One More Night, My Dear Hunter

One More Night, My Dear Hunter

By:  sprachi12  Ongoing
Language: English
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Born in a hunter family as a girl was tough for her from the beginning of her life when her family had stereotypes thinking that females were born for handling the household work and the family. To prove to her family that she was worthy to be a hunter, she trained harder and trained to be the best. But knowing that she wouldn’t get any chance by sitting at home, she started traveling to the cities, hunting for evil supernatural creatures and punishing them for their crimes but it wasn’t enough. She needed one strong and powerful supernatural creature who couldn’t be killed by anyone, and by killing him or her and that was when she found her perfect target, a handsome vampire, who she wanted to kill and kiss at the same time. She couldn’t decipher her feelings. She thought to trap and kill him but instead, she was getting trapped by him in the name of feelings that she didn’t want to decipher. Realizing that she was about to be trapped by him, she escaped and he chased her. The situation was flipped totally when the predator became the prey and the prey was now the predator. Let’s see who was to hunt and who wanted to be hunted?

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Chantal Kock
Love it, can't wait to read more....
2023-01-08 22:13:12
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Author Anika
Great Start :)
2022-07-23 03:43:19
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Author Anika
2022-07-23 03:42:31
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Tanzila hafeez
2021-01-11 19:46:47
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BaBul VishAl
2020-12-25 00:50:06
9 Chapters
Author Note
Dear Readers,Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.The following are my books; if interested, do give a look over them:Can't help falling in love (Book 1)-CompletedPurchased by the Mafia (Book 2)-CompletedHer Mysterious Lover (Book 3)-CompletedMy Girlfriend is Mafia Queen (Book 4)-CompletedLoving you is a Losing game: Upcoming*****Her Unloved Mate (Book 1)- CompletedMy Bride is not a human (Book 2)-CompletedHer Chosen Mate (Book 3)- CompletedBillionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Book 4): Ongoing (on Daily update)*****1) Chosen By An Alpha: Completed2) Purchased A Werewolf: On Hold3) The Luna's Pretended Love Interest: Completed4) Alpha's Last Minute Bride: Completed5) Deceiving the Beta: Completed6) One More Night, My Dear Hunter: Ongoing*All the characters and the inci
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Chapter 1
Delilah’s POV“Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nine….” I stopped counting when I placed someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw my eldest sister, Mia, among six sisters while I was at the fourth number, standing behind me, and her eyes were asking questions as if she wanted to know what I was doing by peeking from the room’s door.“Delilah, you should be in bed.”, She scolded in a low tone, but it didn’t work on me.“You made me lose the counts, Mia.”, I complained in a low tone“What were you counting, by the way?”“That how many times dad hits Mom.”, I said, pointing my hand toward the scene that was going on in the living room.Mia gasped and quickly closed the door and dragged me from there to our bedroom, where the rest of the sisters were sleeping peacefully. She was twelve years old, so definitely, compared to me, she was stronger than a girl who was just six years old.“Delilah, dear!! You shouldn’t see these things. Children are not a
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Chapter 2
Delilah’s POV.“Your training is almost complete from my end, Delilah.”, Mr. Hayes said when I defeated all his students again. “I have taught you everything that I knew. Now, you have to learn things on your own.”“On my own?” I repeated his words in confusion.“Dismiss.”, Mr. Hayes said to his other students, and they left, bowing their heads in front of their coach.“Yes, on your own. There are a couple of things that our teacher teaches us a couple of things that our books teach us and but the most important lesson of life is taught by life. Now, you will have to explore and learn new things and new discoveries on your own. Until now, your world was around this well, but it’s high time that you will have to jump out of this well and look around to realize where you stand in front of all the hunters in the world.”I nodded my head though I had no plan yet for what I would do next. When I was a kid, I learned all this for one reason, and that was because I wanted to hit the boys.B
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Chapter 3
Delilah’s POV.I knocked on the door of my human friend’s house where I could sleep for a few hours because I had a routine to sleep in the morning, and all of a sudden, I just couldn’t change it and knowing that I hadn’t slept last night, my beauty sleep was must for me.“Hello, Aunty, is Liam home?.” I greeted his Mom. This was the first time I was visiting any of my friend’s houses.Why?Because everyone in my family followed a strict rule of school to home and home to school, if found roaming here and there, then you would have to say goodbye to school and then would have to sit at home doing household chores until you were eighteen.“Oh my god!!.,” Her Mom chirped and quickly dragged me inside the house and then closed the door. “I can’t believe that you’re Liam’s girlfriend.”, She squealed happily and then hugged me.Hold on, girlfriend?“Mom!” I heard Liam’s voice behind her. “Please accept that I’m gay and I’m interested in Men.”, he groaned and pulled me out of his Mom’s hug.
