Unfulfilled Love (vampire related love story)

Unfulfilled Love (vampire related love story)

By:  Sabiha Moyuri OT7  Ongoing
Language: English
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I heard that beautiful girls have sesame seeds in their necks. You must have? Let me check!" The sun-went back before the young man touched his neck. He can't match his eyes in front of the people in front of him with fear and shame. The handsome young man in front of him came two steps ahead. The sweetness of the young woman is the veil. His friends were laughing behind the young man. This time sweetness is very angry. Regmege raise his hand and he says.....

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26 Chapters
First feeling\
I have heard that beautiful girls have sesame seeds in their necks. You must have Let me check! "Rihanna puts his hand on a handsome young man in his throat. Eyes do not match the people in front of people with fear and shame. The handsome young man in front of him came two steps.His friends were laughing behind the young man. This time Rihanna is very angry. Regemege raises his hand."Give me back my scarf. I'm late to return home."You weren't supposed to be late, miss ... "The young man stops saying the word."Miss? What about, what? Yes! Miss Rihanna. It has to say that the name has a lot in common. "Rihanna is trying to calm myself down. They are senior at university. Coming to a secluded road in the evening. Rihanna understands they are not good people. He goes back two steps when that handsome young man is leaning towards Riyadh. The young man turned his lips ...."Trust me! I would not stop your road like this. If we don't go to class with a hoax in the morning. Tell me how
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First feeling 2/
Rihanna is standing with his head down. Rihanna says ...."Mrs. Aunt, in fact I didn't want to take the money but Beavo's brother forced me to take the money ..."Renuka (Rihana's aunt) gave a curse. Rihanna goes silent."My son gave you money and insisted that you took the money?"-- "Ah mother, you don't know? Problems with Rihanna's eyes? He can't look at the sun. His eyes are burning. Isn't this an unusual sign? "Renuka was silent on Samihar's words. Go home to paint Rihanna's eyes. Samiha gently smiles and brings Rihana home. Rihanna has lost his face. Samiha notices. Rihanna is not like that. He is always smiling. So Samiha asks ....-- "Rihanna! Why do you look like that? ""I could have returned home early today." But ....! ""But what?"Rihanna opened the whole story with a long breath. Samiha listens to the attention and says in a horrible tune ....-- "The boy is very rude and rude. Tomorrow you will go to university directly and complain to the head office. Otherwise they
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First feeling 3\
This is so much money, I have made such a big house. He who is supposed to rule on all these things is still in his sleep. Why is this happening?The answer is not even in love. He stands silently.The project is told to be helpless.-- "I know my son did nothing. He just got a curse. I don't believe he can do everything.-- "It doesn't matter to believe or not, brother." Your son really betrayed. The girl saw that. The girl ended up in pain.Rayma, the wife of love from behind, said the words to regret. In a ready gestures, his wife is called stop. But he has said what he has said. But the proloy does not listen to the words of Rayma. He got thirst. Blood filling in the tray with another glass and a drop of blood drinking.Arun is lying on the bed. He has a smile on his face. The only reason for this laughter is Rehana. The sweet face of Rihanna is floating in front of his eyes. At one sight, the girl has made her mind restless. There is no reason not to. Only those who have seen him
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The advent of the hero \
A beautiful lady is cutting in a dark room. Strange clothes on him. The sword has penetrated his stomach. His fresh blood is falling on the sword. At the same time, tears are falling from my eyes. The light of the moon is falling on him. Darkness all around places without moonlight. The girl can see the absence of her beloved man. That's not laughing like a cruel. Isn't his mind crying for a lover? The girl says she's trapped ....How can you do that with me? Once the diameter is yours ... you say these lies. You didn't hit me with a sword. B .... Believe me I will forget everything. I will obey you ...The laughter of the young man increases more. He is light and low. As soon as the girl touches the cheek like cruel, her blood-stained hand holds the young man. The girl's heart does not tremble. He pushed and threw the girl. The rate is called in a frozen voice ......-- "What do you think? I will love ordinary like you Who do I know? Prince I. The prince who says the language. How ca
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The advent of the hero \
. I think I wouldn't have let him go if I had found that Prince. Nothing. I'm very angry....Samiha takes Rihanna to himself. The girl's face is shining in this darkness. He grabbed Rehana's nose and said ....-- "Look, that Prince is your imagination. You don't think about it. Just like you can't sleep at night. I realized that I slept around three o'clock a little earlier. And don't waste your sleep for these dreams. Pray and lie down.Rihanna noses head. He got up and went to bed after praying with Samihar. Samiha fell asleep in a while. However, rehner does not sleep in the eyes. He knows his aunt will be called at six in the morning. So there is no benefit in sleeping.Rehana got up at six o'clock in the morning. Go out and look at the dawn. It's a habit to wake up in the morning of the dawn. He goes jogging every day. He smiles light when he sees Rihanna. Then he says ....-- "Rihanna, so early in the morning Did you take the doctor's appointment yesterday ?"Rihanna throws his
