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What started off as a plan to control the prince backfired in ways Anberine did not expect nor did she ever see coming. Seeing this as her way of getting revenge for all the times he had tormented and made her life a living hell, she is now forced to see things in another perspective thanks to the side effects to the plan. Will the original plan come to fruition? Or will there be unspeakable consequences unveiling more dangers that are concealed within the castle walls?

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119 Chapters
Chapter 1- Prologue
"Why is a lonely peasant playing in the royal park by herself?!" a small red-haired boy asks coldly as he stared at a small six-year-old girl who was sitting alone in a sandpit.Hearing his question, the small girl quickly turned her head in order to see who was speaking to her.This made her short black hair to rest on her left shoulder as she stopped moving.Her expression remained perplexed, her eyes slightly wide in surprise meanwhile she looked back at the hastily spoken boy who appeared to be around her age, however she soon took notice of the fact the boy was a few centimeters taller than her.The boy seeing her reaction quickly snorts disdainfully at how dumb her expression as he turned his head quickly, signalling that he didn’t truly care to hear her answer.This made the bemused girl tilt her head slowly, causing her neck to be fully exposed.Her hands remained on a red bucket that she had been using to add an extra sandcastle with."But I thought the king had made this park
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Chapter 2 ~ It will do you no good
"Make sure you drink this an hour before going into class, otherwise you will be caught out by the teachers" a girl with bland green eyes said tersely, she stared quietly at a girl who stood near the opposite end of the table with a guarded look on her face.  The girl who had spoken was a sixteen-year-old girl with long brown hair that went up to her waist, on her fair skin- her face contained a medium amount of freckles that often resulted in others teasing her due to how unflattering they appeared to be.  Along with the fact she would always have her nose in books had caused other students to call her a bookworm.  To the girl's dismay however, worst of the insults came from a royal cocky red-haired male teen who had noticeable grey eyes much to her disgust.  Just hearing his voice grated on her nerves and the worst part was that they had known the other for years. 
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Chapter 3~ A Weak Rat
Thanking the elderly woman at the counter who handed her a cup of juice, the woman's eyes showed some warmth which made the brown-haired girl feel relief. Knowing that there was some good in the school, even if it was hard to find it thanks to those who would gladly snuff it out.  Now turning to find a place to sit, Anberine immediately felt her stomach leap up to her throat as she suddenly tripped and fell straight on to the floor.  This to her sorrow resulted in laughter from the ones who saw her fall, her ears immediately became red while throbbing uncomfortably due to how hot they became. Food and juice now covered her semi shaking body after hitting the floor.  Even though she was in pain she tried not to whimper even though her hands and knees were screaming from the impact as she tried to get up.  Her hands that held the tray releas
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Chapter 4~ Times I wonder about you
Both teens who entered the kitchen had sickly pale white skin, however what set the pair apart was that the male had black hair and green eyes. Whilst the other was a girl with greenish-black hair and green eyes that looked like venom.  As Marcus suspected to his chagrin, the delinquent transfers would now be here to eat given that they would love to cause some trouble wherever they went.  Not that Marcus could blame them since they were openly hated and scorned just for being who they were.  Despite being Dark Dwellers Marcus did have some appreciation for them.  Even if they did pester Anberine for things that were at times deemed inappropriate.  On the other hand, they often did talk to her and saw her as one of their own hence they were slightly more open to the pair than others would dare to try.  Since
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Chapter 5 ~ No fair
"I wouldn't need to judge you, that is, if you actually bothered to hit the books like the rest of us" Gawain said with bland eyes, hearing this caused her to grit her teeth in displeasure at how hypocritical he was being. "And you haven't been bothering her with potions?" Helga challenged but he remained emotionless. "Unlike you I was comparing my notes, I had done the homework I just wanted to make sure I was doing it properly otherwise we would have to repeat the year. Something I'm sure you'd be on guard for" Gawain said as they watched her face flush from the comment. "I-ugh-fine I'll hit the books! Just this time I really need your help Anberine, once you have the time" Helga said now looking away wearily, blinking after her eyes recovered from the unwanted situation Anberine stared at them. "It's fine, not like it won't benefit me anyways" Anberine replied in a monotone voice that had Helga sm
