Chapter 3172

Mr. Woods sneered, "What do you mean? Are you looking down on me? Although the Woods family has fallen on hard times, we're still a prominent family in Taronia! Lucas may be foolish, but are you any wiser? If it weren't for me backing Lucas, would the Fosters even look at him?"

"Shut up! The Foster family isn't narrow-minded like you! Ivy's family doesn't dislike Lucas, so don't go causing trouble! They don't want to see you at all!" Lucas' mother retorted.

Mr. Woods scoffed. "Is that so? Do you really think they don't look down on him? Why wouldn't they? Are they planning to make Lucas marry into their family instead of the other way round?"

"It's none of your business! You never cared about Lucas, and now that he's independent, he doesn't need you anymore! You wouldn't have come to me repeatedly if Ivy wasn't Elliot Foster's daughter and if she wasn't interested in Lucas. Do you really think I have no idea what you are plotting?"

Mr. Woods countered, "What nonsense are you ta
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Comments (3)
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Elizabeth Emery
Still waiting on an update. I want to know if he learns about Mr. Woods harassing Lucas' mother while she was on her death bed.
goodnovel comment avatar
Belinda Flores
I am glad that Lucas has Ivy. He won’t be persuaded by the father.
goodnovel comment avatar
Chrystal Mills
It’s getting good again

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