Chapter 14- The Invisible Rope

As the mist settled down in the crisp night, stars twinkled in the calmness of the evening.

Suho wondered if he was the fog or star in Hana’s world.

But one thing’s for sure, he could do everything for her. Protect her and make her happy no matter what.

And that unsettling emotion Suho had been struggling to figure out has become clear. Yet, he doesn’t have the balls to even shout it out.

He often pondered what had happened to Suho, the basketball charmer and chick magnet, as Kwanghee put it.

But Hana was extraordinary, she’s special.

They have this invisible string that connected them, pulling each other every single time.

And he admired her more than any young woman he met. That’s besides his eomma and sister.

Days passed by.

It was down to five days before Hana’s surprise birthday party and three days before Chuseok.

Suho didn’t have much time left to finish the gift he was prepping up for her.

“Woah! This is very stressful. How can things be cropping up all at on
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