Wanton Hearts

Wanton Hearts

By:  EC Mendoza  Completed
Language: English
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Ivana was looking for a hot lover. Her dream came true when she met the pair of fiery eyes in a painting. It turned out he was a werewolf! He was put in there by a witch! Brie believed herself to be frigid but when she saw a hunk body, she fell in lust at first sight. She wanted him instantly. The problem: he was inside the mirror! And the same witch used her black magic on him!That old witch was their grandmother. Could they use their powers to free the men of their heart's desire?

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Deneen Elder
Great book.
2021-04-07 09:11:39
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everyone should try this book😍😍😍
2021-03-14 21:38:40
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interesting book author❤❤❤
2021-03-14 21:38:27
82 Chapters
Wanton Hearts - Chapter 1
New York, 1820Zac Logan suddenly lifted his head. The fine hairs on his nape started to stand. This meant an enemy was nearby. His nose twitched. The smell was overpowering. The stench was that of rotting human flesh.And it was familiar...She is here!His sharp eyes roamed the crowd. It was nearing dusk. There were many people walking on different directions. He squinted at an old woman. Her face was downward. She wrapped herself with a thin shawl. She was limping while walking away until she was gone."Hi!" A young woman appeared before him. She was smiling seductively."Hi," Zac replied distractedly."You look hot! Care to cool off?" It was a blatant invitation. Her intent clear in her eyes.Zac looked at the woman. She walked towards him unhurriedly."Where?""My place." Her red lips smacked the air and blew the kiss towards him while jiggling her bosom in her slinky red dress.He was without
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 2
"I love your face! It's got character. Your craggy nose. Your high forehead. Your mouth. It's so firm. So hard. Everything about you is strength!" Gorgeous talked to him while raining tiny kisses all over his face."You talked as though you knew me! Have we met, Gorgeous?" Zac had a hard time catching her mouth. She seemed avoiding his lips.Since Gorgeous was above him, she stood up to get the white sheet folded on the pillow. She covered him with the sheet and lie down beside him."What--?" Zac groaned aloud. His heartbeat was like a tattoo. It drummed aloud. And then he heaved a deep sigh.She giggled softly."Sorry!" Zac was trembling.Gorgeous massaged his chest and arms. "You have a big body. You must worked-out a lot!" she complimented her.Her eye make-up had run over her face, giving her a pair of black eyes. Her lipstick was smudged on her cheeks. Her hair was rumpled.Zac frowned slightly. She reminded him of someone
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 3
When the spirit of the wine had passed, Zac awakened. He was fully alert now as he investigated the place.Trees surrounded him. His eyes scanned the dark skies. There was the full moon. Suspicion started to grow inside him.'You scorned my beauty, Zac! There is no man who had turned away from Olga Quintanar! As punishment, you shall be a prisoner inside that painting!'He really was inside the painting! He thought he was just having a bad dream!'Let me out of here!' Zac did not hear his voice. He heard only his wolfish howls.'And you will remain a werewolf forever and ever! Ti hi hi hi hi!''Damn you! Damn you!' He kept howling angrily. He rammed crazily against the mirror-like barrier again and again but he bounced back farther than the last. Until he found himself in the middle of the thick and lush forest.Zac was exhausted. All he could do was to howl long and loud. He hoped that his pack cou
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 4
Olga Quintanar was over three hundred years old but she looked young and fresh. She smelt like a flower, too.When Tania, her older sister, challenged her for a showdown, she sought to gain more power. Someone suggested to her to eat young urchins.Olga kidnapped many children. She ate them after a ritual. She reaped more power. When Tania appeared for the clash, Olga used her might to defeat her sister.Alas! There were many side effects. Every day, her true age appeared on her hair, her face, her body, and her skin. Her black curly hair became white. Her face and her skin were full of wrinkles and warts. Only her eyes stayed youthful and wily.In just one month, Olga became an old hag and she reeked of horrible smell. Like a dead rat..."Oh, I hate my new me! My new smell!" Olga spat at her reflection at the mirror. "I want my old me! Beautiful and fragrant!""Bah! Just look at me! You did this to me!" Tania whined loudly. Her straight hai
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 5
Olga led Norlando by the hand. They went up the stairs used by servants. As the music became farther and the voices of the party-goers muted, she started to embrace him. She kissed him lightly. His upper clothing hanged open."W-wait," he panted."I like it when you speak like that!" She nuzzled his chest. It had thick hair and she was tickled."Ooh!""I like it when you squeal!" she laughed as she continued tickling his chest."Senhorita--""C'mon! Hurry!" She opened the door of the first room on the second floor. She rushed Norlando into it.Norlando tumbled on the mattress. Olga followed him. Her movements were quick. She needed him very much!"Be gentle, querida! I have a heart--ooh! Ugh!"Olga was busy. She did not notice that her partner was having a heart attack. She had her eyes closed. She imagined herself as a jockey urging her horse to finish line.A great pulse deep within her signaled that she would h
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 6
In a split second, Olga was back to normal. At least, the old hag was back. She did not give any notice to the men scuttling away from her. She was interested in Vino..."Hello, Vino! Are you in there?" She peered at the large mirror. She thought she saw Vino being sucked in the mirror.She was startled when several zaps hit the glass from within. She realized Vino was indeed inside the mirror."Ti hi hi hi hi! I defeated you, didn't I? I defeated the arrogant Vino Blanco! Ti hi hi hi hi!""Let me out of here!" he instructed her sternly."Ti hi hi hi! I will, my lord!" Olga sniggered triumphantly. She waved her wand. The mirror was reduced to card size. She placed the mirror inside her pocket. The broom had its green aura again. "Broom, get me to my home now!"Olga was exhausted by the time she reached her home. It was built when she was small. Her father built it on the thirteenth century. He was killed accidentally by hunters. Tania and Ol
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 7
Ram kept cramming until his stuff was chucked into her. Olga felt full to the brim."W-wait! Ungh! Oh! Uh!" She adjusted her busted butt against him but he was impatient. He held her on the hips firmly and started to stab her."Oh! Uh! Ram! Ram!" At first, she was in pain. She winced every time he slammed.
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 8
Vino combed his long hair in front of the handheld mirror. The shiny black strands were the same length. He also tied it back when he got ready for the party last 1820. It was 2020 now."Two hundred years!" He refused to be clutched down by depression again. He did not know whether he was alive or dead. Did he exist? Yes and no.Vino could use his magic inside the mirror. He conjured up a house that he had admired. He completed the amenities. He filled the dini
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 9
Ivana was the elder sister of Brie. She was twenty-eight years old and Brie twenty-six. Both were unmarried and had a dozen ex-boyfriends. She did not know what was wrong with Brie but she knew what was wrong with her.She wanted a rough lover. Why not? She made love tempestuously.One ex-boyfriend once said to her: 'Ivana, you make love intensely. You will do as mistress only. Definitely not the marrying type!'
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Wanton Hearts - Chapter 10
I want that woman!'Zac Logan was restless when he could not see the woman."Ivana! What shall we cook for dinner?" the soft-spoken woman enquired."We'll have garlicky fried rice and spam!"
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