Wet In The Rain Of Love

Wet In The Rain Of Love

By:  Priya_Raj  Completed
Language: English
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I entered into the room and shouted"out", everyone present in the room left except her. She got terrified seeing me like this. I banged the door behind me. She visibly jumped back from her place. I started to take steps towards her and she started moving backwards until her back touched the wall behind her. I snatched the dupatta (veil) which was adjusted on her shoulder."What-What ar-are you do- doing"she stammered and tried to move away from me. I got angary to see her in the slutty wedding dress which is given by that bastard. I grabbed her forearm and pulled her towards me. "What do you think, I will let you do whatever you want. Huh? "I asked her with gritted teeth and left her. She run towards the door and tried to open it. "What do you think? What they will think to see you without your dupatta in this slutty wedding dress of yours ? " I yelled. She didn't listened to me and run outside. Now I have to show everyone including her that she is mine, and what I am capable of doing. ______________This story is about Advay and Samaira.Aday is a successful and a very cold entrepreneur , but in a person he is very sweet and protective towards his loved ones. Ahh... as for the girls , he is a arrogant jerk with lots of attitude . He never pays attention to the girls who are the real definition of hotness, but as they say miracle happens, Advay gets attracted or we can say more then attracted to Samaira at the very first sight. whereas Samaira is naive and a very sweet girl , somehow knows that she is very fond of Advay's presence around her. Love will bloom when these two different souls meet.

