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Part 1 - A GAMMA'S KISS Once a shifter turned 18 they would be able to scent their mates. It felt like this was the moment everyone was waiting for. But not for me. I was happy just to be playing around, one female after another. Why settle for one when you could have a taste of many? But then I tasted her lips. And that one kiss completely changed me. For once, I was ready to give up my old ways just to have a taste of her every day of my life. Part 2 - A BETA'S FATE, AN ALPHA'S DESTINY DOMINIC'S STORY: I kept waiting for my fate to interfere, but at this point, I was already losing hope that I would ever find my mate. Maybe life would be much better with Sofia. I couldn't deny now that I was attracted to her, and maybe that attraction was enough to make me forget Janna. Maybe we could benefit from claiming each other — so she could avoid being claimed by someone she didn't like and me, to not be alone anymore. Because even if I didn't want to admit it, she was slowly creeping her way into my heart. DARVIN'S STORY: My wolf is dying. Soon, I had no choice but to step down as the Alpha of my pack. With the quest to find the perfect Alphas for my sisters, I was already losing time in finding my own mate. But then she appeared out of nowhere, pulling me back into a destiny I was already ready to turn back from.

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97 Chapters
PART 1 - A GAMMA'S KISS Prologue
PROLOGUE. Carlos and Shaila Carlos - 18 years oldShaila - 12 years old CARLOS. "Did you say you made this?" I asked Shaila, holding the cinnamon bun in my hand. It was my second piece, and though I already knew she didn’t bake it, I still asked. I was giving her another chance, to tell the truth. She nodded her head, her eyes beaming as she looked at me with her hands clasped behind her. "Did you like it? Or should I add or remove something?" There was a bakery near their house that baked these buns, and I’ve been buying them there since... forever? So I knew where these came from the moment she showed me these. I initially thought I should tell her about it, but I changed my mind. Suddenly, I didn’t have the heart to hurt her 12-year-old’s heart. Which I found strange. I was so used to being frank with her, crushing her confidence on certain occasions, but not today. Maybe tomorrow again. I shrugged my shoulders before I answered her question. "Yes, they taste really good. Jus
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001 - A Gamma's Kiss
CARLOS.I entered the warrior’s lounge, and I was immediately welcomed by a yelling female voice. Seriously? Why would anyone take their problems at home inside the warrior’s facility?This was not the first time that this thing happened, so I reminded my warriors that none of their females should come or attack them inside the facility. This place was our relaxation area, and I wanted the atmosphere to be just that. But surely, someone forgot to restrain their girlfriend. I might have to tell them to carry her out and they could continue outside.I chuckled at my own thoughts. This was the reason I didn’t do relationships - no female, no problem.I let out a sigh as I entered the room and nodded at the few warriors around who acknowledged me before heading straight to the small kitchen where I thought the voice came from.And there I saw Santo. His face was furious as he stared at the petite female talking too fast in front of him.Shaila. His younger sister."What’s going on?" I int
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002 - A Gamma's Kiss
CARLOS. Tonight is a full moon. I knew Shaila would be shifting tonight. I haven’t seen her for weeks. The last time I saw her was when I teased her about her new haircut and she got pissed off. A few weeks ago, she arrived at the training grounds with short hair to bring something for her brother. She didn’t look bad - in fact, she looked sexier and older. But I missed her long hair. I missed the innocence in her face that I was used to. I was kind of surprised by my reaction. I thought I preferred older women, but when she showed up looking older than her age, I flipped out. I teased her and told her I would hunt down the person who cut her hair because she looked terrible. I couldn’t forget the disappointment on her face before she left without saying a word. And I never saw her again, until tonight. She showed up with long hair. I was baffled for a moment. How could she have gotten it back so quickly? Well, fucking hair extensions. She didn’t say a word to me for the rest
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003 - A Gamma's Kiss
SHAILA. My name is Shaila Rivera. I was born into a family of shifters. And tonight I was expected to shift for the first time. Santos, my older brother, also a pack warrior, told me that he wouldn’t be at my shifting tonight because he was scheduled to man the border on the other side of the territory, but he said there was nothing to worry about as the Gamma and the other warriors would be there to help me. And that made me worry more. Shifting for the first time should be a happy moment, but I was filled with anxiety. I was terrified of making a fool of myself in front of Gamma Carlos. I’ve had a thing for the Gamma for as long as I can remember. I had a crush on him even before I got my period, but no matter how many times I tried to get his attention, he never paid attention to me. So the last thing I wanted to do tonight was to embarrass myself in front of him. What if I couldn’t shift? What if I did something wrong and it affected everyone? So many things were running in
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004 - A Gamma's Kiss
