11~ Small talks

Naomi's POV

I woke up thinking it was another day already, waiting patiently for the elevator to be fixed so I could get out and get God's nature gift, air.

I looked at my purse to realise the chocolate cookies was gone. I saw the nylon of the chocolate cookies beside Steven and I couldn't help but chuckle lightly.

He was acting like a super hero earlier. I cleared my throat when I saw noticed him stretching his arms.

An idea came to me and I smirked. "Do you perhaps know where my chocolate cookie are? It was in my purse earlier," I asked acting as if I was looking for it.

Steven said nothing. "Don't tell me, rat were able to come inside the elevator?" Steven said nothing still, I held myself from laughing out loud.

"Did mother ghost come in here?!" I asked with fright.

"Just stop okay! We were not robbed and...and.

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