Chapter 13 All in the Fog

“Ya! Let go of her,” the young woman’s cry reverberated in the narrow alleyway.

Suho flinched.

He recognized her voice. And he can’t turn away because he promised to protect her at all costs.

Shaking his head, he swung his bike around, searching for the sound.

In the middle of the narrow lane was a schoolgirl with long wavy hair falling below her shoulder.

Her purple backpack stood out, he can easily see it from afar. A dreamcatcher dangling by its side.

It was indeed Hana.

Not again, he whispered.

No one was in sight as the alleyway was situated in the midst of two abandoned buildings. It’s an ideal location for a felony.

Suho couldn’t identify who she was screaming at.

So, he pulled down his cap, hiding his face from possible onlookers.

He glided to where Hana was.

Even from afar, he realized the danger she’s in. The situation crushed at him like a raging bull.

In the middle of the pathway were 4 people — 3 boys and 1 girl.

The group was notorious in wreaking havoc to their
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