No one looked for her trouble in those months. She trained and even Leo was impressed. Over that time Steph had dealt with most of the gang from country X

The governor was exposed for being involved with the gang and illegal activity in the country. So many people were disappointed. He could not keep his position for long. The six months in parliament and senate, he was impeached. He was shamed all over the country for running a whore house while preaching morality in the society.

George did not interfere with Steph’s plan on her revenge. She got all the evidence implicating the governor and his wife.

Soon the governor was arrested for so many crimes.

Mrs. Kiiru ran away before they could get to her. No matter how much they looked, they could not find out where she was. Steph was worried about her sister more with the dangerous woman in the loose. She allocated more secret bodyguards to her

The gag organization was destroyed by themselves with the power struggle in the system. Du
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