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Kelsa was vehemently suppressed, humiliated, and trashed underfoot by the very people she called family. She was drugged by her rival and ended up having triplets for Darryl Shaw, a Trillionaire and the true Boss of the underground world. Kelsa is determined to find out who the father of her children is, and why her own family hates her to the core. But ended up being beaten to a pulp. Which caused her to almost lose her life. In her desperation and agony, she swore with her last breath that, she would survive and rise like a phoenix, and put all who trampled upon her underneath her feet someday!

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I just started reading this book and am already hooked to the story. This book is definitely a must read.
2024-04-09 23:35:47
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Hot Rose
Kelsa is really going through a lot. I hate that Abigail Character, she is making my blood boil. Author please, put my name in the book and let me show her what a true master is like. Hahaha!
2024-02-27 15:26:20
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My Lovely Readers! I am excited about all the comments I've received so far. The positive ones made me feel good, and the Negative ones Pushed me to become Better at Writing....️ However, I want to use this platform to inform you that, this is my first time writing a book. Pls, Bare Me. Thanks!
2024-02-26 05:29:46
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just the few chapters got me into this book. not the romantic novel type but I think this has got more than just romance. it's for all. great work🥹
2024-02-14 11:01:20
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Where has such an amazing book been all this while? Damn... I highly recommend this book. Your time and money is worth this book!!!
2024-02-13 19:28:42
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Nelson Mandela Kodjo
Great story , I believe we will get more of such stories
2024-02-03 17:51:09
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ablah fadzieney
it's a beautiful story very interesting, the drama and suspense as the story unfolds is very intriguing , hoping for an update soon......
2024-02-03 04:15:33
user avatar
Sylvia Ahiawortor
This is what I call a Novel. Kelsa has truly suffered. I hope there will be a Light at the End of the Tunnel. Author, you are Great!!! Please keep more chapters coming.
2024-02-03 02:18:09
user avatar
Penuel Sunshine
Wow! The suspense is killing me! I can't wait to read the next Chapter! Please keep more Updates coming!!!
2024-02-02 08:28:34
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Emmanuel Ahiawortor
Ooh. What a sad story. I can't stop crying!
2024-02-02 07:03:18
default avatar
Wow it’s Amazing
2024-01-29 17:24:21
default avatar
Ahmed Dimson
Nice and good piece
2024-01-29 02:27:02
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Ernest Anane
WOW!!! If I could, I would give this Book ... TEN STARS... I just can't have enough of it. It's just too Good! Please Update more Chapters!
2024-01-29 00:54:31
default avatar
this is an interesting piece and I recommend all to see this
2024-01-28 19:19:39
user avatar
Interesting plot. I just don’t like Abigail though. Anyway work on the character development. Don’t have them stuck on one pace.
2024-03-11 14:03:27
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34 Chapters
Chapter 1 Do I Even Have A Child With You?
Three years ago!"Samantha, hurry up quickly! Hurry with the keys. She's losing a lot of blood! We need to rush her to the hospital as quickly as possible!" Mr Stephen Davis' thunderous voice echoed in the living room. One of his daughters had just fallen off the staircase and was lying unconsciously on the floor. She was in the pool of her own blood. The living room was filled with blood. Mrs Samantha Davis, his wife, quickly rushed out of the master bedroom with the car keys to take the unconscious girl to the hospital. Mr Stephen Davis snatched the keys from her hand in anxiety. He was not a Doctor, but he could tell from the amount of blood oozing out of the unconscious girl that, if he delayed for even a second, the chances of him losing his precious daughter was close to certain.He lifted the unconscious girl up from the floor and dashed out of the house like a lunatic. He placed the young girl at the back seat of the car. Mrs Samantha Davis quickly opened the car, sat dow
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Chapter 2 Do You Need An Invitation?
He had been deceived all these years. He didn't want to be made a fool of. Out of desperation, he took out his other phone and contacted his lawyer. Immediately the call was connected, he said in an exasperated manner. "Attorney, I need you to amend my will! I want..."Bang!Before he could finish his sentence, He fell to the ground with a loud thud. He realized he was slowly losing consciousness, and he could feel his life going out of him little by little. With his last breath, he spat out with venom, "You will pay for this!"Just like that, he was dead."That was close!" Mrs Samantha Davis said with great relief.***Three years later!Slap!Kelsa was awoken by a hot slap on the face and a cold water bath. She sat up right and looked up, only to see her elder sister Emily, smiling at her mischievously. "Have you forgotten what day today is? Have you forgotten today is your wedding day? You're still sleeping by this time? God! This girl is so lazy. The entire family is relying on
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Chapter 3 Uncertainties!
After getting out of her gorgeous, yet, annoying wedding dress, she opened her laptop and said to herself, "This is my life now, it starts or ends here. Whatever happens to me from today depends on myself alone, no one else." She started the laptop and swiftly typed on some keys after saying those words to herself. Kelsa never walked out of her room that day. In the evening, the maid came back with a tray of food and said to Kelsa. "Young Mistress, you've not eaten anything since you came. I prepared something light for you, please have some.""Thank you, you are very kind. Please put it on the table, I will eat it later." Kelsa replied."Okay, Young Mistress." Mavis replied and walked out. After typing for about 30 minutes, Kelsa took a bite of what was brought to her. She sat up on the bed after eating, thinking to herself, 'That grumpy old man is so full of himself. Does he think I like him? Please, in his dreams! I'm only eighteen and all I want is to be able to finish what I
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Chapter 4 I'm Not A Doctor!
