13~ New beginnings

I sighed as soon as I got into the house. My head aches from too many working, my feet hurts from walking on heels all day and my fingers aches from typing too much.

Steven followed suit behind me. Since we called a truce and became friends, Steven and I went to work together and came back together.

We do questions and answers session when we were less busy to get to know one another.  Although we didn't talk much, the mood between us was cool.

It's been two weeks since the whole incident with him coming back home in a wretched state.

Curiosity of what had happened to him still wondered in my mind but I didn't have enough courage to ask him. He has been working extra lately, I noticed something was off about him and I knew it had to do with that night.

After taking a quick shower, I craved for fruit salad, so I made some for myself and Steven.

I gently ope

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