Vengeful Ex-Wife Is A Billionaire

Vengeful Ex-Wife Is A Billionaire

By:  Chochoshin  Ongoing
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"I'll make you regret the day you ever crossed me, Damien West!" Emelia's voice trembles with rage, her eyes blazing with a fierce intensity. Damien's grin widens, his eyes glinting with a mocking amusement. "Oh, come on then, baby," he drawls, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Teach me a lesson. Show me how angry you are. " *     *       * After three years of marriage, Emelia Carter is drugged by her  husband and has her kidney harvested and given to her his mistress. She is left heartbroken by the truth of her husband's and younger sister’s affair  Fueled with anger, she travels abroad and goes into a contract marriage with the comatose heir of a Billion Dollar Company. When she returns to get revenge on her ex husband, she finds out that the man had long disappeared and in his place was his twin brother, The Lycan King. Ashton West had overthrown his brother and taken his fortunes. When he meets Emelia, he realises that she is his mate, he would do anything to have her, but she still mistakes him for her ex husband. Ashton knows he can't reveal his identity yet, he was still determined to make her fall for him. It's easier said than done, because Emelia Carter hated her Ex husband more than anyone else in the world.

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26 Chapters
The pain in my stomach was what rose me from my restless sleep. I was surprised to find myself in a hospital room, I found that both of my hands were cuffed to the bed. My whole body was aching, but the fear of finding myself in this strange position made me overlook the pain. I couldn't recall going to the hospital. The last thing I remembered was receiving a text message from an unknown number, which claimed that my husband of three years was cheating on me with my sister.I didn't think that Damian would do that to me, but my curiosity had gotten the best of me and I had taken my car with the intention of going to the location I had received in the text message, according to the stranger, I would find my husband and sister in that hotel room together. but the moment I had gotten into the car everything had gone black, I didn't recall anything after that.I struggled to free myself but my binding didn't budge one bit, whoever had tied it hadn't cared about my comfort at all. I was j
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Left To Bleed
"What's going on here, Damien?" I asked, my mind racing to find a logical explanation for why my husband was in the hospital with my sister, the same hospital where I had been operated on without my consent. Did my sister have an accident? Was that why she was in the hospital as well? But if that was the case, why didn't my husband come to visit me if he was in the hospital, and instead left me tied up on the bed alone and afraid? Nothing was making sense to me."Yes, I asked the doctor to take one of your kidneys to save Sasha. Yours was the only one that matched, she was running out of time, so I had to make an impulsive decision to get you here without your knowledge.""So Ethan hadn't been lying?" Despite my efforts to hold back tears, I could already feel the sting of tears in my eyes. "You really had me operated on without my permission?""It was to save your younger sister. Are you so heartless that you would rather see her die?!" The hatred in Damien's eyes made my heart clenc
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"Dad," I called out to him, finally letting the tears fall down my face. The man kept aside his drink and turned to face me. I hadn't expected to see the impatience in his gaze; it mirrored the look Damien had given me before leaving the hospital with Sasha. I had never been close to my father; Sasha was the golden child to both parents. Sometimes, I felt that my mom and dad merely tolerated my presence.Richard Carter was a successful businessman who always put work above everything else. All his life, his motto had always been to make money. His only weakness was his younger daughter whom he loved and pampered. He had been the one to encourage me to marry Damien, so if there was anyone who could understand me, it would be him."Dad, I..." I started, but he interrupted me, "There is no need for you to say anything." He waved a dismissive hand at me, not even letting me finish my sentence. "I overheard your conversation with your mother.""Then you have to help me beg Sasha. You need
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" Mrs West "I fixed my gaze on the Judge, an older man I could have sworn I'd seen at one of my husband's parties. I felt the urge to remind him not to refer to me by that title again, but I didn't want to make the situation more dramatic than it already was. Half the country was watching this divorce case, and the media was eager to see the fall of the obedient and loyal wife of Damien West. The woman who had been willing to give up anything earn the love of her husband. it was ironic that the person who had ended up snatching my husband was none other than my dear sister, perhaps I would have preferred it if it had been a mistress, or one of Damien's employees. I could see mockery in the eyes of the onlookers, waiting for me to have a mental breakdown. But I held my head high, refusing to give them the satisfaction of seeing me break. At some point, I had grown numb to it all. The pain of seeing my parents and friends standing on Sasha's side was now merely a dull ache. More than
