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Andrew turn to Samantha and says, ”You know,when I look at the stars,I feel like anything is possible.Like we’re just a tiny part of this huge universe. ”Samantha looks at him and says, “that is beautiful. ”I never thought of it that way.” Samantha turns to Andrew and their eyes meet.In that moment,they realize there is something more between them.They stand there,staring at each other,and neither of them says a word.It’s as if time has stopped,and they are the only two people in the world. Andrew and Samantha feel a sense of joy and fulfillment as they see the difference they’ve made in this people’s lives.They know that they have made a real impact, and it feels amazing. This experience makes them feel even more closer to each other,and they feel like they’re throughly making a difference in the world. They decide to make it their mission to spread kindness and compassion wherever they go. They decide to start small by, doing one random act of kindness each day.They also start to volunteer at a local soup kitchen,serving food to those in need.As they countinue to spread kindness,they find that it comes back to them tenfold.

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Recommend this book for sure I can not wait to finish reading this
2023-08-18 00:42:02
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Chapter 1
Andrew is a brilliant and successful surgeon.He’s also the CEO of a successful medical device company,he’s tall and charming.One day,he meets a beautiful woman named Samantha at a charity gala.she’s working as a waitress at the event,and the two of them strike up a conversation.Samantha is smart and funny,Andrew finds himself drawn to her.They exchange numbers.It’s a new beginning for them,and they are excited to see where this friendship will go.As the weeks go by,Samantha and Andrew friendship deepens.They talk everyday,and they even start hanging outside of work.They go for walks in the park,they grab coffee and even start going to movies together.Slowly but,surely they realize that their feelings for each other are growing into something more.One day,after seeing a movie together,Andrew and Samantha are walking home,and they stop to look at the stars.it’s a clear night,and the sky is full of twinkling lights. Andrew turn to Samantha and says, ”You know,when I look at the sta
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Chapter 2
Andrew leans in and kisses her softly.They start to kiss more and more deeply, until they’re lying down on the bed.Andrew says, “I don’t want to rush this.Andrew says, “I want to savor every moment with you.” Samantha nods and says, “I feel the same way.”They countinue to kiss,slowly and gently.Andrew starts to caress Samantha’s face,and she touches his hair.They lie there,feeling each other’s presence and enjoying the intimacy of the moment.Then, Andrew asks, “May I take off your shirt?” Samantha nods,and he start to unbotton her shirt, very slowly.Andrew takes off Samantha’s shirt and starts to kiss her neck and shoulders.He touches her hair and whispers in her ear, “You’re so beautiful.”Samantha runs her hand through his hair and says, “I feel like I’m in a dream.” Andrew looks at her and says,” I don’t want this to end.” They continue to explore each other’s bodies,touching,caressing,kissing.As the night goes on,Andrew and Samantha feel their passion building.They take their
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Chapter 3
Andrew and Samantha walk home,still feeling happy and giddy.As they’re walking,they’re both thinking about how great the night as been. But then,they see something that changes everything. They see small kitten huddled in a doorway,shivering and looking scared.Without even saying a word, they both stop and rush over to the kitten. They can see that it’s cold and hungry. Andrew picks it up and start purring.Samantha says “We have to take it home with us.”Andrew nods and they hurry home.When they get there,they give the kitten some food and water.it eats hungrily and then curls up and falls asleep.The next morning,Andrew and Samantha wake up and find the kitten asleep on their bed.They both smile and get up to start the day.But then,they hear a strange sound coming from the bathroom.When they go to investigate,they find the kitten in the sink,splashing around in the water.it’s making a mess,but they can’t help but laugh.After cleaning up the mess,Andrew and Samantha decide to tak
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Chapter 4
There’s a little hole in the ground and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.It turns out that the hole is caused by a family of gophers has taken up residence under the backyard! The gophers start to wreak havoc on the yard, and Andrew and Samantha don’t know what to do.They don’t want to hurt the gophers ,but they also don’t want them to ruin the yard.Samantha has an idea, she starts to plant flowers around the yard that are said to deter gophers.She plants lavender,sage,thyme,and mint.It turns out that Samantha’s plan is a huge success!The gophers are repelled by the smell of the flowers,and they start to their burrow elsewhere.The backyard is saved, and Samantha is thrilled.Andrew is also relieved, and he rewards Samantha by taking her out to a nice dinner. As they’re leaving the house,they notice something odd.There’s a strange man standing on the street,starring at their house.As they get closer,they realize that the man is a reporter.He’s from a local newspaper,he’
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Chapter 5
