Chapter 19 - The Misunderstood Beauty

Brrrring... Brrrring...

The noise of the alarm clock echoed throughout the room, enough to rouse the slumbering dragon in its lair. Passers-by looked around, scanning for the origin of the turbulence, but to no avail.

But the owner was as oblivious to the commotion, sleeping like a bear in hibernation. In contradiction to the rest who were already up on their feet, bracing to start the day.

It had been a strenuous period in Daegu as the country’s economy collapsed at the turn of 1997. The villagers scurry around, struggling to make ends meet. Shoulders hunched, face distraught, people mooching on the pavement like dead men walking in broad daylight. For this reason, most are stepping on thin ice, becoming easily irritated at the slightest discomfort.

Brrrring... Brrrring

“Ya! Turn it off already! The entire neighborhood is now awake with your alarm,” an old man shouted, his cane pointing aimlessly in the air.

A hand slithered from within the blanket, groping in the dark, reaching
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