CARLOS."It’s okay. I’ve seen naked females, Shaila." Fuck me now! Why did I say that? I just wanted her to feel comfortable around me, even if she was naked, but it came out so wrong.It was my fault in the first place that she ran away. If I didn’t look mesmerized by her naked body, she wouldn’t probably react the way she did.But she caught me off guard. I saw her at the exact moment she shifted. Her naked breasts and pink pussy were just in my sight before she sat down on the ground and pulled her knees against her chest, and the way she was positioned, her pussy was fucking too visible in my wolf’s eyes.And then her hand reached for me, making her breasts jiggle as she rubbed my fur.I’m a fucking man, a hormonal one, and her innocence was drawing me in as no other younger female had."I know. That’s why it’s embarrassing. I know I could never be on par with them. Do you think you can find some clothes nearby?"I knew there were clothes nearby. We usually leave shirts everywhere
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005 - A Gamma's Kiss
SHAILA.Carlos said he would walk me home after our run, and I didn’t protest. In fact, I was thankful. It was already midnight, and I didn’t want to walk home alone with just a big shirt covering my body. So we walked back together, and Carlos found some clothes along the way. He gave me the shirt and he took the shorts for himself. After a while, he offered to take me on Hugo’s back because he said I might collapse and pass out soon, which was normal for she-wolves shifting for the first time.As much as the idea of riding Hugo without underwear excited me, I didn’t want to sound too eager. So I declined at first, but he didn’t stop asking until I gave in.Soon, we were treading the way to my home, and with my arms coiled around Hugo’s neck, my nose digging into his fur, it was no surprise that his scent was lulling me to sleep.'Shaila,' Carlos’ voice snapped me out of my almost slumber. 'Hmmm…' I replied.'Would you like to walk the last 300 meters to your house?''Okay. Am I th
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006 - A Gamma's Kiss
SHAILA.I was still daydreaming when the dismissal bell rang, and I immediately rose from my seat, grabbing the bag that I had fixed already even before the bell sounded. I wanted to go to the restroom and check myself before stepping out of the building.Two nights ago was just perfect. I shifted for the first time, and my wolf, Maya, was nothing short of wonderful. She was small but fluffy, and I thought she was so beautiful. Carlos said that too!Aside from Maya, Carlos made that night extra special. He stayed with me while I was shifting and ran with me the whole night until it was time to go home. I didn’t expect him to walk me home, but he did. And he stayed for a couple of hours after that. Santo was already home when we arrived, so they talked while I prepared midnight snacks for them.I didn’t get to have Carlos alone that night, but I wasn’t complaining. I saw him glance at me more than ten times that night. Yes! I was counting and I couldn’t count more than ten because my h
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007 - A Gamma's Kiss
SHAILA.Shit! My eyes rounded as my heart hammered in my chest. My head snapped in his direction, and it was too late when I realized he was too close.His peppermint breath brushed against my skin, causing my lips to part, and before I knew it, his lips crashed into mine without a warning. His strong arms wrapped around me, while a hand held my nape, holding me in place as he kissed me gently.I just found myself kissing him back, my arms coiling around his neck, and it made him move forward so that he was leaning on me, pressing my back against my seat.The kiss was longer than the first time that I couldn’t stifle the soft moans coming out of my throat. I’d had my fair share of kisses, but none of them compared to the ecstasy I felt right now.Carlos’ tongue intruded into my mouth, and I couldn’t help but moan more and a bit louder, making him pull away from kissing me. My cheeks burned with embarrassment. Was I too loud? Did I sound like a frog when I moan, making it awkward for h
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008 - A Gamma's Kiss
SHAILA.The next few days went by in a blur. The school week was about to end and within this week, Carlos had picked me up three times. Many of my classmates who knew him were already teasing me that I was the Gamma’s new apple of the eye.It could mean a negative thing, that I was just one of the females with whom he was hanging out. But in Carlos’ defense, he hasn’t gone out on a date with any females this week. Well, actually for a long time now, even before the full moon. How did I know?I had my ways. No, don’t get me wrong. I was not a stalker. But Santo and his friends hung out at home most of the time, and they would talk about the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. So I knew things about what was happening in the pack house, especially the problem with Andrea, but of course, all my attention was drawn to their conversation when it was Carlos they were discussing. And so far, I haven’t heard any female names connected to him. So it must be a good thing."Fuck, Shaila..." Carlos grunted
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009 - A Gamma's Kiss
CARLOS.The moment she said she was about to come on my fingers, I knew right away I wanted to taste her and make her come in my mouth instead. I didn’t waste any time and positioned her on the hood of my car.Although I told her no one would hear us, I was not 100% sure of that or that no one would see us. We might be inside the forest lines, but my warriors would usually go around all the forest areas for spontaneous security checks. But I couldn’t stop myself. I was crossing another boundary.I already knew she tasted good just by the way the smell of her arousal was captivating me, but the moment my mouth touched her wet pussy, it was more than what I was expecting. It was fucking bliss! I knew right there and then that this was the one taste I’d been looking for my whole life. I couldn’t get enough of her. She tasted so fucking good that I just wanted to dig my face into her. She kept whimpering and moaning, throwing some curses along the way, which just sounded so sweet comin
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