Steph walked out of the mansion to her the car. She opened the door and sat on the passenger. George walked out of the house in thoughts and entered the driver’s side of the car

“I believe your mother is sorry. But that does not mean they were not involved in one way or another. They are hiding something.” Steph said as soon as George settled down on the seat. George turned to buckle his safety belt and sighed

“I saw the changes. They know something. Whatever it is, I will help you find out.” George assured her before starting the car. He looked through the side mirror before reversing and driving out of the house. They didn’t waste time and headed to the warehouse.

As soon as the big iron door were opened from inside, a pungent smell hit Steph but she did not react much to it except slight knit brows. She knew the warehouse was used to hold other chemical stuff before it was relocated. She followed behind George in the dimly lit hall towards the end of the hall. There was not much
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