Unraveling Him

Unraveling Him

By:  Yara Arslan  Ongoing
Language: English
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HER A mystery. So very complicated. An enigma. A puzzle with so many missing pieces. Add one of the above ingredients into my plate and call me intrigued. Enter him. He is all of them and more...much more. He claims to be a monster. He doesn't believe in redemption. He is too vague and too dark for me to read. But it's my job now. To help him, figure him out, to find all of his missing pieces, arrange them together and finally obtain the final picture. It's my job, to find his deepest darkest secret. It's my job, to unravel the beast he claims to be and finally see the man behind. HIM Lost. I've been lost for way too many years. I thought it was over. I wanted it to be over. I had nothing to live for anymore. I've killed, I've destroyed and obliterated. It was enough. My role in the story should've ended there. I was too big of a monster to be tamed. Too dangerous to be kept alive. Enter her. Too loud. Too obnoxious. Too naive. Innocent, so very innocent. So intent on aiding me, redeeming me. She is unaware, she is opening a door that was shut down with a broken lock. I am scared. Terrified even. She is too white against my inner darkness. Too pure to be tangled with the devil living within me. We don't mix. We should never mix. Instead of pulling me out of that room, she might just get herself stuck inside as well. She wants to unravel the beast and meet the man behind, but I am scared that if she succeeded, she'll find nothing behind.