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Kumkum Singh
I love the comedy done in this book.........
2021-08-15 20:13:25
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Michelle Washington-Scarberry
This book was amazing, looking forward to an update on this book and In His Hell
2021-08-03 01:47:45
user avatar
Kumkum Singh
such a hot and passionate story with lots of sweet and romantic moments. enjoy every chapter with a big smile on my lips. This story is worth of my time and coins.
2021-07-07 13:51:41
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❤️ Amaira ❤️
love it 😁😁
2021-06-10 18:10:16
user avatar
Kumkum Singh
very beautiful heart touching sweet story. i keep on smilibg while reafung the whole story. and feel in love with tge male protagonist. i want my husband like Advay only ☺☺😍😍😭😭
2021-05-09 13:05:39
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This book is amazing such a cute love story 😍😍
2021-01-13 14:42:18
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Very sweet and romantic book
2020-12-29 15:52:54
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Fab Madhu
love it 100000000times
2020-12-11 01:12:13
user avatar
very sweet and romantic story love it
2020-11-25 23:05:26
user avatar
arbina hussain
interesting story
2020-11-13 04:29:45
63 Chapters
Prologue :
I enter into the room and shouted "out". Everyone present in the room left except her. She got terrified seeing me like this . I banged the door shut behind me and she visibly jumped back from her place .I started to take steps towards her and she started moving back until her back hit the wall behind her.   I went closer to her and snatched the dupatta(veil) which which was adjusted on her head ."Wh-what are you do-doing?" she stammered and tried to move away. I got furious to see her in this slutty wedding dress given by that bastard.I grabbed her forearm and pulled her towards me ."What do you think, I will let you do whatever you want?huh..."I asked her while gritting my teeth and left her shoulders.She ran towards the door and started opening it."What everyone will think to see you in this condition with this slutty dress?" 
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Characters Introduction :
Advay sharma: He is 28 years old business tycoon . He has a physic like a Greek god . Every girl dies for his single glance but this Mr arrogant never gives them a shit . He loves his family and can do anything for his loving ones, but he never spare them who mess with him.Samaira Mehra: She is very sweet, innocent, bubbly girl . she loves everyone around her . She is epitome of beauty . She have every character of her name . She is 26 years old working in her uncle's company as a manager. Rishi Bharti: He is samaira's friend but a brother figure to her . He is very handsome and planning to start a business in India after getting enough experience from working in his brother-in-law's company in New York. 
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Chapter - 1.
Samaira's POV:I woke up by the sound of chirping of birds, and a beautiful smile spread across my lips itself. I saw the time and it's 6:30 in the morning.Opss!! Sorry guys I didn't introduce my self .Well I am Samaira Mehra. I am working in my uncle's company as a manager for 8 months.Well I live with my uncle and Aunt and Dadi (grand mother). As I lost my patents in a car accident 9 years ago, so after that I am leading my life with my this family. Well there is nothing more to know about me.Well today I am very happy becoz my best friend Rishi bhai (brother) is coming from New York a
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Chapter- 2.
Samaira's POV :"Bhai when you will come....?""Can you both just shut the hell up...."As soon as I listen this voice from a very handsome man, I quickly shut my mouth as fast as I can."Wait, why I am even complimenting him?" I thought to my self.I saw that man coming towards my direction. I just ignored it and  started thinking why Bhai is taking so much time to arrive."Excuse me...."I heard someone's voice and the chain of my thoughts broke down instantly.I look up and my eyes met with the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes, which were already staring at me very intensely.I felt like he was trying to figure out the web of my mind.Not able to look into those ocean deep eyes, I averted my gaze from him, and looked confusingly to the person, who was speaking to me."Miss
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Chapter- 3.
Advay's POV:"Uhmmm...uhmmmmm...." I cleared my throat to gain his attention."Hii, this is Advay. Advay Sharma." I forwarded my hand towards him ."Hii, I am Rishi Bharti." he said and we shook our hands ."Sorry I didn't meant to, but actually I just heard that, uhmm..... You want to meet some investors to invest on your ideas."  I said to him little awkwardly."That's all right. Actually yeah, I want to set up my own business here, so I want to meet some investors." he said coolly . I already liked his attitude."Ohh.. actually I am also an entrepreneur, and I would like to know your ideas, as you see I am going to join my dad's company newly.As we are passengers of same boat, so why don't we help each other. What say?"I asked to him hesitantly."Ohh... It's a great idea." Now he completely turned
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Chapter- 4.
Advay's POV:"No no... I didn't do this." I was horrified, when I saw her dupatta is stucked with my watch.What she will think about me? That I did this purposely...?"No way on earth I will do anything like this." I was telling this to my self.I lifted my eyes to see her, expecting that she must have some disgusting expression on her face, but I find nothing except that she is trying to control her laugh.I was wondering what is making her laugh in this situation?" Its your expression idiot." answered my mind.She started taking baby steps towards me. I composed my self, till then she was standing in front of me.She started taking off the threads of her dupatta which has stucked with my watch. But I think her dupatta has already fell in love with my watch, as it made sure not to get out of it.
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Chapter- 5.
Author's POV:"Ji chachi, mai ker doongi, aap chinta mt kigea....... Byyy chachi(aunt) have fun."(okk aunt I will do that, you don't worry... Bye)Samaira said to her aunt as her aunt told her to complete the laundry work over the call."Dadi (grand ma) here, I have kept your medicine and your herbal tea. Don't forget to take it." Samaira informed her Dadi while keeping all these stuffs on the night stand."I am going to clean the house for diwali. As you see, diwali is after 2 days and still I haven't clean any corner of the house." She said to Dadi worriedly."Ohh child, I wish I could help you. You know, I am very ashamed of myself becoz, if I have given my son good morals, then you will not be suffering like this." Dadi (grandma) said with tears welled eyes."But don't worry Sama, I have faith in my God. He is watching every thing from heaven. An
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Chapter- 6.
Advay's POV :For almost 15 mins I am searching a proper cloth in my closet for today's dinner, only in a towel around my waist."The black one will look good or the white one will look good?" I murmured to my self while looking in the mirror, while holding a white shirt in my one hand and a back shirt in my other hand.Finally after a good war in my mind about clothing, I choose the black shirt with dark blue denim jeans. I perfectly comb my hair after blow drying it.Spraying good amount of perfume which I have exclusively brought from Paris, I collect all my important stuffs, and I get all ready for tonight."Beta(child) are you going somewhere?" dad asked me just as I enter in the living hall.Before I could say anything, mom came from the kitchen with two cups of tea in a tray.I move forward towards mom, and took the tray from her a
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Chapter- 7.
Rishi's POV :I was browsing on my phone after completing my discussion with Advay. He told me that he will message me his answer at night."Samairaaaaaa...... ""Saliniiiiiiiiiii........ "Suddenly I heard two shrill voices. I get startled by this and jumped on my seat, due to which my brand new iPhone drop into my juice.My phoneeeeee....... I was crying mentally for my new phone.I look up to see the culprit for this and saw that sama was hugging a girl."Why her figure is looking so familiar?"I thought to myself as I was not able to see the girl."Man why these girls are hugging each other like, they are sisters who got lost from each other and are meeting after years...." I murmured to my self."Omg! Sama, look at you, You are looking so hot babes." she complimented sama.
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Chapter- 8.
Rishi's POV:I was taking glances of her. Finally after some time her so called close frnd decided to leave.They move out of the restaurant , but I can see them through my seat, from the glass window. That guy hugged her in same manner that he did before. I was a bit irritated to see them like this.And to add the fuel on my irritation, he kissed her on her cheek intimately. She also got shocked by this act. I clenched my jaw after watching this, but the nerve of that bastard, he was still not leaving her.After some couples of minutes, he was gone and she started to enter into the restaurant and this time her eyes met mine. We were looking at each other intensily."Come fast, why are taking so much time?" Sama asked her excitedly and on the very instant we broke our eye contact.I still can't understand, why we did this..
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