Twisted Love Knots: A Billionaire's Substitute

Twisted Love Knots: A Billionaire's Substitute

By:  Mirrary  Completed
Language: English
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At the age of twenty-two, Cecy Smith had no interest in marriage. Her sole focus was obtaining her Ph.D. by the time she turned twenty-five; everything else felt like a distraction. Cecy , widely regarded as a naive and studious young woman, had never considered marrying until her twin sister, Barbara, became involved with a billionaire. In a short span of time, Cecy found herself taking her sister's place, as Barbara abandoned the marriage, leaving Cecy to sort out the aftermath. As Cecy attempts to navigate this unconventional situation, she becomes entangled in a complex web of emotions, caught between her loyalty to her sister and her newfound feelings for Zacky, the man who had shown her kindness and affection. Will she choose to remain in the marriage, or will she protect the love she has found with Zacky? Can she outsmart her sister's cunning tactics as she embarks on a life with her husband, all while secrets slowly unravel?

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Kim Griffin
It was fine until chapter 20 when new characters and a new plot - a new story - started. Very disappointing
2024-02-03 10:46:59
151 Chapters
Chapter 1:  Marriage
"Stop screaming Cecy, it's just a marriage you are twenty-two years so it doesn't matter if you get married now or later," Cecy's father yelled angrily.Cecy sat down on the floor speechlessly. This has always been her life cleaning after her younger sister's mess."You will marry Zacky James whether you like it or not we are on the verge of bankruptcy we have debts all over what do you expect us to do?" Her father yelled again feeling so frustrated."Dad," Cecy said weakly in this family she had no say."Shut up, it is not debatable,""Zacky chose Barbara why should I marry him? He only loves Barbara plus he can totally see the difference even a blind man can tell," she tried sounding as reasonable as possible."I don't care this is our only chance and option, do you want us to starve to death? We don't have any money left get that into your thick skin,""So, all this is all about money? You are selling me just to pay your debts?" Cecy felt so frustrated, "I'm your daughter dad, mu
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Chapter 2: She is an imposter
"Stop the car," Zacky yelled at the driver. Cecy could feel him alight from the car but she didn't dare question. She knew she was in for it."You could have just run when you had the chance to but you are just a coward," her subconscious kicked in.She could vaguely hear her dad yell angrily in her mind," You are a good-for-nothing bastard you can't do anything right,"After a while, the driver drove into Zacky's mansion. It was already dark but the whole compound shore beautifully. Cecy's eyes wandered around appreciating the beauty of nature. But inwardly she knew she wasn't supposed to be here. All this belonged to Barbara but legally it was hers."Young Miss, we are here," the driver said opening the car door."Thank you," Cecy said politely. She took short strides toward the house still in her wedding dress."Young Miss welcome I am the butler Mathew but you can call me Mat," the butler welcomed her in."Please call me Li...Barbara ," she immediately corrected herself."But You
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Chapter 3: Do you have a boyfriend? Let's give it a trial
Cecy took short steps trying to buy as much time as possible but despite that, she finally reached him. Her heart was filled with fear and panic."Why...why are you here? How did you know that I would be here?" She asked nervously. That's it her cover had been blown. It was a silly question as Zacky would find out anything that he wanted to but she still asked it."Don't worry about it, I'm only here to pick up don't worry," Zacky said with a smile."Ooh, I'll go get my bag," she said heaving a sigh of relief. As long as he was not here to kill her or revenge for lying to him she was okay with everything.She picked up her bag and then walked toward him.Zacky led her to his car and this time, he was the one driving. She walked around intending to take the back seat but he was fast enough."This is where you should be seating," he opened the passenger seat."It's not appropriate, I'm fine here," Cecy said softly. But Zacky didn't look like he was going to bulge anytime soon. She had n
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Chapter 4: I'm back
"Cecy, long time no see, I'm back." Cecy instantly froze in place."Aren't you happy to see me?" She said again. She stared at her sister still in shock."Wooah, not the welcome I was looking forward to but let's find a place and talk first," Barbara said."Let's go to the canteen, I could use a cup of coffee," Cecy suggested."Start speaking," Cecy said after they had both taken their seats."Where are your glasses?" She asked slightly puzzled. Barbara never knew her elder sister was as beautiful as she was which made her quite envious. She finally knew it was the hideous glasses that made her sister ugly."I'm using contact lenses now," Cecy replied softly as she sipped her coffee. Barbara felt that Cecy had become someone totally different. How long had she been away? If she wasn't wrong it was only a month. But the Cecy that was right before her wasn't the naive girl that she had left."Speak," Cecy said bluntly as she stared at her watch."You are going somewhere?""Yeah, I ha
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Chapter 5: I want my man back
