Chapter 3177

Three years later…

Ivy and Robert stood at the airport in Aryadelle, anxiously waiting.

"It's been three years! Your boyfriend is finally here to see you!" Robert exclaimed before shifting the conversation. "He's not here to break up with you, is he? After all, you haven't seen each other in three years. A lot can change."

Ivy sighed, "Robert, can you not jinx it? Although we haven't met in three years, we talk on the phone and video call every day!"

Robert quipped, "Digital romance."

"Anyway, he promised me that he's going to settle down in Aryadelle this time, and we won't be apart again," Ivy said.

Robert smirked. "He's got a strong sense of pride. When he meets Dad later, they might not hit it off, and he'll buy a ticket to leave tonight!"

Feeling helpless, Ivy was at a loss for words.

Just then, a familiar voice called out, "Ivy!"

Ivy immediately looked over to the source of the voice and saw Lucas stepping out of the exit, dragging his suitcase behind him.

A smile sp
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Sharon Hopgood
Has a sequel been released yet
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the greatest!
7... so imagine my surprise when i read that all their kids are all grown ups and adults now, just like how Avery and Elliot back then. and also when i found out that LEYLA AND ERIC are together and have KIDS??!!
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the greatest!
5... and i was really very so surprised about that! Avery and Elliot's kids are now adults, have their partners and families. we literally watched them grow ever since they were made and born 🥹.

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