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Pls give nik a happy ending
2023-03-29 02:27:03
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Can we have more Emma content? I love her
2023-03-29 02:26:55
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Cant wait for more
2023-03-29 02:24:56
47 Chapters
PrologueNatalie's POVBeep. Beep. Beep.I sucked into a deep breath as my eyes drifted to the red-light flickering over the intercom system, signaling a call from my assistant. I pressed my chin over my crossed arms and sighed. What's the worst thing that could happen if I didn't answer?I'd lose a client.To hell with him. Ugh. A strand of my hair fell over my eyes, I huffed out a breath, pushing it away, too tired to untangle my arms and tuck it away.My eyes flickered to the clock hanging by the wall. My eyebrows pulled together in annoyance. Who books a therapist's appointment at freaking six pm?I have been listening to people's shitty problems from freaking eight in the morning and all I want is to go back to my flat, kick off these shoes, wear my pjs, grab a glass of wine and binge my tv series but instead I had to choose damn psychology as my major and open a clinic to deal with spoiled rich brats whose biggest problem is her weight gain paranoia.I picked up this major so I
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Chapter 1 - Redemption
Natalie's POVNikolas.Nikolas Viarchi. His name has a nice ring to it.Damn.Natalie and Nikolas. Nate and Nik. The two N's. Even our names fit.I snapped myself out of that dreamland and focused more on my actual job here, "How about you tell me a little about yourself first," I checked the file over my desk, "I see you haven't filled out the form yet," I still don't even know what brings him here."Like what's your job? Your age? Where do you live?" I started, "You know consider this our first date and tell me everything about yourself." I added, trying to lighten the mood but it didn't seem like he got the humor in my words."Job?" He asked, the corner of his lips pulling up, as if its funny, "You can say I own a business."Oh, him in a suit. I can build all of my fantasies over that image only.Jesus Nate, get back to yourself. So damn unprofessional."Age?" I asked."Thirty four.""Oh, great! " The words left my mouth without permission. The excitement in my tone alone gave me a
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Chapter 2 -First memory
Natalie's POV"You look extra hot today," Sarah commented, her eyes narrowing as they went up and down my body, "Is this a new skirt?" She asked, her gaze flickering all over my face, "And your hair, you never let it down when you're working, and oh my god," She walked closer, her head tilting, "Is that makeup on your face?" Her eyes widened, "Since when you put makeup just for work?"Jesus, was it that obvious? Have I really neglected myself that much lately?I straightened my skirt and looked down at myself, "Yes, it's new, got it on sale, fifty percent off actually."Her eyes stayed narrowed, "Are you going on a date after work or something?" She asked, "I am getting a very bad vibe."I rolled my eyes at her and went back behind my office, "You came here to give me some files before you leave, right?"She nodded, her eyes still skeptically following me as she placed some files and papers over the desk, "Anyway, it's already six pm, won't you be leaving for your date that you are no
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Chapter 3 - Don't kill her
Natalie's POVIt's been four weeks since I first met this man.A full month.Four weeks equals twelve sessions. Twelve sessions means twenty-four hours.I've spent a total of twenty-four hours with him yet I am no way near close of figuring him out. If possible, with every session, he gets more complex and harder for me to read.He never gives me a direct answer to my questions. He is always so mysterious and full of secrets.I keep arranging the pieces of his puzzled mind together in a very wrong way and every time I mess it up, I am obliged to restart all over again.In short, this man is driving me crazy. Literally.I huffed in annoyance as I gathered my things, I placed the notepad into my purse and with one last look at my office, I turned off the lights and headed out. As I waited for the elevator, I turned my head and looked at the window outside noticing how the darkness had already blanketed the city. I scoffed, of course.Our twelfth session just ended a few minutes ago, and
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Chapter 4 - Playing with fire
"I play with the fire of my own truth, I will burn for the things I love."************Natalie's POVI watched in pure confusion and dread as he turned around and walked away, more than ready to leave. The devastation flickering in his eyes as he muttered the last sentence crushed me, it reflected how every hope he ever had was splintered, fragmented, and torn away.He did something. He has hurt someone. That's the only information I was able to grasp. Clearly, it's someone he cares about, someone close to him and his heart. A friend? A girlfriend? A family member?I have no clue. I couldn't figure out the rest.All I saw was guilt, tearing at his insides ever so slowly. I saw a mess of a man, those scares graved over his skin are alone proof of his struggle with life. The people who followed us tonight are another evidence of his dangerous, unbalanced lifestyle. He is in trouble, and he is in too deep.But what shook my core is seeing in his eyes a man who held so much hatred for hi
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Chapter 5 - Promise? Promise
Nikolas's POVFrom the moment I knew he came into this life, I was fully aware of the fact that I am no way near ready to see him.I didn't want to. I just can't.But now, as my eyes fell onto his little body all tucked up to hers, I just wished, if only for a fleeting second, she'd turn him around and I can get the chance to finally see his face.The thought alone had anxiety gripping me by the throat. My heart was beating so fucking hard I was sure it was going to hammer right through my chest."What are you doing here?" Were the first words leaving Cara's mouth, her jaw tightened and the fear in her eyes got replaced by something so fierce as her hand protectively hovered over his frail small body, as if scared I may just snatch him away.Does she not know that I'd never do that?That if I wanted to, I would've done it a long time ago.That I can't even master the courage to look at his face, or into his eyes. Because I know, I am sure, that hell would break loose after. It could e
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Chapter 6 - That's what brothers are for
Nikolas's POVMy eyes traveled from the beer in my hand to Alex beside me. He took his last chug and placed the can aside, his eyes on the TV. He somehow decided to drop by unannounced as he always does and I've been contemplating on how to tell him what happened."Okay, what's up with you?" He asked with a loud sigh, his eyes drifting from the TV, all of his attention now on me.I shrugged, "What?"His eyebrows pulled closer, "You keep looking at me, and that kind of scares me, what do you want? Or what did you do?" He added, suspiciously, "You did something, didn't you?"I sighed and leaned forward in my seat, my eyes anywhere but at him, and told him what's on my mind, "Lilly saw me," I mumbled.When he didn't reply, my gaze drifted back to him. He stared at me confused, "Saw you? When?"Okay, he doesn't look angry. That's a good start."I dropped by your place a couple of days ago, I wanted to talk to you about something, and then-" I sighed, rubbing a hand over my face, "She saw
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Chapter 7 - She is my everything
Natalie's POVFrom the moment I opened my mouth and said those words out loud, Nikolas decided to keep silent. He didn't give me any reaction, just like I expected him to. He looked right ahead of him as he started the engine and pulled off into the street.The ride to his house was silent, he loved the silence. I always noticed how annoyed he gets every time I try to open a new conversation. As much as the thought of annoying him felt appealing at the moment, something about the energy radiating off him had me deciding against triggering him.I've seen a different side of him today.A man who kills for a living, and who enjoys it quite well.Still, I didn't feel scared or the least threatened by him. Maybe it was me being naïve, or just the psychologist in me who saw much more behind that hard surface.The ride to his house took longer than I expected, he really wasn't kidding when he said no one knows where he lives. We took turns after turns, going to a part of the city that I've n
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Chapter 8 - What if it was me?
Natalie's POV"So," I started, breaking the odd uncomfortable silence in the car, "As I expected, you didn't attend our sessions the last week because I kissed you, isn't it?"He turned his attention from the road to me, confused at my out of the blue question and my eyebrow raised, calling him out on his bullshit. He said it wasn't the reason yet just an hour ago Alex exposed his lie.He just gave me a shrug, like he couldn't bother to even explain it. I shook my head and turned my attention to the window beside me, "You're unbelievable," I mumbled under my breath, "You knew that was part of our fake-date experiment, so there was no need to make a big deal out of it." I was half-telling the truth, half-lying.As usual, he didn't give me any answer or even a reaction.I huffed out an annoyed breath at his lack of words and turned back to him, "If I repel you that much, then why did you kiss me last night?"His jaw ticked.Oh yeah, I am so playing with fire and yeah, I totally like it.
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Chapter 9 - You need to let someone in
Natalie's POVThere was something odd going on.A sudden tension enveloped the atmosphere after we got back, but I couldn't pinpoint its source exactly.To be honest, I felt like it happened right after I told Nikolas about my mom, or maybe after he saw the picture of...my brother. I just couldn't understand if the sudden change in his mood was by any way related to me.I shook my head, dismissing the thought. I am probably just reading too much into this.For the umpteenth time, my gaze drifted to both Nikolas and Alex discussing something in the other room, they both looked way too serious, which was beyond odd, considering Alex was never serious for even a moment since I met him this morning.They really are two very different people. I couldn't even grasp the fact that they're related, brothers even, or by any chance grew up in the same house and under the same conditions.Hold on. Maybe that's it...they probably didn't.It all adds up actually.The curious psychologist that never
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