MY ARABELLA: Thousand years of loving you

MY ARABELLA: Thousand years of loving you

By:  Sunsilk   Completed
Language: English
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Have you ever been inlove with your best friend and never found the courage to say the word and voice out what's stuffing you in your chest? this is a love story of a girl name Zoe Marcus a nineteen years of girl who found herself loving her childhood best friend Arabella Anderson but was unable to say the one word that will make her accept her love. She watch her date Rowan, a guy they grew up with. no matter how much she wanted to confess her feelings, she couldn't not after seeing how happy Arabella wad with him. But it so much happened that Rowan never loved Arabella, but Zoe. Will Arabella accept Zoe after finding out about her true feeling for her? What will happen when Rowan becomes so obsessed over Zoe and will be willing to do anything to get her? read to find out.

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Bravo!!!. Love the ending but short moment for the both of them.. hehe.. Finally its finished. Thank you for this wonderful story.
2023-06-25 01:17:20
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Finally another updates. Thank you.. Hugssss
2023-05-09 10:04:56
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Pretty please more more more...... Hehehe
2023-04-28 23:07:36
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Thanks for updates!. Looking for more of it please...
2023-03-08 10:56:14
62 Chapters
What is love?
Somewhere in New Zealand in a small town named Hamilton, sat a little girl on a couch, watching TV..." mama, mama" she called out to her mum as she ran to where her mother was sitting..." Yes, honey...what is it?" The mother asked in a soft and pleasing tone..."make love, what does it mean?" Little Zoe asked Innocently and the mother was stunned at her questions..."Where did you hear that from?" Her mother questioned and little Zoe was very pleased to tell her..." From the movie playing on the TV screen, that lady told the other lady that they should make love?" Little Zoe explained and her mother could only shake her heart..." Only people that are in love make love" Her mother explains and little Zoe frowned a bit, she seemed to be thinking about something..." What is love, mama?" Little Zoe's question..." Love is when you find yourself wanting to be close to someone, all the time..." She explains..."just like how I want to be close to you?" Little Zoe asked and her mother n
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I'm sorry, Rabella.
"Rabella?" Zoe calls out to her friend..." Yes, Zoe, "Arabella replied as she turned to her friend with a cute smile on her face..." Let's go to the will be much more fun playing there" Zoe proposes and Arabella agrees by taking her hands and pulling her in the direction of the field... Zoe follows her patiently with her gaze never leaving Arabella, they walk and sit on the field, gazing at the bright sky..."Do you like spending time with me?" Zoe asked her friend and she nodded her head smiling..." why?" She asked again..." Because you are my best friend, you understand me more than my mum and dad...and I love spending time with you" Arabella explains and a smile creeps on little Zoe's jaw... Arabella hardly spends time with her mum and dad because they are always working, not like they don't care about her but that always makes her feel bad thinking they don't love her..." Does your heart always beat faster when you are around me?" Zoe questions again but this time
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Am I a bad person?
"What is wrong, honey?" Her mum questioned after she seemed to have settled down a bit..." mum, I a bad person?" Her question made her parents look at themselves in confusion..." No, are the sweetest and kind person in the world," her mum said and her dad just nods his head with a smile..." What's wrong? Why were you crying?" Her mum questioned and little Zoe wipes her nose..." I did something bad today mum..." little Zoe tells them as her eyes become teary again..." And what might that be, honey? you know you can talk to mum and dad about anything and we will help you fix it..." Her mum tries to ease her aching heart..." I-I hurt Rabella today..." Zoe burst into tears, it was so hard for her to think about it..." Oh, honey...I am so sorry..." her dad hugs her tightly..." what happened?" he questioned for the very first time..." We were on the field playing together and Rowan wanted to take her away from me...I tried to push her hands off his but I ended u
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I am sorry!
When Arabella notices her by the door, she turns her face in the other direction. She was still sad, and with no other choice, Zoe walked to her bedside..."Rabella?" She called out but didn't receive any response from her..."I know you are mad at me and I am sorry..." She said apologetically and still, Arabella didn't say a word and just kept on gazing in the other direction..." Please, forgive me" she continued, not being able to take her silence, it was killing her slowly..." you hurt me, Zoe," Arabella tells her in a teary tone..." I didn't mean was an accident" Zoe explains..."You know I can never hurt you know it Rabella '' she continued..."but you did...why?" Tears roll down her cheeks as she stares at her friend with so much pain..." I didn't mean to...and I am sorry" Zoe didn't know what else to say sorry with teary eyes..." promise you will never do it again, ever?" Arabella said and Zoe nodded her head in response...she pulled her in
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what is love?
