slip
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