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Seven years earlier..."Emilia Carter!" the teacher's voice called out to me harshly. I was quick to snap out of my daydreams. I leaped to my feet so fast that I nearly knocked over my table. The rest of the class started laughing at me, and my whole face flushed in embarrassment."Sir?""If only you paid as much attention to class as you do to Damien, you would be a straight A student like your sister!"My mouth fell open; I had no idea that even the teacher knew about my unhealthy crush on Damien. I was more ashamed because Damien was sitting right in front of me, and he had heard what the teacher had to say, but his expression remained forever blank. It was always hard for me to read what he was thinking."I am sorry, sir. I promise it won't happen again." "I highly doubt it. Having a crush isn't a bad thing, but you need to learn how to control yourself, young lady. Now, sit down and pay attention, or else I'm kicking you out of class.""Yes."I slowly sank down into my chair. So
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Being back in the city where I had grown up brought back a feeling of Nostalgia, also some bad memories. This was the same place where my marriage had fallen apart, the worst three years of my life. But I didn't regret coming back here because I knew what my purpose was. The moment I had gotten my revenge I would leave this place.I sighed as I stared at my husband on the hospital bed. He has been like this since the moment I met him, the sickly heir of a wealthy family. It was a coincidence that I had run into his mother, and after explaining my predicament to her, she had insisted I marry her son. Of course I hadn't agreed, the last thing I would want was to exploit someone else for my own benefit. But when I learnt that I would also be helping Winter by marrying him, I decided to give it a try.Winter's mother wanted someone who wouldn't cling to her son when he eventually woke up from his unconscious state, she knew the only thing I desire was power to be able to exact my revenge,
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Ex Wife
Not being able to handle how easily Damien had dismissed me, I chased after him. I had been thinking of this confrontation for years, this was what had gotten me through those hard sleepless nights, so how dare he simply walk past me like that? I was nothing like the Emelia he knew in the past, I was almost as powerful as he was in the business industry." Damien!" I called out to him. We had left the hospital building by now and my Ex husband was headed towards his car. He paused to glance back at me, annoyance visible in his features." What the fuck is your issue? I said I'm not interested in a hookup right now. If you are looking for easy cash, you will have to find someone else "" You Bastard "My hand raised subconsciously and I slapped him hard across the face. Damien was as startled as I was by the hit. I saw the moment his eyes went from mild annoyance to a sort of rage I had only ever seen on him when we were younger and he was desperate to get rid of me. He grabbed my hand
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Arrogant Mr West
I prepare for the meeting that would hold the next day, the event that would seal my new partnership with Damien and establish my dominance over him. I wanted him to know that the survival of his company would depend solely on me, and how wonderful it would be to see him crash and burn.However, our earlier encounter ate at me, it made me anxious and uneasy. There had been something off about Damien, it was so blatantly obvious yet I couldn't place my finger on the change. He seemed more charismatic and easy going, the Damien I knew in the past was cold and calculating, he never failed to destroy anything he thought would be a hindrance to him, whether in the present or future.Surely, Damien must know that it would only be a matter of time before the media came to know of my return, and then he would be put in the spotlight once more. Was he not afraid that I might expose his true nature? If I didn't know better I would think that he hadn't been pretending about not recognizing me ea
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You'll See
Ashton's POV' Emelia Carter huh....or should I call her Emelia Walker now. It would be suitable since she was now married into the Walker family, a multi-billionaire family that owned one if the greatest entertainment business in the world 'And to think someone like her had once been married to the likes of my brother, it was still hard for me to believe. Damien had not only abused the woman, but he had shattered her heart to pieces when he had taken her sister as a lover, then went on to illegally harvest her organ to save his mistress. This was indeed a tragic villain story. I understand why Emelia had decided to marry someone else just to have enough power to get revenge. It was the one explanation why she was back here and demanding to do business with my company, a company I had taken from Damien.I sighed as I read through Emelia's files. As amusing as I found all this, I can't dismiss the fact that my brother's Ex was now a threat to me. If I wasn't careful she might be able
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Woo The Devil
Emelia wasn't impressed by my tardiness, the glare she sent my way was enough to give away, yet for some reason she didn't bother bringing it up. She was the boss here, she held all the cards, yet she was being understanding enough to take my excuse. I knew immediately that she had something up her sleeve. This woman hated me ( or my brother ) with all her being and she would never do anything without purpose." Shall we begin, Mr West? " She gave me a mocking smirk as her assistant presented me with some documents. I only read through the first half of the contract before I felt anger burning inside me." She wants me to sign away half my stock shares to you?"" It is for your own good. Your Company is already going under, and it might not survive the few months that would come. I can not invest in a Company I have no assurance would last long enough to produce any profits. So giving me half the Company entails that I will take better care of it than you ever could with your resource
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