Undercover Assassin

Undercover Assassin

By:  Koks  Ongoing
Language: English
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After the sudden departure from her mother and her father's critical illness, Riona's teenage life is put to a halt when she assumes the role of both parents in the life of her siblings.She takes an odd job and becomes a professionally trained assassin, whose only goal is to kill.She hides behind the mask of a nerd at Colton's High but when Keith Anderson transfers to her school, he becomes drawn to her and gets driven to discover the real person behind that mask. Will he succeed or will he just become one of the target?

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You’re such an amazing writer!
2020-11-09 04:49:58
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I enjoy reading this and look forward to new episodes!
2020-10-12 18:38:27
49 Chapters
 "Please..." Her tiny voice cried in a screeching sound. "Nothing personal Anna, but I'm getting paid." I replied in a monotone before bringing out my knife. "No!" She cried as I stabbed her hard in the gut with it. Her lifeless body fell to the ground, eyes opened, blood spilling out of her body and into the wooden floor. I stood up and examined her lifeless body on the wooden floor and a smile creeped into my lips before I walked out of the small wooden house. After sitting in the car, I first took off my hand gloves then placed my gun into my duffle bag then brought out the bloody knife and stared at it. 
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Chapter 1
R I O N A "Where's Thalia?" I questioned both Cassidy and Iris."We haven't seen her since you left." Iris raised her small hands in surrender."She left the same time you did." Cassidy added before taking a big bite out of her burger."Where did you go Rie?" Iris asked after a huge sip out of her coke."Work." I answered with a smile and wiped off crumbs from Cassie's face who in return smiled at me."I don't know what you do but I love it if it keeps bringing us goodies." Iris said in between munching fries."Lia says you do bad things but that's a lie right Rie?""I take care of people my darlings." I said, knowing they wouldn't catch anything."I love you Rie.""Me too Rie."They both said and hugged me. For a moment, a tear almost dropped from my eye
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Chapter 2
R I O N A"Rie wake up." I heard a voice faintly say.I turned to the other direction to get rid of the noise but it persisted."Rie wake up!" I heard the voice clearly shout.I groaned as my eyes flutter open, revealing Iris in her towel."You have school Rie, go take a bath!" She commanded.I sat up in my bed and gazed at the floor which looked fascinating at the time.After a yawn escaped my lips, my body carried itself from the bed, stripped myself off my clothes and wrapped myself in a towel.I took a bath, combed my caramel brown hair and tied it up into a ponytail then put on a grey hoodie and black jeans.After I was done, I grabbed my glasses from the table, put it on and hurried downstairs and found the whole family was done with breakfast."It's
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Chapter 3
R I O N A"You're late Davis!" He thundered without even looking my direction sending shivers all over my body."I'm sorry, my sister had to talk to me." I apologized." Sit." He commanded as he turned his chair around to face me.I immediately did as I was told to avoid any further anger that he might have against me."This is your next target. All the information you need to know is in this file, they want it done as soon as possible, so I'd say in two days will do." He passed a sealed brown file to me." I got a job this week already, Katherine was killed just two days ago." I reminded him."You are our best asset and we pay you richly, don't complain and get this done within two days!" He ordered with a sharp tone." Yes sir." I slowly nodded and exited the office."Yikes, another one?
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Chapter 4
K E I T H"What's going on over there?" I asked Leonardo Leo Coleman, the first person that spoke to me when I transferred here."Just some girls arguing, nothing major." He replied, shrugging his shoulders.I paid no attention to the fight until I heard a rather familiar rude voice."That voice sounds familiar." I informed Leo, whose uninterested face suddenly sparked curiousity."We can check it out now." He scratched the back of his dirty blonde hair.We put our books into our bags and headed towards the direction of the screams and gasps.Because Leo was popular, the students made a small path for us, causing us to go right into the front of the whole drama."I won't be so nice." I heard Riona mutter to her before casually walking away.The mass of students decre
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Chapter 5
R I O N A"Rie, you don't have to be so violent you know?" Thalia frowned."Why are you sad?" I questioned her."Kids are scared of me because my sister is a body breaker! The jock in the basketball team and those girls you singlehandedly thrashed." She shook her head in distaste."He was trying to force himself on me and I didn't beat those to a pulp, they tried to spread a rumour so I could be expelled." I defended myself."Let's just go get Cass and Iris." She changed the subject and looked out the window.So glad I hid that file under the seat so she wouldn't see them.I started the car and immediately, Thalia turned up the radio probably to avoid talking to me.My heart breaks when she treats me this way.I took a deep breath and drove to my siblings sc
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Chapter 6
R I O N AThe day passed by with me thinking about how tonight would go.My focus was definitely not on geography, which was my final class of the day.The bell rang and the teacher left, leaving us students to pack our stuff and leave school.I arranged my books and took out my phone to text Cassidy that she would be going home with a taxi since I have an errand to run.Knowing how Talia would get if she got to know that I was going to take care of a person tonight.I took my bag and hung it on my back and went straight to my locker, but I found Talia waiting there instead." Cassidy texted about an errand you have to run?" She shoved her phone in my face to show me the text."Yes." I simply muttered as I opened my locker to put in more books in my backpack." Do yo
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Chapter 7
R I O N A  Leo.I can't remember the last time I got the energy to have an actual conversation with anyone that was not family or a teacher.But she had this wonderful aura that made me want to talk to him, but I get the total opposite from his friend.Focus.I am currently in the car which is parked outside the bar of where my victim is.I took off my glasses and parked my hair up in a bun so the wig could fit perfectly on my head.After I got ready in my undercover outfit as a waitress, I went into the bar and served other people while keeping my eyes at the entrance so I can be alerted when she enters the bar.I waited for over fourty minutes before I saw a middle aged woman walk into the bar matching the photos I saw and a smile
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Chapter 8
R I O N A"You're so useless!" A middle aged woman with blonde hair hissed at me before hitting me."Mom, I'm sorry." I cried but she didn't care and kept on hitting me."What's going on here? I heard her scream from the living room." My dad barged into the room." Daddy!" I cried and rushed over to him giving him a tight hug." It's okay Rie, daddy's here now." Dad consoled while patting my back soothingly." You're going to spoil her! She deserves to be beaten till death for what she has done!" The woman rushed over to me and tried to pull me away from my dad but my dad struggled back." Mariana, the kids are downstairs in tears, why are you doing this?!" My father yelled, trying to reason with her." Your ever so precious daughter spent all the money in house because she wanted to
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Chapter 9
✨ L E O N A R D O✨"Leo.. would you mind if I joined you and Keith for lunch? We can sit over there." Kara suggested while pointing to an empty table in the cafeteria."Kara," I paused and raised my eyes to meet her dark ones. "We've been in this school for long, when was the last time you saw me have lunch in the cafeteria?" I completed and she began fumbling with the Hem of her sleeves."Oh well I could jo-""How about next time? We really enjoy our guy time during lunch." Keith interrupted Kara.Thank goodness.Keith and I exchanged glances before we left  the cafeteria and made our way to the garden."Kara must really like you if she does this frequently." Keith commented as we settled on the wooden round table that was located in a part of the huge garden."I'm not interested in girls."
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