"Did you feel like you both were the only people in this world when he was with you?" Zoe asked and she nodded her head shyly, this left Zoe sad but seeing her friend all happy, she had no choice but to be happy with her..."What does it mean, Zoe?" Arabella questions as she stares back at her friend with eyes full of anticipation... Zoe didn't know if she should tell her or not, but at the end of her long thought, she decided to tell her..." Mama says if you are with someone and you feel like it's only both of you in the world, it means you are in love..." She explains and Arabella frowns, not understanding what she is talking about as she stares at her with a confused expression..." What is love?"Arabella questions, she was clueless about what it meant and the curiosity to know the meaning was way stronger..." Uhm, mama said love is when you always want to be close to someone" Zoe explains and this got Arabella to frown more..." But, I like spending time with you," she said...
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eleven years laterZoe lies on the bed reading a book. the door opens and Arabella walks in with two cups of coffee and hands one to her..."What are you reading?" she questions taking a seat by her bedside..." Nothing important...just a book" Zoe closed the book and placed it by the side, adjusting herself to sit upright..." thought as much..." she said and drank her coffee...Zoe was quiet, she seemed to be thinking about something..."What is disturbing you, Zoe?" her soft voice pulled Zoe back to the present as she stared back at her..."Nothing," Zoe said but Arabella wasn't convinced..." I am no fool to know that something is disturbing you...come on, tell me..." she urges." I am scared, Rabella...what if I don't get chosen for the audition, what if I am not as good as they think?" she asked, opening up to all her fears. Zoe is studying music and there is a contest coming up and so many people and Schools are allowed to participate...she is good at singing but she has this sel
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Practice Session .
Zoe walks out of the bath with a towel wrapped around her chest as she dries on her soft black hair. Arabella sat on her bed, humming as she writes in a book...She was humming the song "Stay" by Rihanna ever so happily and Zoe who enjoys her melodic sound silently listens to her..."if not for your love for business, I would have dragged you to study music with me" Zoe walked to her bed and climbed on it, they had their separate beds..."Guess there's always an afterlife" She jokes..." you better be ready then, won't be sparing you, not even for a sec" they both laugh at Zoe's words..." Where to?" Arabella, who saw Zoe all dressed up in a pair of blue jeans and a shirt with her hair tied in a messy bun, was confused as to where she was going..."Ms. Patricia asked me to come over for a little discussion..." she puts on her shoes, ready to go..." don't be late, I will be waiting for you" Zoe smiles at her..." sure...see you" She takes her in for a hug before leaving. On her way to
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Coming back from Ms. Patricia's house, Zoe was happy knowing she will get to spend time with Arabella. She always spent her free time with Rowan, at his place while Zoe, gets to be left behind...And every single time she tries to make her stay, Rowan always comes up with something to change her mind...She knew he was doing it on purpose, it has been like that since childhood, always fighting for her love and attention but no matter how hard she tried, he still won...He's got her love, and now he's trying to get all of her attention to himself and it seems like it is working..." What a greedy bastard" she cursed under her breath feeling irritated at the thought of Rowan...One thing she didn't understand was, why he got to be the one she chooses to love. among all the guys, why him? Why not her? She has been with her since the very beginning but she didn't choose her, she never saw her as anything older than her best saddens her but knowing she is happy, she had no choice
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A Game.
It's been three days now and Zoe has been avoiding Arabella for reasons unknown to Arabella and it made her sad and worried, to see her best friend not talking to her as she used to..."I don't know what is wrong... I know something is eating her up but I just can't tell what it is exactly" she has been saying quite, hoping she will come around and open things up but it seems like it's just her hopes and nothing more..." Stop stressing yourself over nothing, Zoe is old enough to handle her problems" Rowan's lazy voice rings from behind her. She is in Rowan's apartment, sitting by his bedside..." How can you say such a thing? you know how close I am with Zoe and knowing she is disturbed with no idea what's wrong makes me more frustrated, and you are telling me not to stress myself?... I mean, what's even your issue with Zoe? 'cause I don't understand anymore" She wasn't a fool not to notice the difference in his behavior every time she made mention of Zoe's name..." Nothing...I am j
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A wish that will never come true.
Arabella walks through the school corridor heading to the hall Zoe always has her rehearsal. Taking the second door on her left, she stood by the door and watched her sing...the lyrics of the song made her eyes teary. For some reason, she could tell that something was going on but she didn't want to tell her... I tried my best to never let you in to see the truth... And I've never opened up... I have never truly loved... Till you put your arms around me and I believe... that it's easier for you to let me go...For those listening to the song, she sang it perfectly, putting all the emotions and playing with her keys but for Arabella, she could tell something was off...The crowd cheered happily. It was the first part of the competition where she had to compete with people in her school. Though she has been chosen to represent her school, Ms. Patricia wants her to be more than prepared so organizing a school competition was necessary...Gazing at the cro
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