Chapter 2621 I Promise I Won’t Disturb You

"My friend will contact me if anything happens. Don't worry about it." Luca pushed the dormitory's door open and walked into it arm-in-arm with Vivian.

It was a twin dormitory room for postgraduate students.

Vivian’s roommate had yet to arrive.

Luca closed the door behind them without bothering about how awkward the expression on the male student's face was.

Vivian smiled and said, “He has a thing for you!”

“Is that even considered as having feelings for me?” Luca frowned and refuted, “He only wants me to be one of his backups.”

“You’re pretty,” said Vivian. Luca carried her years well. Hence, it was normal for guys to be interested in her.

“I’m getting on in years,” replied Luca. At the same time, she secretly muttered that she was also a mother of four kids.

"You look like a college student. That's why he's interested in you. It's understandable," said Vivian as she looked at the bunk bed in the dormitory. She was a little worried that her head would hit the ceiling when she
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