Twilight Skies

Twilight Skies

By:  Ezra St. James  Completed
Language: English
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Marra Wheaton is the youngest of triplets, and her father hates her because she is female. Her father beats her for anything and everything she does, and her brothers help her along with her best friend and the best friend’s parents. Marra meets her soulmate and live starts to become better. Competed Story

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Heather Stern
strength of love friendship romance and true family.
2022-08-15 16:45:39
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Samantha Isaacs
a spellbounding book about family
2020-08-24 17:20:09
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Angie Janes Smith
Loved this Story! Can’t wait to read more
2020-08-16 08:24:06
34 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Walters-Wheaton Wedding – Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Walters and Ms. McKayla Walters announce the marriage of their daughter, Shelbie Morgan Walters, to Frankllin Allen Wheaton. Frankllin is the son of the late, Leiland Perez. Shelbie and Frankllin will be married on November 12th, at the church in town.”This wedding announcement for my best friend, Shelbie, and ironically Frankllin is my brother. Shelbie and Frankllin met when they were six years ago, dated for a few years and then married. Shelbie and I have known each other for the last twelve years, since we were six. “Marra, it’s time to set the table!” my older brother, Frankie, hollered from the main floor of our house. I climbed the ladder down from the loft to the second floor, and then climbed the stairs down, and as I walked into the kitchen, I walked smack into Pa’s fist, which is par for the course of my life. I don’t move fast enough for my Pa likes and therefore I am punished in whatever fashion Pa feels that is acc
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Chapter 2
I waited twenty minutes before I tossed my three duffel bags out the window and climbed out the window after them. When I dropped down to the ground, my bags were gone. Shit. Did Pa come back and I didn’t realize it? In the twilight sky, I glanced around quickly, hearing giggling coming from the bushes that separate our yard from Shelbie’s, to find her hiding in the bushes with my bags at her feet. “Come on Mar, get a move on it before you get caught,” she whispered urgently. I ran over to her grabbing two of my duffels as she grabbed the third one. Shelbie and I hurried into the garage and went through the door and up the steps into the kitchen. Dominic, Shel’s very handsome dad, has blond hair, blue eyes and a perfect smile. That and he treats me like one of the family and not someone who is a nuisance. Dom glanced up from his paper and his face turned crimson. His chair scrapped loudly across the floor as he stalked over to us. I’ve never been terrified of Dominic be
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Chapter 3
I glance at Pa thinking he's going to strike them but instead Pa starts crying. "You can't leave; you both are my pride and joy." He glances back down at me where I'm still on my knees trying to regulate my vision and breathing. "Unlike your fucking worthless sister and Mother; your Mother couldn't even get having three boys was so simple instead of giving me two wonderful boys and a fucking worthless whore." With more anger than I ever remember seeing from Pa, he quickly grabs me by the hair again and slams my face into the cement and with that Frankie lost his shit. He dropped his bags and jumped Pa while he was turning back to them. Frankie actually had an advantage; Pa wasn't expecting him to attack. Between Will, Jason and Dom, they finally pulled Frankie off of Pa. Pa didn't even get up and retaliate. Pa just crawled to the house and inside it.Frankie picks his stuff up and he and Will come over, apologizing to everyone. Will and Frankie set their bags down in Dom's d
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Chapter 4
The next morning after getting only four hours of sleep, I'm wide awake because I hurt like hell and feel like death warmed over. I wake Dom up to come out and have a smoke with me; I don't want to go alone. He happily joins me in the garage as Connie comes home from work. Dom had called her last night and told her what happened. Connie is an E.R. nurse at the other hospital in town. She smiles at us as she gets out of the car. She hates that the three of us are smokers but she's given up trying to get us to stop. She gives Dom a hug and kiss and turns to me wanting to see my stitches, and approving of how they were done. Once done we head back inside. Connie showers and when she comes out, she finds Dom and me on the couch with my head on his shoulder and both asleep with the television on. She covers us up with a blanket, turns off the t.v. and goes to bed herself. Normally Connie doesn't work third shift. She's an on call nurse between both hospitals and the shift she
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Chapter 5
I pick at my food as Frankie sits and stares as me. I eat about half of my piece and scrap the rest into the garbage. I smile at my brother as I clean my plate off in the sink. I place it in the dish rack and then brush my teeth and crawl into bed after changing my clothes. I pull the covers up and lay there and I can't seem to get warm. I feel like an iceberg has settled inside me. A few minutes of lying there when there's a knock on the door and Will and Frankie come in without a word and Frankie shuts the door and they crawl into bed with me like when we were kids after one of my beatings from Pa.Frankie lies at my back and Will at my front like we would have been in the womb. Frankie lays his left arm across my stomach and scotches his body to mine and I lay my head on his arm and Will scotches back so he's flush with my body and I put my left arm across his waist. I finally start to thaw out a little and finally fall asleep with them, crying myself to sleep. We sleep un