"I'm sorry I kept you waiting," Zacky spoke politely with a smile totally ignoring Barbara 's presence.Barbara couldn't help but feel abit confused and shocked at Zacky's attitude."Zacky, you are here," Barbara leapt forward excitedly towards Zacky.She had one thing in mind to show Cecy who the boss was. Deep down, Barbara knew Zacky loved her. She moved forward toward him trying to hug him but Zacky drastically moved aside leaving her to fall down in a loud thud."Whaaaaa...." Barbara was totally speechless. She looked up her face filled with embarrassment and with teary eyes."Zacky, I need to tell you something," she said softly after gathering a little bit of courage."Keep it to yourself," Zacky replied harshly before turning to Cecy."Mmh," Cecy replied. She turned to Barbara who was still on the floor pitifully and then uttered a silent goodbye before walking away."Nothing I can't handle,""We'll go see grandma first,""I want to pick a few ingredients for her, grandma
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Chapter 6: Husband to the rescue
"She is trying to kill herself,""Let's go, I'll drive you,""What about the food? And grandma?""Don't worry about it, Aunt Lin is here she will take care of everything," after saying that, Zacky held her hand and then led her outside."Grandma, something came up we have to leave," before any response, Zacky and Cecy had already stomped out leaving Aunt Lin and the Old Lady dumbfounded."Where are they?" Zacky asked as he drove out of the compound."Just drive, I'll give you the directions,"As Zacky drove, he noticed Cecy's silence and he understood it all.Cecy had always treasured the bond she shared with her twin sister, Barbara . They had grown up inseparable, their lives intertwined in a web of shared secrets and unspoken understanding. However, their unbreakable connection was about to face its greatest challenge.Despite their difference, they were still sisters after all. It would be a lie if Cecy wasn't scared she felt very stressed up."I told you to run away from the marr
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 Chapter 7 DNA test 1
"Let me think about it first,""It's okay, whenever you are ready," Ethan had nothing more to say. Every scars and wounds required time to heal and he was happy that he married Cecy instead of Lara."Are you hungry?" he said as he drove."No, I'm fine don't worry,"The whole drive was silent. As soon as they arrived, Cecy went to her room.Ethan watched as she walked up in silence and felt a heartache. He picked up his phone and then called his assistant."President, what can I do for you?""Set up a meeting with Mrs Smith,""But President, you have alot of meetings tomorrow,""Cancel," after saying that he hung up the call,"The next morning, Ethan drove Cecy to the college and after that he walked into a cafe to meet up with Mrs. Smith."Ethan," Mrs Smith said excitedly. She was in high spirits after Ethan's assistant called her and asked to meet up. What she had in mind was that Ethan had changed his mind."It's President for you," Ethan replied with a cold and ruthless face.
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Chapter 8 DNA test 2
"I will do the DNA test," Cecy said nervously. Ethan could feel the hesitation in her voice but he chose to ignore it. Instead, he stretched his hand towards her as an assurance."Don't worry, I'll be here you have me, grandma and Aunt Lin always know that,""Can you drop me off at home so that I can get samples,""Whatever that you want," Ethan felt happy with the decision that Cecy had taken. This step would bring her closer to her freedom.After an hour, Ethan parked in front of the house. Cecy got out first leaving Ethan behind. She walked to the door and then rang the bell. After moving in with Ethan Cecy stopped carrying her own key."What are you..." Before Mrs. Smith could finish yelling she was dumbfounded at the sight behind Cecy .It was none other than Ethan James."President James, you are also here I didn't know that you also came my bad, welcome in don't stand at the door. Cecy go get water," her mood instantly softened and it shocked Cecy ."Cecy , get som
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Chapter 9: Scandals 1
"Hey, its okay I'm here," Ethan said as he parked his car. Despite Cecy saying that she was okay, Ethan knew it bothered her slightly after all she was still human.Cecy turned to him and then smiled slightly."I'll get going then," she opened the car door and then stepped out."I'll pick you up wait for me," he said. He watched as she walked away and then drove after she disappeared."Cecy , are you okay gosh I was so worried," Sandy heaved a sigh of relief when she spotted Cecy .Ever since she became friends with Cecy in kindergarten she knew more than her own parents. Cecy was the kind of person who knew how to hide her pain as she hated bothering others.In kindergarten when others cried for their parents Cecy had already learned how to use the bus or walk to school alone. She was naturally independent more independent than her own sister.Most of the times, Cecy attended her own meetings as her parents were too busy pampering Lara.As she stared at Cecy , Sandy co
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Chapter 10: Scandals 2
"Miss, what did you have to say about your daughter? Miss Lara Smith, was what she said the truth? Miss, please answer us we want to know," one of the female journalists bugged Mrs. Smith with questions.Mrs. Smith had total confidence this was her only way one to back Lara up and also she had finally found a way of humiliating Cecy . She peeped slightly but didn't see Cecy around and knew it was her chance."Enough, I will answer all your questions before that let me introduce myself, my name is Caren Smith the biological mother of Cecy and Lara you all know Lara my daughter a superstar."While saying that, she couldn't help but speak with a lot of pride and happiness that everyone around noticed."I see you love Miss Lara a lot right?" One of the journalists asked unknown to Mrs. Smith that question was a trap.Mrs. Smith wasn't one from a wealthy family so she did not know how cruel and smart the journalists were."Ooh, yes I love her so much," she smiled happily."So what Mis
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