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Chapter 6 ~ Love Curse
“This is so exciting! Potions class, I wonder what we’ll make today?” Merlia asked with a peppy smile before winking at a distressed noble who was jumping from one foot to the other as the toilet was being occupied. Now staring at her he froze and panicked before rushing to find the nearest toilet thanks to the minor slip of concentration. Seeing this Morgana chuckled faintly while Merlia giggled daintily as walked in step with Anberine. “I think we have a lesson on love potions today” Anberine commented as they approached the classroom to see a tall man with blue and yellow robes, his hair showed signs of turning white but still remained black signalling that he was in his mid-fifties. “Good afternoon Mr. Jilbari” Merlia greeted causing the man to raise a brow as he stopped the chalk he had writing on the board with his magic. “Sti
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Chapter 7 ~ Vanishing
“That was scary” Helga whined softly as she wiped her forehead when they left the class.Now mentally happy to be away from their Potion’s Teacher who gave them occasional stern warning about misuse of potions and spells. So far she stayed with the group since they had nothing left to do for the day. Eventually however everyone arrived at Merlia’s room which consists of blue walls, on the walls and ceiling they contained light green markings that glowed softly in the dark. Near the bed was a single wall shelf that had some books while some dresses that were half made were littered on the table by a sewing machine. Moving a stray sleeve from the chair Helga took a seat while Merlia happily resumed her sewing, Mordred meanwhile activated a statue on the ledge of their window with his magic. Soon a grey owl made of stone was formed and began to take fl
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Chapter 8 ~ Tip the balance
“Take a seat” he said not looking at them, instead his back was facing them as he stood facing the window. His hair was dark brown and his eyes were sharp cold grey and often sent chills down the one’s spine. On edge the Dark Dwellers observed him as they either sat down or stood by the others. “I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you here” the king said while holding his hands behind his back. Mordred frowned at the king not saying anything as he suspected they would hear it anyways. “You see the kingdom has been at peace for a while however, I grow tired of the separation between our realms” the king said calmly piping their interests. At the same time they masked their suspicious glances in order to not arouse the King’s suspicions. “Well your family has been the reas
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Chapter 9 ~ Not Just a Potion
“I’m glad I found you Anberine! I have a project for you” she cheered while a stunned Anberine who had been close to dropping more than one drop of the vial’s contents into the pot froze. Not trusting her voice she stared at her friend in surprise as she placed the vial down. “Um... what?” Anberine asked looking speechless from the sudden entrance, seeing this would have made Helga laugh had she not remembered why she needed her friend. “Come on! The others are waiting for you” Helga cried as she dragged her friend out the room. “But what about my stuff?” Anberine cried in shock from the sudden pull as she still had the vial in her hand. Flashing a worried look at her bag and books she had a sense at that moment people could steal once they realise who it belonged to. “Forget that, we need you
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Chapter 10 ~ What’s the worst that could happen?
“I need air” Anberine said weakly as she walked away from Merlia and Morgana, grabbing her bag she opened the door and didn’t look back leaving some of them surprised at how she would refuse so quickly. “She does have morals” Marcus said calmly catching the girls’ attention. “Her aunt had taught her to never use magic as a way of getting revenge since it would never solve anything” “But we need her to help make it, she’s the best potion maker we know and we’ll most likely ruin it” Helga said with a weak withered look, frowning Perceval watched them. “Stop using her to help get ahead, we’re smart aren’t we?” Mordred said as he now stood beside Perceval, Helga and Morgana stared at him in surprise. “We made it this far so why are we using her to get ahead? Why don’t you study
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