Moving out

Tears dropped from her eyes. She hurt and pained

How could her flesh and blood dad not believe her? Why does he think so low of his own daughter? Is it fair? Why would Nicole come between her and her father? Why?

Leaving his office, she ran to her room in anger.

She ran without looking back. She didn’t care about them anymore. Let all of them go to hell.

If they do not want her around, then she can’t force herself on them.

She walked to her room. Closed the door behind her. Dropped down holding her knees, and broke down in tears . It’s not in her nature to break down when people are around, not even her dad. She always tried to keep it together and pretend to be strong though that it was never the case. She immediately stood up and opened her closet, and packed all her things in bags. She was so angry that time seemed to be slow. She didn’t even fold them. Throwing them randomly in her big suitcase, she packed all she could. She didn’t forget to get her mom’s picture

“ Mum. I tried everything to tolerate them. I can’t anymore.” She said looking at the picture for a while before placing it gently inside her suitcase

She took her phone and called her friend Amanda.

“Hello. Mandy?”

“Hey, Steph! Are you okay? You crying.”

“I fought with dad, and this time it’s awful. I told him I am moving out of the house.”

“What! Are you crazy? Where are you going to go, Steph?

“I don’t know Amanda. So long as I am out of this place will be good.” Steph said, “Can I crash at your place until I get an apartment for myself?”

“Sure. I have no problem. Just let me know when you are done packing.”

“Am already done. Am waiting for my sister to come back from school, then I’ll take a cab.”

“Okay. Let me know. I’ll wait for you. In fact, I am skipping that damn class today.”

“No, Amanda, you just go to class. I’ll get there. Remember, I have your spare keys. Don’t worry, we will talk when we meet in the evening.”


As Steph stepped out of her room with her luggage, she saw her sister mercy crying.

“ Please don’t go. I need you here.”

“ Don’t worry. I am not leaving town. I’ll be here whenever you need me. Besides, you can always come to visit me.”

“I won’t stop you since I know you have been patient with all of these people because of dad and me. Now that dad has been negatively influenced by that woman. You don’t have to stay. I’ll come live with you soon when you get your place.”

“It’s okay. We will talk over the phone.”

They hugged for a while before Mercy helped her take her things to the waiting cab. As they were going out to the gate, she looked up the study room and saw her father looking at her in what seemed like a hurtful gaze. 

She was really hurt that her dad could not even oppose her going away; that really hurt and pained her more than anything she ever could imagine.

As the cab drove from the compound, she watched with tears running down her eyes, watching the house come out of view.

Mr. Jackson point of view (monologue thoughts)

It really hurts to argue with my daughter, but it’s all for her own good. If she keeps staying here, it won’t do her any good. It’s time for her to grow and be strong to overcome hardships. She has to be strong to tackle what is ahead of her. It’s not that I have not noticed my wife’s behavior with the kids lately, but I have to be careful. For the safety of the kids, I have to go with the flow.

Its not that I don’t know she has been planning to take over my wealth and get rid of my daughters. Of course, with the help of enemies. To make sure my kids are okay, I have to pretend to know nothing and plan ahead for them. It may be too late for me, but they have to live well. Though Stephanie may hate me, it’s better as long as she is safe.

I have found out things about her that are absurd and can’t even imagine…

(Knock on the door)

“Who is it,” Asked Mr. Jackson

“It’s me, honey,” answered Nicole

“How are you? I know it must be hard on you to kick her out, but she has to learn some things on her own.

Relax, she is a big girl now.” Nicole said to her husband gloating at the situation. Hugging her husband, she smiled ear to ear behind his back

 “It’s not wrong to have a boyfriend. Besides, age is nothing but a number. It doesn’t matter how old her boyfriend is as long as she is happy and the guy loves her back.” Said Nicole gloating over Steph. 

At that time, all she thought about was how she could get control over the house and  her husband. As long as those kids were not around, she had everything. She may be happy for a moment, but she had a lot to learn from the expert (Mr. Jackson). He has been in a group of powerful men in the country and knows his way of life.

She didn’t know that all her plans and schemes have long been known by her husband.

Looking at the woman he had known for five years, Mr. Jackson could not believe how blind he had been all along. To think that he almost left everything on her name as the kid’s guardian. 

 Mr. Jackson sighed and looked outside the window. “ I know I have not been a good father since their mother died, but I cannot tolerate uncalled behaviors here. She will have to cope with it. From now, onwards no more talks of Steph.” Seeing the cab disappearing out of his sight, he said and turned to face his wife. He looked too serious that his wife felt she would be involved is she said anything inappropriate

“Hmmm. I know it’s my fault for telling you about her, but don’t you think you have been too harsh on her?”

“It doesn’t matter. She deserves it”

“Okay. You have to come down and relax. Remember the doctor said your heart is a bit weak, and you need to always relax and not be anxious.”

“I know. But something cannot be ignored just because I am sick. I am going to sleep, and I want to be alone for a while.”

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