Donald got up from his chair and went to the dinning table. He opened the lunch box and was greeted by a very sweet and heart warming aroma. "Wow, Darryl, on second thought, I think I'll get married, if I'll be getting such an aromantic lunch delivered to me at the office everyday. I think my life will be fulfilled then." Darryl kept typing on his laptop as if he did not see or hear anything all the while. Since it was evident he was not going to eat the food she had delivered, Donald did him the favour and ate everything while praising Kelsa. "WOW! This is delicious! So, so, so, delicious! It is even better than where we've been going for lunch. Trust me, this is the best I've ever had. The best, do you hear me? Oh my God! You are married to a chef. WOW!!! Darryl, you are married to the best chef I've ever seen." Donald Dark revealed.Donald kept singing praises till he finished everything in the lunch box. After licking all his five fingers, he went to the washroom and washed h
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Chapter 5 Enemies!
"It's okay, I don't mind. It's not like we are in a relationship." Kelsa replied with a sweet smile.After helping Kelsa to her room, Mavis left. Realizing that she was all alone in her room now, it suddenly dawned on her that she's actually the most lonely person in this world. She laid in bed and cried her heart out. It was obvious that he doesn't care for her. She had been hospitalized for three days and yet, not even a single phone call to even check up on her at the hospital.He didn't even bother to pay the bills. But upon her return, his fiancee had officially been accepted into the family. She's coming to live with them from now on. Perhaps he brought her here intentionally to come and mistreat her.This saddened Kelsa so much that she lost her appetite. She spent the whole day in her room without realizing that it was very late. This was the first time she actually missed her father very much. She took her phone and called her little sister.Immediately the call was conne
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Chapter 6 In The Same Nightmare!
Where she had been staying ever since she got into the mansion.She locked herself up in the room and cried bitterly as she thought to herself. 'Why is Abigail being so mean to me? I'm not happy here, and it is not as if I am in love with that grumpy old man. Or that I want to take him away from her, so why is she treating me this way?'She was saddened by the whole incident. Kelsa has been leaving a fate worse than death since her first day on this earth. She lived in a very big mansion with a lovely father, but a mother that treated her like a stranger. She had no idea why her mother behaved that way, yet, it was evident that her mother hated her to the core.They are three siblings, three girls to be precise. She is not the first born. Nor is she the last, she is in the middle. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why her own birth mother would detest her this way. Her mother treated her other siblings with so much love and care that often made Kelsa jealous. Which was the
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Chapter 7 Put On Something Sexy!
For the first time in his life, he actually regretted always allowing Donald to eat everything she brought to him, as he claimed it was poisoned. Because of the tastiness of the food, he ate two varieties and allowed Donald to eat only one. Afterwards, he got up by himself as he was prepared to place the second lunch box in the refrigerator. "Aren't we going to open it and see what's inside?" Donald asked with a surprised look."It's not yours. I'll warm it up when it's lunch time." Darryl answered. "Wow! So, now you know how to warm food? This doesn't suit you. Trust me, you've been so mean to this girl. I think it's time you changed your attitude towards the poor girl." Donald suggested."Shut the f*ck up." Darryl replied. Donald laughed heartily. "Okay, okay! I found the files you asked me to bring. Darryl, we've been sending so many business proposals to Johnson Group, but this company is something else. They never reply to our numerous letters. We've been writing letters to
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Chapter 8 How Was Your Night?
After pausing slightly, Kelsa continued. "Just so I can have peace of mind and to live in a serene environment. Alright bother-in-law, I will not keep bothering you. I'm sure you have tons of work to do. So, I'll leave you to it. See you tomorrow then."After saying a brief goodbye, Kelsa hung up the call. 'This girl is strange and sweet. I really do like her and I pray very soon, Darryl falls in love with her. But I don't think I will wait for that long. If he seems uninterested even after being married to her for a year, I will kindly ask him to let me marry her. She deserves every bit of happiness she can get.' Donald thought to himself and continued with his work.Very soon, it was lunch time. Before Darryl could get up from his chair, Donald had already entered the office."What do you want again?" Darryl asked dejectedly."What else, if not lunch? Isn't it obvious enough?" Donald replied."Oh my goodness! I don't know how I made friends with an elephant, who always wants to ea
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Chapter 9 What Did You Just Call Me?
She went to the kitchen to confront Kelsa. "And why are you smiling?" Abigail asked with so much venom in her eyes."Oh! You are awake. Good Morning Miss Abigail! I've already prepared breakfast. I'm preparing lunch so that you don't go hungry." Kelsa said while smiling gleefully."It's good you know your duties in this Mansion." Abigail retorted arrogantly and added. "When you are done with the cooking, I want you to tidy up the master bedroom. It's a little messed up. Darryl made me so exhausted last night, and we messed the whole room up. So, clean it up! After cleaning the room, I want you to see to the jacuzzi and fill it up with milk for me. I want to treat my body." Abigail observed Kelsa's facial expression while she ordered. When she noticed that Kelsa was still smiling, she was so angry that her face changed color. She continued with her orders. "Before I forget, I don't want you to use the washing machine to do the laundry today, It has worn my clothes out. I want you t
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Chapter 10 Remember Your Place!
"Really? Little sister, is that really you? Wow! You look so big and beautiful! What an awesome surprise. It's really nice to see you again!" Donald was very happy to have finally met their little sister again. After hearing Donald say that Darryl is allergic to touch, Abigail restricted herself from hugging him. She knew fully well that, she was not their little sister. Since then, anytime she wanted to touch Darryl, she would make sure she was putting on gloves. Often times, she would say she was practicing hygiene or her acting skills. But, Darryl had never for once, seen through her lies.After they called a truce, Darryl kindly requested Kelsa to sit down and wait on him while he ate.She happily obliged. They continued chatting while he ate."I'm sorry I did not return the hand shake earlier. It wasn't me trying to be rude, and certainly wasn't intentional. I am allergic to touch. If I had returned that hand shake, I don't know what would have happened by now. I probably wo
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