Chapter 67 - Don't jump into the lion's den

The lioness came out of the den and caught me off guard. My heart palpitating, palms sweating, and throat dried from the thought. Our conversation still echoed in my ears.

“Hello,” I answered in a low, intimidating tone. It was more than what I intended to do, not knowing who the other person on the other line was. Whoever it was has interrupted my peace and must pay for it.

“Hello,” a woman’s voice reverberated through the other end of the line. Her voice brought chills to my bones.

In an instant, a wind zapped me through a deep tunnel, the speed of lightning. One word was enough for my mind to be blown away.

I leaned forward, unconsciously gripping the wooden arm of my chair, my knuckles turning crimson. I banished to a place where black clouds appeared on the horizon and fog blurs everything in sight. My mind whirling as I bit my lips.

“Suho,” her sweet voice echoing through the dense mist. “Are you still there?” she asked.

“Hana,” pausing in between, breathing after each
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