12~ Feeling sick

"Steven!" I called out to him. He's damn heavy, it was like his entire weight were on me.

I took a deep breath trying to hold unto him so as not for him to make me fall considering his entire body rested on mine.

All the staffs were sleeping already considering it was past two in the midnight and waking or disturbing their sleep was something I wouldn't want to do.

"Steven!" I called him, tapping him lightly to see if he could hear me. Shit! I muttered.

I was getting wet too by his wet body. I lifted him off me for a second to take a look at his face, his eyes were closed, he looked different.

I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to him. I wondered where he went to, what happened to him and why he looked this way.

Dragging Steven along with me, I pulled him towards the couch with great force, my hands were hurting, he looked lifeles

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