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When love is not madness, it is not love — and Genevieve was only sure of three things. First, her lover was old enough to be her father. Second, he was her mother’s boss. Third, she was irrevocably, unconditionally in love with him. It was madness.

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Truly enjoy the story, very intriguing and always gripping. Ended just the way I was hoping. Love a happy ending
2021-11-30 15:03:14
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Leila Ahmed
intriguing story, recommend for reading, bravo celine👌👌
2021-03-03 00:35:58
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Love this story
2020-09-15 13:13:25
user avatar
Love the story
2020-08-11 14:59:54
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Book had some interesting parts however most of it had over extensive detailing and had way too much of the same sex scenes. This is the first book I’ve read where I had to flip through pages.
2022-09-29 10:38:07
user avatar
Deb Davis
ok. I just think there was to much sex.
2022-01-22 16:17:19
81 Chapters
01 Part I
With a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other, Genevieve sighed.The Smith's household was not normally loud, they pref
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01 Part II
The man smiled in satisfaction at the sight, stepping up onto the sidewalk before his head snapped up at the sound of shoes hitting the pavement, splashing in the rain.
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01 Part III
She followed him into the bathroom once more, letting him seat her on top of the counter. He had gripped her waist softly as he lifted her up (something that seemed so unnecessary, but something she'd like to do anything but debate), and she instantly began to swing her legs, watching as he dug through the cabinet underneath. He busied his glance away from the button of his button up she wore that threatened to come undone from her bust, her nipples peaking through, most likely from the cold of her wet hair that had begun to dry in neat, perfect curls he would have sworn were styled.
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02 Part I
The moon had swung around the horizon, and the rain continued to hit the earth in a heavy pace that could be heard on the roofing of Jasper's house. The droplets of water were almost invisible from the condensation of his bedroom windows, created with a thick glaze on the glass mainly from the heavy breathing of the two. Though they had long settled with limbs entwined and breaths matched, she felt something she had not yet felt before, she could not help but stop and realise how utterly odd it was to feel this content, in bed, with a stranger after having shared such an intimate connection in the face of one of the simplest connections; mere kissing.
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02 Part II
"What?" Genevieve asked silently, clutching her arms even closer to her chest in the dark of the room as her mother laughed in response, lacing her fingers together and setting them on her knees. She was a calculating bítch, that was for sure. She'd strike with the precision, venom and irony of a snake—the very scales prominent on her rather dry shins."Well, come on. It's not like you would be off reading silently in a corner, you're a troubled skànk, at best." A smile broke on
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03 Part I
The sun was only just beginning to rise over the steady line of houses when Jasper was snatched away from his slumber, sitting up in his bed as the sheets fell to his hips, the pillow beside him dishevelled and misplaced as his eyes dragged over the ghost of Genevieve's presence. The only remaining detail of her left were the sheet marks printed into his arms from where he had wrapped his arms around her, the sheets bundled in his fists and his lips against her skin.
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03 Part II
Genevieve reached up and touched her silky blonde hair that she had ran a brush through just minutes ago... and could promise there was no trace of male bodily liquids, though a hard blush still coated her cheeks like spilled scarlet paint on an ivory canvas and she pushed her chair away from the table, following her mother's tracks as she made her own way up the staircase and back towards her room. She made a point to slam her door behind herself as she went, triumphant and child like.
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04 Part I
Genevieve's eyes met those of such captivating familiarity that she almost stumbled backwards- his name sounded so alien when spoken from her mother's lips, but, one thing was for sure... and that was that her mother knew this man and also that Genevieve could not shake the sinking feeling in her chest and nausea that flushed her skin and drained through her stomach. Long story short, she felt the overpowering urge to turn, grip the metal edges of the bin beside her and throw up like she had chugged disgustingly 
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04 Part II
Not even the screaming and rattling guitars could soothe the utter disbelief that pounded the veins in her temples with importune. She was sweaty, for one thing. Thankfully only beneath her armpits and perhaps between her cheeks... she was sweaty and irritated, irritated she hadn't even been given one minute to enjoy one song.
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05 Part I
A smirk twisted along his lips as he took another step in her direction, melting her against the wall and drawing a grainy groan from the depths of her chest - and his teeth stole her lower lips beneath his bite.It was almost expert, precise, the motion of him tilting his head to the side and twisting her lip between his bite, all while slowly retreating his head and running his teeth along her skin, slowly allowing her mouth to escape his jaws with detail and a lascivious pattern to his and bo
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