Chapter 18 - Capturing Stars

Suho went straight to a convenience store, grabbing some snacks and noodles before heading off to the animal sanctuary.

The minute he opened the gate and switched on the light, the dogs hovered around him, wagging their tails.

He roared. “Hey buddies,” Suho came down on his knees, “at least you know how to approach me. Unlike some folks I know,” he continued, gritting his teeth.

“Woo... woo... Easy!” He guffawed. “Let me put these down so I could give you something to eat.” Suho raised two black plastic bags from the convenience store and Hana’s present away from the dogs’ reach. “Let’s have our own birthday here without the birthday girl.”

Suho slithered his way out of the pups and arranged the food, stuff toy from the amusement park, and his gift on the table. Then, he picked up the dogs’ bowls and gave them their treats, which he acquired from the cash he saved during Chuseok. Stroking their head before relaxing on the chair.

On the dinner table, Suho set out the food he pic
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