As they countinue to spread kindness,they notice that people around them are becoming kinder as well. Their friends and family start to make small acts of kindness part of their daily lives.Andrew and Samantha have created a kindness revolution,all by simply being kind.One day,Andrew are contacted by a group of scientists who are studying the effects of kindness on their brain. They’re interested in Andrew and Samantha’s story,and they went to study their brain to see how kindness has affected their brain.They find out that Andrew and Samantha’s brain have undergone significant changes as a result of their kindness. But the scientists’ research doesn’t stop there. They find out that Andrew and Samantha’s kindness has affected the people around them. The friends and family who were inspired by their kindness also show increased activity in the empathy and compassion centers of their brains.Andrew and Samantha are thrilled by these findings, and they feel even more motivated to cont
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Chapter 6
Samantha and Andrew find a child therapist who has experience working with children who have experienced trauma.They explain the situation to the therapist and ask for her help. The therapist agrees to work with the boy, and she begins to meet him on a regular basis.Overtime, the therapist helps the boy to open up about his feelings and to process what he’s been through.With the therapist help, the boy begins to heal and to find hope again.As the boy emotional state improves, he also starts to show more interest in life. He starts playing outside again, and he begins to make friends with other children in the neighborhood.He also begins to help Samantha and Andrew around the house, doing chores and making meals.He seems to take comfort in having a role to play in the household, and enjoys feeling useful.One day, he asks Samantha and Andrew if he can adopt a pet. Samantha and Andrew talk to the therapist about the boy’s request, and she thinks it a good idea. She believes that t
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Chapter 7
He squeakys the toy, trying to get Buddy’s attention. But Buddy just lies on the floor, staring into the space. The boy is determined to get through to Buddy, so he tries a different tactic. He grabs a treat and offers it to Buddy.Buddy looks at the treat and then looks up at the boy. The he wags his tail ever so slightly.The boy is trilled to see that Buddy is starting to respond.He gives the treat to Buddy and pets him slightly. He starts to talk to Buddy in a soft, loving voice.He tells Buddy that everything is going to be okay and that he’s loved. As the boy countinue to talk to Buddy, he notices that Buddy’s tail is wagging faster and faster.Suddenly, Buddy jumps up and starts to run around the room,barking and wagging his tail.The boy laughs with joy.The knows that Buddy is feeling better. Now that Buddy is moving around, the boy decides to play with him.He throws the squeaky toy and Buddy chases after it. He catches it and brings it back to the boy. They play fetch for
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Chapter 8
A chef is waiting to serve them a gourmet meal, and a musician is playing soft, romantic music in the background. Andrew pulls out Samantha’s chair for her, and sits down, feeling like a princess.They enjoyed a delicious dinner and talk about all the fun they’ve had together. After dinner, Andrew leads Samantha out onto the deck. They stand at the bow of the boat, watching the sunset. The sky is a gorgeous mix of pinks and orange, and the air is warm and salty. Samantha is overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment. Andrew pulls her close and they sway together, lost in the moment. Andrew pulls her close and they sway together, lost in the moment.When the sun has finally set, they head back inside. There’s a surprise waiting for them in the main salon.A dance floor has been set up, with live band and ready to play. Andrew asks Samantha if she’d like to dance, and he happily accept.They dance the night away, Samantha feels like she’s in a fairytale. When the band finishes their las
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Chapter 9
But now that we’ve found you, we never want to lose you again. “The boy is still processing everything, but he can see that they are being sincere. He doesn’t know how to feel, but he knows he wants to try and understand.The boy takes a deep breath and asks, “what if I want to see you again?” His birth parents look at each other, and their light up. “That would be amazing”, they say. “We would love to be a part of your life, if you want us to be.” The boy pauses, considering what they’ve said. He knows he has a lot to think about, but decides to take a chance. “Maybe we could start slow,“ he says.Maybe we could start with a phone call once a week?” His birth parents smile and nod. “We would love that.”The boy and his parents agree to start small, with weekly phone calls. Their first call is awkward and a little uncomfortable, but they make it through.As weeks goes by, the calls get easier, and the conversation flow more naturally.The boy starts to feel like he’s getting to know i
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Chapter 10
The hut was rustic and charming, and the food was some of the best they’ve ever tested.After lunch, admiring the tropical flowers and trees. The air was successful with coconut and frangipani, and they could hear birds chirping in trees. They found a secluded cove and sat on beach, enjoying the sound of the wave crashing against the rocks. As the sun began to set, they gathered driftwood and built a fire, lost in each other’s company, until the stars came out and filled the sky.As they sat under the stars, a shooting star streaked across the sky. Samantha made a wish, and Andrew kissed her softly.The moment was perfect, and they both felt like they were in a fairytale. They spent the rest of the night cuddled up by the fire, feeling content and happy. They slept soundly, dreaming of the perfect day they had shared together. When they woke up the next morning, they were recluctant to leave the island pradaise they had found. When they finally decided to island, they were greeted b
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