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Chapter 4
Delilah’s POV.Immediately that stranger landed on the dance floor, and blood started oozing from his mouth, but I least cared. I started dancing and jumping flawlessly as if I had done nothing and I was the most innocent person in the world. Liam observed what I had just done, but he shut his mouth, and other people were just too busy. It took a few seconds to finally realized that the man behind me had landed on the floor.Everyone started whispering and gossiping and took their phone out to make a video.“What happened to him?”“Blood is oozing from his mouth.”“I think he is sick. Please call the doctor.”, I said dramatically. “Or take him to the doctor; who knows he has blood cancer or something?” I added, on which people around me gasped. Soo, a couple of young men ran out of the VIP suits and reached near that stranger.“Sahil? Sahil?”, They tried to wake him up, but he wasn’t waking him up.“What happened to him?”, One of his friends asked in anger.“Don’t know. We all were da
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Chapter 5
Delilah’s POV.“No. I meant each and every word of mine. I don’t make jokes about feelings, especially when I’m clear about things. And I love you, Delilah.”His confession again agitated me. How could he be so blunt? I get it that it was because of the mate bond, but still, a lot of people hide their true feeling until they are sure about the other partners so that they wouldn’t be hurt later, but he opened his heart in front of a stranger, who was also his enemy.I had no idea what he was?A werewolf or vampire!And how strong he was! But all I could see was that he was extremely vulnerable in front of me. Once again, I didn’t know what to say. He smiled and suddenly moved to the couch where I was sitting, coming closer to me.“Can I kiss you?”, He asked, on which my eyes widened. He came a little closer to me; now, our body was touching one another. I gulped my saliva. He reached near my hand and took my heels from my hand, which I didn’t remember that I was still holding. “You kn
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Chapter 6
Delilah’s POV.I told my mom that I would be staying at Liam's house tonight. However, she was not very happy hearing that, but she didn't pressurize to come over to the home. Also, a part of me was a big relief that both the villains of mom's life were on bed rest.After that, I called Mr. Hayes again; the moment I had gotten the sim card, I had called him for the first time because he had shown me the way that I had to walk out this well, but I didn't know which direction I should keep my first step.I was positive that after knowing the first step, I would make my ladder on my own. All the matter was the first step, and at that time, he asked me to call at night."Hello, Mr. Hayes, It's me...""Delilah, I know. I have now saved your number. I'm glad that you got a personal phone even though I was thinking of gifting you one.""Oh""Now, first install WhatsAppps on your phone. So that I can be sent the information which you needed over there.""Okay, Mr. Hayes.""I believe you will
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Chapter 7
Delilah’s POV.A year had passed to the night when I had decided to take the first step in my career, and now I had successfully killed eight supernatural creatures until now. I wouldn’t say it was easy because I knew everything. Nope, the final exam was when you were left to deal with them where either you would kill him or her, or you would be killed by them. The situation becomes more like do or die.Along with success, I also received a lot of ugly scars on my body as well. I knew mom would get tensed seeing that, but I hoped she would be mad at me.After a year, I was returning home to surprise them, well, not just them but also to give a shock to those two villains of mom’s life who didn’t treat her like shit in the past year.Well, these were mom’s words. I was about to figure that out today.A small appeared on my face when I saw my phone, tomorrow was that idiot’s birthday, and I was glad that I still remember that now.I asked the cab driver to stop the car outside the soci
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Chapter 8
Delilah’s POV.Even Mom learned to stand in front of dad. It wasn’t that I could interfere in between at this moment, but I wanted to see what was how my family was going to handle everything now?“Maya, Andrian, Handle these three while I end the story of this unborn child.”, Dad said, and my stepmom and my stepbrother came into the picture.While Andrian reached toward Nova and Zoey, Maya walked toward Mom and My so-called father toward Mia.“Dad…I won’t spare you if you dare to harm my baby.”, Mia threatened, moving back. And soon, the fight started. I needed some proof. That was why I unwillingly stayed back for a while to make sure to record that part of the video where they would be hitting and abusing, not the part that would happen next, because whatever was going to happen next was not good news for them.I dropped my bag and started going downstairs, wrapping the sleeves of my shirt.Yes, shirts!! I prefer boyish clothes rather than dresses. Everyone was so busy that no one
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