Chapter 3173

Lucas hung up, tears welling in his eyes.

Ivy stood by his side and asked, "What's wrong, Lucas?"

"My mom has passed away. You should keep your brother company! I need to head back to the hospital."

"I will come along! Aunty seemed fine just now, so why did she suddenly pass away?"

The two hurried toward the car, completely forgetting about Hayden and Shelly.

Hayden and Shelly watched as they left awkwardly, and Shelly said, "Honey, let's go to the hospital. I think Lucas' mother has passed away."


The two caught a taxi and hurried after Lucas.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Lucas arrived to first encounter the doctor and then his father.

Mr. Woods tried ingratiating himself with his son, saying, "Lucas, I came to the hospital to see your mother, but when I arrived, she had already passed away. What a shame!"

"Are you sure she had already passed away before you came? I was here earlier today, and when I saw her, she was still alive!" Lucas said.

Mr. Woods reto
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Vianne Yumi
no update again?
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I hope the author is okay! He has never took this long to get chapters out!!!
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Xienne Gutierrez
atleast a little note would be at peace!

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