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The advent of the hero 3 /
It is about half past eight in the morning. Rihanna is getting ready in a hurry. His best friend poetry is standing on the highway. Or he will not come home! The poem sounds unbearable in Renuka's heart. So he will not come. Quickly got his leg ready and he told Samiha ....- "I'm coming Samiha sister."Samiha says straight ....-- "First doctor, give university. It feels like."Yes, Dad will."Rihanna fell out quickly with a cheek. Strict sun outside. The body is burning. Repeatedly burning the eyes. So after a while Rihanna is looking forward with her eyes closed.minutes came to the highway with a smile. Where poetry is standing with a mouth open. Standing in front of the poem Rehana and raising his finger and saying .....-- "Do you pass peace in the last time, Riha?"-- "You don't understand. No rickshaw. I have to go to the doctor first.The poem made a rickshaw parked in the nose. Two girlfriends got up in the rickshaw. Rihanna is trying to hide himself again and again from the
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The advent of the hero 4 /
-- "Which world do you live in? Still think these thoughts? This is the digital world. There is no basis for these thoughts."Poetry fears don't even go away.-- "When you have so much courage, which is in front of you." Then I will walk in front of him.Rihanna wrapped her eyes and face. He left his hand and went ahead to his well. That's when the voice floats in Rihana's ears.-- "Come on! Come on! Come quickly."Rihanna looks pale. That well-being is calling him He walks around and looks at the poem. The question thrown."Did you hear anyone's voice?"-- "A ... nowhere. Oma go! Ghost or ? "He says that he is a poem that is hidden behind the tree. Rihanna understands that there is no point in talking to this girl. He goes towards Kuor. Looks like the well-being is calling him. Not if you don't go there.As soon as he moves forward, Rihanna sees the water at the bottom of the well. He got his head down as soon as he was a little leaning. Just press the head and cut the slip. Kuor fa
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The advent of the hero 5\
The past.But he never came here. Suddenly a melodious melody of a male song floats in his ears. Rihanna closed her eyes in obsession. For a few seconds, he shouted loudly.Current.Stop! Close this tune."The melodious melody stops. As soon as they go backwards, many big paints fall. But painting is out of his idea. Because the whole painting has become vague in the dust. And painting is so big that Rihanna's hand does not reach up.As soon as two more days are left behind, Rihanna goes forward to the mirror. As soon as he wiped it from the mirror, his eyes become bigger. Showing a beautiful lady in the mirror. This is that lady! Whom he sees in his dreams. How did he come here? He is supposed to be reflection in the mirror. Rihanna's throat becomes dry for fear. The eyes froze with screams. This time, he's showing a reflection of the wicked. Rihanna goes to the stupid forest. Why is everything mysterious here? Rihanna moves away from his own position to give his head a cycle. His fe
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The advent of the hero 5\ Bonus part
Rihanna opens her eyes and sees herself near the well. Surprising that. Look up at the sky. Give it now. The sun is shining on the tree. Rihanna moves hands from the head. Has he been dreaming for so long? Nah! He felt everything. Rihanna touches the throat. He looks Chakki without getting a scarf on his neck. No veil? When he finds it around, he remembers running out of his palace. So was everything true? He really went to another world? What was the world? Rihanna was not known. Someone is knocking on the tree when he looks at the tree. The poem moves forward with a shocking hand on the shoulder of the poem. The sweetness is annoyed ....-- "Hey, I am. Rihanna."Poems with the sigh of relief. Rihanna is deep in thought. He himself does not know what happened to him. He picks up the bag on his shoulders. Poetry Rihanna's hand on her cheek ....-- "You fell in love with someone?" What do you do? Absolutely dry? I had a small heart attack seeing you read. I told you don't come to these
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The beginning of love 1 /
The past-- "Yah Baba. Will complain in my name. Miss if that. Rihanna is happy!"He kept observing the journey of Rihanna. Arun said goodbye ....-- "Just look back. Look."Rihanna keeps walking."Look back."Rihanna does not look. Finally, before you get up the stairs, you turn your neck back and look back. But he's very angry. That is clear. What about that? Arun's wish has been fulfilled. He handles his hand ....--"Yes yes !"Rihanna looks at it and says it is annoying .....-- "Just Impossible and Bastard Boy."The presentThe strange events of that day have been cut for about 1 month. Finally he forgot all these incidents Rihanna. He is busy with his daily life. Never forgot to step on that road. But somewhere has a wish to go there. The mind says there is no tension with that place. Still goes to Rihanna. He forgot the things with a single force.On the other hand, Arun is trying to impress in various ways. But in Rihanna's mind, the hatred towards boys like Aruna should never
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