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Chapter 6
"So, yes I understand the ugliness and won't ever judge for how you feel or what's been done to you/"Dinner has been consumed and all four of us help clear the table and head to the living room. Jessica and Jackson settle on the love seat and Jason and I sit on the couch. "When did you meet Jackson, Jessica?" I ask fidgeting with my shirt hem. She smiles at her husband fondly as he holds her hand. "Five years ago. We've been married the last two years, when I finally decided that he was truly who he said he was.""And I knew that I had to be patient with her and Jason, too, and it was well worth it in the end." He smiles at his wife and step-son. "It took Jason longer to trust me and I can understand why. His father, who was supposed to love him and protect him, beat him daily and made him terrified of men. It took Jason a long time to trust me and that I wasn't going to hurt him or his mother.""I can understand that, Jackson." I say to him. "The only man other than my br
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Chapter 7
"Hello?" I hear Dom's deep timber answer on the third ring. "Hey, Dom, it's Marra.""Hey, Marra. What's up?" "I'm just letting you guys know that I'm going to stay over here at Frankie and Will's for the night so you don't wonder when I'm going to be back at your place." I hope they aren't mad that I'm staying here tonight."Okay, that's cool. See you guys in the morning at the church." I choke at his words. "Don't forget, we need to be at the church by ten, so that way everything is ready for when the service starts at eleven, okay?""No worries, Dom, we'll see you at ten at the church." I pause before hanging up the phone; "Hey, Dom?" "Yeah, baby?" His timber voice is so comforting."I love you guys, okay?"I can hear him breathe on the other end as if he's trying not to cry. I've never told anyone, not even my mother or my brothers that I've loved them, only Frankie and Will. "We love you, too, baby." Now he's definitely choking back tears. "Sleep tight."Around midnig
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Chapter 8
"I'm so sorry, Marrallyn, Frankllin and William for your father and all that he's done." Grandpa Wheaton looks so old and sad. "If we knew what was going to your mom and you," he glances at me and continues, "We would have done something to stop it." "How in the hell could you have missed all the bruises and broken bones that Mom and Marra used to have when you guys were around?" Frankie demands, anger laced in his voice."Frankie, it's not their fault."Frankie turns to me, with surprise in his eyes. "Marra, how could that have missed the signs? You and Mom were always bruised and had broken bones most of the time. They weren't allowed to come around much and neither were Abuela and Abuelo Lopez or Abuela Perez."Frankie turns his glare back to our Grandparents. "Why were you so blind to all of that?" My sister was beaten, bloodied, broken and bruised on a daily basis by your son. If Will or I tried to step in, we'd get our asses handed to us and it would be worse for Marra."
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Chapter 9
The next morning, we're still cuddled up together like we were when we fell asleep, when suddenly the door flings open to Jessica coming in happiness. "Jason, guess what?" "Um, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that Marra was here," his mother stammers. Then she stops as she realizes that we're naked under the blanket. "Hey, what a minute, what's going on?" Her eyes widened in shock. "Oh, my God! You two slept together!"My face is beat red and Jason just stares at his mom. "Yup, last night," he has no remorse in his voice. He looks down at me with a smile of contentment. "Twice."His mom looks between the two of us. "Okay, I can deal with this." She looks serious when she asks "Did you at least use protection to prevent pregnancy?"I turn crimson now. "No, we didn't use any protection and no I'm not on birth control."Jessica nods looking serious. "What are you going to do if you end up pregnant? You always have the choice of adoption, keeping it or having an abortion."I
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Chapter 10
That brings a smile to their faces but a little sadness to Shelbie's. "Shel, I don't want to inconvenience you and your parents than I already have over the last few months, especially and since we were kids." We finish the first game and start the second game, when Will looks at me and says, "Hey, you never did say what the names were that you guys like."I smile at my brother. "Daniell and Noelle I've suggested but we haven't come up with names to go with them or if we're sure we're going to use Daniell and Noelle.""Noelle is pretty," Sasha says."I agree." I smile at my brothers, and say, "Noelle was Mom's middle name."Then a thought hits me, maybe Frankie and Will will be upset if I use that name. I glance at them and ask, "Do you mind if I think about or even possibly use Noelle for a girl?" They glance at each other and then at me with huge smiles on their faces. "Of course you can use Noelle if you have a girl," Will says for them"You know Mom would be thrilled if yo
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